Easy Backup Protects You From Data Loss

It is easy to be skeptical when you come across a tool or an app that claims to be the “easiest” this or the “simplest” that. More often than not, they end up more troublesome than they are worth, and you will end up regretting shelling out cash to pay for it. The Easy Backup app, however, breaks that mold. When MDroid Apps said that they have come up with the easiest data backup tool for Android, it is highly possible that many users who have been burned before by other so-called data backup tools raised their eyebrows. But they are easily proven wrong once Easy Backup came into play.

Just like the name suggests, Easy Backup backs up and restores data to and from your Android phone EASILY. While other apps may require you to do this and that, Easy Backup makes the process simple and straightforward. Now, you can back up and restore data such as apps, call logs, SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Contacts, Calendar and Dictionary. Whether you choose to do the backups manually or you create a schedule and set up automatic backups, Easy Backup does the job for you. Instead of backing up solely to an SD card, it also allows creation of backups to Gmail and Google Drive. But that is not all; you can also create those backups on One Drive or Dropbox if you have accounts with them.

Who does not love apps that are free and actually work? Easy Backup is completely free. Download it, install it on your phone, and put it to work without spending a cent! The icing on the cake would be its performance. We like how it does not involve complex steps during the backup process. It definitely lives up to its name, allowing easy backup and restoration of all your data on your Android phone.

Easy Backup

You may also view backup contents and, for added security, email them for later retrieval or viewing. Another very good feature is how it allows the restoration of apps from SD card, Dropbox or Google Drive in batches. This makes the process even quicker and more painless. Creating backups in multiple locations is not unheard of, and Easy Backup actually encourages this. To make it even better, the backups can even be done simultaneously!

Unfortunately, those who are not tech savvy or familiar with different file formats may be initially thrown once they view the backups. That is because they come in different file types. MMS, when restored, come with an .eml file extension. Contacts are in .vcf format, while the .csv file extension is applied to restored SMS, call logs, calendar, bookmarks and dictionary are in CSV file format. If you have to choose only one backup tool to have on your Android phone, then Easy Backup should definitely be it. It is free, very easy to use, and will protect you from file or data loss. Indeed, things are made easier with this simple yet powerful tool.

Learn the Art of Punctuation with EZCOMMA

Many of the android apps available on the Play Store today are apps mainly targeted towards providing enjoyment to users. EZCOMMA is different in that the main aim of using the app is to educate the users. The developers have structured this app in such a way that learning will be easy and straightforward. Let’s take a plunge and see what the app brings to the table.

Simply put, this app aims at ensuring that you become a better writer easily and quickly. It helps highlight most of the commonly made mistakes by budding writers and explains the concepts in such a manner that’s easy to understand to get the point home in the shortest time possible. Punctuation is one area of the English language that gives many people a lot of problems mastering. Reading random texts online will show how big this issue is. Unfortunately, apart from the training done in school, there are very few other avenues that train punctuation. Luckily, EZCOMMA is here to fix this. The app gives sufficient training for all the common punctuation problems. What’s more? It has been built for use by people of all ages so even kids can use it to get a better grade in school.

To use this app you only need a supported android device and a desire to learn. Of course, you need some basic understanding of the English language. After downloading and installing the app, you will be all set to learn. It comes with five lessons, though the first and last lesson is split into two halves. There’s also an interactive review section that will give you an idea of the progress that you are making in your training. Moving from one lesson to the other is simple thanks to the well-designed menu. In the lesson area, you’ll find Mr. E. Z. Comma, who will be your teacher as you try to get to better heights in the English grammar. There’s also a green screen next to your teacher where the lessons will be projected to show you exactly what every aspect of English punctuation using commas and semicolons is all about.


Unlike real-world classrooms, soft, original music is played in the background. This will keep you relaxed and entertained as you learn. If you are one of the people who prefer to work in silence, this music may come as a distraction. The developers thought of this early and conveniently included the option of muting the music to provide a quiet environment for learning. You can also do this if you prefer to listen to your own custom playlist.

In addition to the soft background music, EZCOMMA helps you monitor your progress with the interactive review section. When compared to most other similar apps, this section makes EZCOMMA a very unique learning application that is dedicated to actually improving your English skills. The whole idea of EZCOMMA is useful for both kids and adults. The only con that we were able to identify is the small number of lessons. If developers could increase the number of lessons or add lesson packs that handle specific aspects of learning English, then the app would be a more practical and even more useful tool for people learning how to use the language. That aside, it’s a hands-on and very useful tool for everyone.

DraftCode – A Powerful PHP Web App Development Tool

Web app development has skyrocketed in demand with the increase of traffic online and life in general moving towards the Cloud. Every person uses web sites in one way or another; either to shop, register for classes, tap into a portal from the doctor’s office or just surf for something to do. We are all on the internet more than we spend time sleeping, it seems. To support all of this, we have web apps.

