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Deadroad Assault – Blow Up Zombies with Your Weapon of Choice

Like power in your hands? Are you into the zombie scene and looking for a new kind of app that puts the fun back into a shooter game? Then look no further. Deadroad Assault has come up with a…

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Dynamically Charged Sniper Ops with Challenges around Every Corner

If you are looking for a challenging shooter game and haven’t found it, look no further. Sniper Ops 3D tests your power over precision with a technologically charged app that astounds all…

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Candy for Bears – Dig Deep into an Ant’s Nest to Uncover Buried Treasure

Being a kid in a candy store is a feeling that can’t be matched. For different people of various ages, that feeling stems from different “kinds” of candy. For some it may be…

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Semler Heart – Health App That Works

Cardiac disease is on the rise, and while we all see so many people with step counting devices, the real question is whether they are using it correctly and to their benefit. This requires…

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LingoKids Teaches Kids Chinese the Easy Way

Commerce in China is no joke. Businesses have been making a beeline to the Orient to capture dominance in a market that is one of the largest. To counter that, Chinese businesses are booming and…

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ABC Magic App Helps Kids Learn to Read Early Using Fun Phonics

Kids are learning to read at a very young age these days and parents who are looking to make the art of learning letters and their sounds an easier task are in luck. Preschool University has taken…

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Vadovia – Explore the World Using Tips from Travelers

Admit it, you have wanted to see the world for years, but were too scared that the experience would fall disappointingly short of the amazing expectations you have let your imagination create…

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Enhance Presentations with Toolbox for Keynote Mac App

Making the perfect presentation is not always intuitive. It takes a lot of creativity and time to piece together content that delivers the information the way you want it to look, flow, and be…

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Create Pieces of Art with Paintastic

Are you a fan of digital sketching and painting? If yes, Paintastic is an excellent app that will let you do exactly that and even more let your creative thoughts come into life. It allows you to…

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Cookie Crush Crazy – A New Cookie Blast Game

If you are a fan of the famous game Candy Crush, then I bet you’ll love this game where you crush ingredients in order to help a chef build cookie in each level. This is a cookie blast game…

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Spritzr – Get Matchmaking Suggestions from Friends

Are you looking for a match but worried about signing up into random websites where you are among a bunch of total strangers? Do not worry. You have the first ever match making app Spritzr that…

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Grand Home Management with Gideon Smart Home

While home may be where the heart is, with our busy lives we often find ourselves away from home than in it. This makes management of our home through the magic of remote access essential to our…