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MyPostcard App to Create and Send Cards from Your Device

All special moments deserved to be shared. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have family and friends living all around the world. Fret not, now there is…

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SENTENCE READING MAGIC App Helps Kids Learn to Read the Easy Way

Kids are learning at a pace that’s faster than what we knew as kids. Having the opportunity to leverage so many online tools and techniques has widened experiences for kids today that far…

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Loopacks – Digitized Sound Creation for Artists and Music Lovers Alike

Calling all DJs who are looking to up their creative juices with technological tools, there is a new app in town that makes it easy. Technology is not new to music, not by any stretch of the…

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Wartime X – Dynamic and Quick-Paced Card Battle War Game

Card games can get dull after a while, unless you are playing something high stakes like poker. If you’ve grown out of the slower set of card games and are looking for something charged up with…

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Spare My hair Provides Accessibility to Hair Loss Prevention and Products

Hair loss is no fun; and it seems these days you see more people at younger ages exhibiting signs of thinning hair. Scalps are more visible, the hair is sparse. It is a mystery as to why this is…

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Audials – Globally Sourced Sounds at Your Fingertips

Boasting a boundless array of music genres, the Audials radio app is like no other streaming machine. It captures sounds from around the world, allowing you to experiment and listen to music from…

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dispair – Brain Teasing Exercise to Strengthen your Noggin

With so much automation in our lives, it’s a wonder that we are able to remember anything anymore. Think about how many phone numbers you can remember now. A decade ago you probably had ten…

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LingoKids Teaches Kids Chinese the Easy Way

Commerce in China is no joke. Businesses have been making a beeline to the Orient to capture dominance in a market that is one of the largest. To counter that, Chinese businesses are booming and…

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Become a Bastard Emperor on Gladiator Bastards

Gladiator Bastards as the name suggests, is an arcade game where you show your skills and fight against characters to pass through each level to become the Bastard Emperor. That’s when the game…

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Feed the Spider – Fun Time Feeding a Spider and Learning Trivia

Not all gaming app are created equal. If you are tired of the high intensity games and seek something simpler that entertains for hours, look no further. Feed the Spider will keep you coming back…

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Create Pieces of Art with Paintastic

Are you a fan of digital sketching and painting? If yes, Paintastic is an excellent app that will let you do exactly that and even more let your creative thoughts come into life. It allows you to…

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Cookie Crush Crazy – A New Cookie Blast Game

If you are a fan of the famous game Candy Crush, then I bet you’ll love this game where you crush ingredients in order to help a chef build cookie in each level. This is a cookie blast game…