Any kind of software development most people think of usually requires the use of sophisticated development environments, access to servers and connectivity to other machines so pieces of code can be captured or called to complete a function. In web app development, much of this connectivity can be self-contained. You are mainly developing to add increased functionality to a web site or page, possible providing interconnectivity between other sites. However, in the grand scheme of things, not much is needed in terms of external servers.

Yet, most development environments require just that: a connection to the internet and to servers. This can lend itself to limitation on where you can take your creativity; and, in web page and app development, you want flexibility. DraftCode PHP provides that flexibility and more on your iPad, all in the palm of your hands. When you first download this app, which is not too pricey for something that will allow you to make beaucoup bucks. It has an extremely simple interface for something that allows you to make complicated and deeply functional apps. The interface can also be customized to help you make the most of your experience on the iPad. Color schemes, backgrounds, fonts and more are all choices you can make to make it easier for you to decipher and decode.


Web app development should not be a chore. It should be labor of creativity. Having a place to perform it on your iPad means you can take it with you and make changes when and where you want. Creativity must not wait for a computer. It should be captured when it occurs. Coding for WordPress? It’s supported. Coding for Flatpress? Ditto. The app supports PHP 5.4.23 and allows developers to develop offline themes and plugins, while testing in a fully functional runtime environment. You will run app as if they were running for real on the internet and rendered on Safari.

Extensions supported include Sqlite3, MySQL, PDO, OpenSSL, libxml and ZIP, so developers will not want for more. Although, the creators of DraftCode promise more is to come. Cookies, forms and sessions as needed are all basics that make for reality while developing, so there are no surprises when the app is released. Files can be moved around, shared and imported, so ideas can be reused with ease. DraftCode can tap into the iPad’s camera roll and photo storage to make use of graphics you’ve already got. See an image you want to use on the spot and use it. This environment has opened its doors and made it possible to see more and connect.

A bit of help or instructions on the app itself would have been extremely useful. It took me a few tries to figure out what each icon represented and effects it would have. Yet, for a small price, this app provides a great deal of convenience and power in hand held machine that becomes your very own server that serves up your creation.

SJ im Gives Users More Privacy and Protection

Privacy has always been a long-standing issue when it comes to anything related to communication over the internet. Instant messaging, or im, is one of the most widely used modes of communication; it also happens to have one of the flimsiest privacy or confidentiality settings. The developers of the SJ im app for Android aims to make messaging on mobile devices safer, thereby offering more protection to users.

SJ im, which stands for “Safety Jabber instant messaging”, is an Android app that is essentially a jabber client mainly for mobile phones and tablets. Its integrated automatic encryption algorithms are based on Open PGP while offers full support of the Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) protocol. Its core features include support for Google Talk and other services on any XMPP server (such as Jabber and Facebook), and automatic PGP encryption between SJ im messengers. It also enables file sending on safetyjabber.com and sendspace.com in archives that have password protection.

The new and reworked design of the SJ im app renders it more usable and easy to navigate. Those who are familiar with the desktop version will not have a hard time using this app for the first time, since the only difference lies in the latter being more designed for touchscreen operation. Once the app is started, you may opt to let it generate a key pair for your own encryption algorithm. If you have a key pair in mind, you also have the option to manually do so and import it into the program.

SJ im

In order to send files safely, you will have to archive the file you want to end with a 32-symbol password. It takes only one click to send the file to your choice of a filehost, which is either safetyjabber.com or sendspace.com. Even chatting becomes safer. All you have to do is to start an OTR chat session with the other party, or let each other know your respective public PGP keys, if that is what you are both using.

Anything that gives users more privacy and protection when communicating over instant messengers or social networks is definitely welcome. SJ im is, without a doubt, a highly useful app that we can tell is going to last for a very long time. The benefits provided by SJ im extends beyond its user-friendly design and interface. Aside from message encryption, it also enables chat history encryption, ensuring that no one can gain access to your chat history, unless they have your PGP key pair.

Sending of password-protected files is also another very good feature of SJ im. Now, users can feel more at ease exchanging sensitive information over IM. The easy “one click to send” function is also greatly appreciated, cutting through a lot of time and shortening the duration it usually takes to send a single file. This paid also allows history browsing, and makes it even easier by letting users filter by contacts, dates, and other parameters.

SJ im’s file sending feature makes use of only two filehosting services. It would have been better if it will also allow the use of file hosts other than safetyjabber.com and sendspace.com. Maybe it is one of the updates that the developers ought to consider in the future. There are some apps that you can easily ignore because they really won’t benefit you at all. There are other apps, however, just like SJ im that you can only describe as priceless, considering how they will make your internet communications – and your life – easier and much safer.