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Tears of the Machine – Defender Game Embeds Saga with Mystery and Combat

Last year, Mohamed Elzankaly brought the iTunes community something different with the introduction of Tears of the Machine. Confusing on the surface, this game captured players’ curiosity…

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Slow Burn Burns Fat Faster – Keeps You Focused

Fighting fat is hard. We have all had to face the music at some time or another when we try on those pants that just won’t button up, or when the shirt you used to love now stretches ever so…

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Paralign – Real Connections in Real Time

In a time where experts say human beings are the most connected, it’s interesting to note how disconnected people really feel. Sure, you may have tons “friends” on Facebook, and…

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analyze.life – Live a Happier Healthier Life

With the multitude of tasks that we deal with on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that we are at our wit’s end by the end of the week. We sometimes look back and wonder what went wrong…

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Enhance Presentations with Toolbox for Keynote Mac App

Making the perfect presentation is not always intuitive. It takes a lot of creativity and time to piece together content that delivers the information the way you want it to look, flow, and be…

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Get in a Fight, Berenstain Bears – An Interactive, Educational App

When my kids used to watch The Berenstain Bears, all I could think of was how much I wanted to climb up and down the stairs of the treehouse, run around the yard with Sister and Brother Bear, and…

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Harry and the Haunted House Newly Reincarnated as an App

While the story may be 18 years old, it remains as interesting and entertaining as ever as newly reincarnated as an app. Yes, you heard me correctly. The folks at Wanderful have taken the…

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Make My Family Turns Friends and Family into Toons

Looking for some fun times with friends and family? Then you have to download Make My Family! It’s an amusing app that takes any kind of picture and morphs it into a cartoon. Many of us have…

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Spritzr – Get Matchmaking Suggestions from Friends

Are you looking for a match but worried about signing up into random websites where you are among a bunch of total strangers? Do not worry. You have the first ever match making app Spritzr that…

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Grand Home Management with Gideon Smart Home

While home may be where the heart is, with our busy lives we often find ourselves away from home than in it. This makes management of our home through the magic of remote access essential to our…

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Be Thrilled with Bravium

Bravium is an action filled role play game where you fight against enemies and other powerful characters to finish off one level and progress towards the next one. There are lot of exciting levels…

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Floating out – Simple Yet Powerful Challenging Game

Floating out is a game made with Unity and offered by Glint labs. This game is challenging in its own way where you use certain strategies to calculate the best possible way through a level to the…