Plane Insane Multiplayer – Propel a Plane Through an Obstacle Course

Calling all pilots who love a simple game of flying planes and dodging obstacles that get in the way on a flight path towards the finish line. Plane Insane Multiplayer is a fun side-scrolling app that has players tapping away at the screen to strategically pop their plane up a notch to keep it sailing across the screen. The game is simple, but fun all the same. Geared more for kids, it can entertain adults equally as well. The download is free and works well on both the iPhone and iPad, but requires iOS 6.0 or later.

When you first download the app, you will see the main screen. First time downloads take time to initiate, so you will need some patience before gameplay begins. As soon as the game is loaded and engaged, you will have a choice of playing as a single player or joining a multiplayer game. The single player mode can be selected by choosing the red button on the left, while multiplayer mode is chosen by the green button on the right.

On my initial few tries of the game, I continually hit the main menu icon on the very bottom left to see if there were any instructions, tutorials, or helpful videos; however, there were none. I suppose this is rightfully so, because the app is very simple, and all it takes is just some practice to master the moves.

Plane Insane

When playing multiplayer mode, you fly around with other players who command their own plane. If you are on Wi-Fi and there are other players around that are in the game space, then you can play with them, as long as they are on the same network and are “logged in” to the game with some identifiable name. This way you can recognize who you are playing against. If there are no local players, the app finds and generates players for you. In this mode, not only are you dodging stacks of wooden toy cubes, you must also be aware of other planes, careful not to crash into them. You are also in a race against them towards the finish line. In single player mode, you are the only plane flying, so the game becomes simpler, and you only have the cubes to avoid.

One tricky thing to master was controlling the plane with just taps. I would say I became a bit tired after tapping away, and a bit frustrated after not knowing how often to tap and where to tap. This game requires a great deal of trial and error before a comfort level is reached. The other tricky thing to get used to is the disjointedness with which the planes bops up and down. It is not a smooth flight, so thank goodness it is not a 4-D experience where you would be feeling the turbulence! 

Simple enough to keep young children engaged and possibly entertained, Plane Insane Multiplayer will keep kiddos busy in times of lull that never seem to end.

iOrnament – A Drawing App that Entertains and Inspires

In a surprising pairing of art with science, fun with math, and creativity with education, iOrnament is making a splash on screens of iPads and iPhones. This app brings out the artist in everyone, giving some order to creative madness by taking hand drawn brushstrokes and light touches to the screen to form a design that is a unique as its creator. Designs are then repeated across the screen or painted across objects as a wallpaper that enlivens and enhances.

Created by Professor Jurgen Richter-Gerber in Munich, this app takes over 25 years of software application finesse and combines it into a graphical applications that puts the fun back in math and science, without users even knowing it. Create fascinating designs, or ornaments as they are known by the app, and fill them with colors that you choose. Adjust the thickness of lines and choose how fuzzy or cloudy you want certain areas of the overall pattern to be. You could blur the edges to give the design an overall look of fading away at the border with this function.

When you first download the app, you will be on the main screen where you initiate a new design. You can draw using simple strokes or taps and move things around as you wish. Once you complete a design, choose from the 17 in-app crystallographic wallpaper groups that define rules of patterns. These rules will be applied to your design and render it across the screen. Make updates to this to customize and create unique qualities.


Patterns range from symmetric designs, kaleidoscope images, and tiled repetitions to complicated knots and artistic pavements. If you are not sure what to do, there is an extremely helpful pop-up tutorial that explains things and lets you try things out, as well. For those of us on the older side of the user spectrum, this is a great plus!

After you create and save your treasure, you can upload it to a gallery that is shared across the globe. Visit the gallery and peruse the various designs of fellow artists, and see where those designs come from. The app is so unique in that you can see how cultural and global influence affect how people see designs and create images. Add to this the app’s unique feature of offering an educational background behind different types of geographical images. Each type of image is based on a mathematical model, which is explained in a clear and concise way for all to understand.

There is not much to argue against with this app except for the fact that it should tout a few more ways it can be used. Yes, it’s a great drawing tool and you can share personalized creations with the world; but where do you go from there? Linking this app with other apps or tools may render it extremely functional and increase its download traffic. An example would be using it in interior design by a furniture store, possibly. People could design a pattern of their liking and model on a piece of furniture to see if it works.

iOrnament has great potential and I am sure as more users download and engage with it, its applicability will blossom.

Likeability – Spread the Word Through Pictures

Social networking with pictures is all the rage with so many apps that allow you to take a pic and upload it for sharing. In some apps, the pics are good for a limited time, depending on what you choose. In others, they pics stick around for a while. In most, those who can see your pics can give them a thumbs up or down, post comments, repost and share, for the world to see.

Most apps don’t have the sophistication that Likeability has in terms of putting photos at the top of the heap based on their popularity. How does a picture get popular, you ask? Well, with all the thumbs up and good ratings it gets, it earns points which catapults it stardom.

Now you are probably wondering why you would need your picture to be the first thing that anyone see? Imagine you have a business, or you are running a promotion for a cause. You post products you sell or anything related to the subject matter you are trying to promote. Get enough likes in the app and set enough tags on those photos and you will gain exposure that will transcend your business from unknown to talk of the town.

Gone are the days of tweeting specials and quick draws to customers to get their attention. Visuals are the way to go now with apps that show what you have, not tell. When you download the app for the very first time, you’ll be asked to create an account. This can be through an email or through your Facebook account. I would highly recommend a Facebook account for your business, if you have, for the simple fact that you will be exponentially spreading your exposure instantly.

Likeability screenshots

Likeability screenshots

Inside the app, you can build a profile that speaks volumes about all that you have to offer. If your profile is personal, then it’s all about you and what you like to do. If it’s for your business, this is where you unleash what your business offers and get creative. The more you upload the more chances you have of someone liking what you have and your popularity growing stronger.

Uploads are unlimited, so don’t let that hold you back. Be sure to add plenty of tags related to each of your photos. This is another easy way to make sure your photos show when other members search on particular subject matters. For instance, if your business sells customized cell phone covers, be sure to put tags like #cellphone, #smartphone, #cover, #custom, and more. Your photo will show if anyone is looking for anything related to any of those tags.

The only thing I was not too happy about with the app was the amount of time it took me to figure out how to use it. It features a very simple interface based mostly on icons, giving it a very Zen like aura. However, it takes a few trial taps to figure out what each icon at the bottom of the screen does.

Yet, this is still a great way to provide a live interactive way to promote something important to you, to let the world know about it in a fun way.