Duh Color Stuff – Dynamic Decision-Making Adventure for Young Readers

Immerse your young reader in an adventure that, yes, involves a computer, but sends them soaring on a quest that requires a bit of wit and a lot of imagination. Neighborhood Watch Kids and Duh Color Stuff is the name of the game, and kids get to join Maya, Arnold, Suzie, Billy and Johnny help solve mysteries that plague the neighborhood.

The mysteries are never the same and kids get to choose how each story and adventure unfolds as they analyze and choose the path to take. This is more than an online mystery story, this is an experience that fully absorbs kids and makes them a part of the plot.

Kids will traverse the town as they turn pages, gathering evidence, analyzing it, and then deciding on what to do an where to go next. No two adventures will be the same because each will transpire uniquely. Interspersed amongst the pages, splattered  with hidden clues, are puzzles and games that may or may not help with the mystery, but are fun to play and build great problem-solving skills.

Taking place in a neighborhood called Watch, the mystery erupts when an unusual incident occurs on the playground. The kids, along with yours, then embark upon a journey around town to find clues, collect them on a well-designed “bulletin board” that saves your information even if you stop the game. Headquarters is a perfectly placed treehouse, where members gather to discuss events, information and what to do next.

What’s really cool about this game is that it not only teaches kids to think methodically and analyze what they see, but it forces them to also learn how to work as a team, because as you will see, when it comes time to making decisions, your child will not be able to single-handedly make a choice; there will be opposition to choices and opinions to deal with – which is what the real world is all about!

Duh Color Stuff app

Navigation through the game is well designed, allowing for easy swiping from one page to another. Readers have a choice of reading the story on their own and driving their experience, or listening to a narrator and having the pages advanced for you.  In both cases, readers can bookmark up to five pages that are chock full of information they may want to refer to often.

What would be nice for those who are still learning to read and are using the narrative option would be a feature that highlights words as they are spoken, so the narration is easy to follow and word recognition is easily absorbed.

Outside of that, Duh Color Stuff is worth the purchase. It gets kids off the gaming kick and introduces something more productive in terms of a learning experience and a product with lasting value, for minimal cost. The suggested age for players is 8 years and up, but if you have an avid reader, there’s no reason for you to wait and download this dynamic app.

Photo Collada – Create and Share Photo Collages

Photo Collada is an application developed by VicMan Software for those who have Android smartphones. It is the top of the line application right now to produce photo collages. The application features a number of options bundled up together in a high quality application that also allows for one-of-a-kind decorations, customization as per the user’s will and sharing of everything through social networks.

At a glance the main features of Photo Collada are : 

  • Layouts and photogrids

With a selection ranging from the most basic to the most unusual ones, it is possible to produces collages from a single photo to as many photos as exist in the gallery. The number of options exceeds any and all provided by similar apps available.

  • Customizable frames

The users’ imagination and wishes are the limit here. They can choose from a number that is far greater than anything that existed in the past, of solid colors, distinctive backgrounds, 3D rendering options and a lot of others which can be added in batches or one at a time.

  • Creative text

Any application that respects itself should never be released without providing the user with the ability to caption photos with the appropriate text. Photo Collada includes a routine with enough fonts and styles to write slogans easily and with a high degree of distinction.

  • Social network sharing

The rage of the era has sharing over social networks as a must. Photo Collada follows this notion and provides the easiest way possible to upload the user’s creativity to any and all available social media networks.

Photo Collada for Android

Photo Collada is the easiest to use and most complete application in comparison with its competition. The features that people wanted have been included along with some additional ones. Overall the rating is 4.2 out of five with the definitive advantage being the chance to shape things in any way the user wants.

Photo Collada app is only available for Android smartphones. But that’s not the end of it as even the phones that operate in older versions need to upgrade to a newer one before the app can be installed. Some phones do not even have the capability of upgrading, therefore the number of potential users is severely limited.

Photo Collada clearly offers the most complete package in reference to photo collages than any other app in the category. More and better options can be found in dedicated software that is not free and does not offer the bundled solutions that this application does. It is clearly the best such app for tablets and smartphones, but VicMan must see to it that the next versions released can operate either across operating systems or at least in iOS. It is a pity to limit the number of users that can appreciate what Photo Collada can do.