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nRadio – Personalized Radio That Plays Sounds from Around the World

Listening to the radio is not what it used to be, thanks to super speedy devices and the power of the internet. Everything has gone digital, including radio. There are lots of apps out there that…

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ACTIVEx – Intense Exercise Regimens Powered by an Active Community

Getting the exercise you need doesn’t have to be a chore anymore! If you are like me and you need the support of other fellow exercisers, but can’t get to a gym or prefer exercising in the comfort…

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Clip&Go – Movie Making in the Moment

It’s so easy to grab your phone and start capturing those magical moments whenever you want. The real work comes when you’re ready to send the final result. Movie making is not an easy task, and…

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Moonlight – The Ultimate Camping Toolkit

Camping is fun, but it’s not easy. What’s worse is planning for it. Now, you don’t have to cringe the next time someone says, “Let’s go camping!” Download Moonlight – Camping and see why. This app…

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Get in a Fight, Berenstain Bears – An Interactive, Educational App

When my kids used to watch The Berenstain Bears, all I could think of was how much I wanted to climb up and down the stairs of the treehouse, run around the yard with Sister and Brother Bear, and…

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Harry and the Haunted House Newly Reincarnated as an App

While the story may be 18 years old, it remains as interesting and entertaining as ever as newly reincarnated as an app. Yes, you heard me correctly. The folks at Wanderful have taken the…

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Make My Family Turns Friends and Family into Toons

Looking for some fun times with friends and family? Then you have to download Make My Family! It’s an amusing app that takes any kind of picture and morphs it into a cartoon. Many of us have…

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Let Your Kids Race like the Tortoise & the Hare

Remember the familiar tale of the Tortoise & Hare told by Aesop that entertained while teaching important life lessons? While the art of storytelling has evolved over the years, thanks to…

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Audials – Locally Choose Global Sounds

With over 80,000 stations playing more than 120 musical genres, Audials Radio offers lovers of music an endless choice of sources from which to play sounds that you love. These stations are not…

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Match the Three Stooges – A Brilliant and Fun Game

There are a lot of fun games on the market. Some of them can be very complicated and hard to play while others are a lot simpler and easier. Games have come a long way from simple things like the…

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Whataplace Helps You Find Where You Want to Go

Traveling can be a big hassle, you are away from home with no sense of direction and it seems like the only places you’ve been eating lately are fast food restaurants. When you can’t find anything…

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Music Cube – Configure Your Own Music

There are only a few apps around that can provide you with high quality sound and music but I think I have found an app that is absolutely amazing and can make any song sound brand new. This app…