Roamer – Cheap Calls for Frequent Travelers

Roamer is a unique app designed to solve all the communication and connectivity related problems while travelling out of country. Compatible with all the android phones, Roamer is easy to install and use. This application promises to solve the travelling woes by offering cheap tariffs and good sound quality. Roamer lets you enjoy its services and features on your own SIM. A recommended application by TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable & many others. Roamer helps you keep connected without interfering with your other applications or phone features.

This application helps you get rid of the high international roaming charges and offers cheap international call rates. International calling is unbelievably low using this application as it offers really reasonable tariff charges. USP of this application is that it enables you to keep your same local number and allows you to use your same local SIM, whilst you use this application.

This application becomes a mandate for frequent travelers who need to stay connected while on a tour with their reporting authorities at the office and family back home. This app will ensure connectivity throughout the trip. With Roamer, one can also expect saving a fortune on their international call charges and roaming charges and without having to change their local number and SIM. This saves the hassle of carrying two phones or switching between two SIMS and missing important calls in between.

Sound quality and connectivity with such apps becomes highly questionable. Howeer, Roamer ensures high-grade sound quality and the connectivity of the app is par excellence. Often people face issues of network availability and sound glitches while making calls during their travels. Roamer promises to be good application on this front too. Functions seamlessly without disturbing your current phone settings or other applications.


There are other features that help Roamer stand out from other similar applications. It is available with Pre-paid option where customer’s requirement.  a top up can be done as per the requirement. Effective connectivity tools like push- notifications and voice mails to ensure nothing important is missed while you are off-line

Summarizing the benefits of Roamer with additional features:

 . Allows the user to keep the same local number and SIM

 . Competitive tariff charges and reduced roaming charges.

 . Compatible with all Android phones.

 . Good sound quality and excellent connectivity in the listed countries.

 . Have more than 200 countries in the list where it is workable.

 . Voice-mail notifications are sent to the email when the user is unavailable. Even allows you to reset your voice-mail message.

. Turkish language option available.

 . Allows you to switch between Voice or data roaming or Wifi or 3G.

 . Get notified with your push notifications activated even when you are disconnected from Roamer.

 . No hassles to use it with a dual SIM phone, it’s easy to switch on during VOIP calls on the local number.

. Option of prepaid & Top up purchase.

Roamer assures no pop-ups or advertisements to get bothered from Therefore, it can be considered as a travelers tool kit, to keep connected and make calls like a local in other countries too.

Tribe – Share, but Select Who Sees

Videos are fun, but some are more fun than others, and sometimes, cannot be shared where they may not be allowed to be posted or you just don’t want the whole world seeing them. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all censor content, which means when you get a little quirky and creative, those clips may not make it on to the clipboard.

Have no fear, because there is a solution for that. Most of those unique videos you know won’t post on more public sites are usually meant for a smaller crowd anyway. Tribe is a new app that exclusively lets you share uncensored video clips to a maximum group of ten. That’s your tribe – your go to group for anything you want to share, be it crazy, intimate, controversial or just plain old simple.

Tribe is free to download and works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so you can create and share from just about anywhere. Your tribe can then receive and enjoy at their leisure.

This is how Tribe works. Download it and immediately list the ten friends who are in your Tribe. You don’t have to list ten; that is just the max allowed. Once you have listed them, Tribe will send out an invite to them, which mean they will also need to download Tribe as well. Your friends have 24 hours to say YES, before they lose their chance to join your tribe. If they don’t response, you can reinvite them or move on to someone else.

Once you are connected to your tribe, the fun begins. Play around a bit with videotaping to see how creative you can get. There is not much in terms of editing options, but you really don’t need them in this social circle. This is about you and what you are up to. Sharing what you are experiencing, just in the moment you’ve experienced it.

Tribe iPhone app

After recording your video clip, which can be a maximum of 5 seconds, you can then share it with your tribe. The nice thing about this app is that none of your videos are saved on any Tribe server, so you have the security of knowing that whatever you post, it will only permanently be on your device. Videos shared with your Tribe can only be viewed by your Tribe’s devices and not shared or saved by them. You have all the power over your clips.

The only uncertainty I have with this app is that they say that Tribe servers don’t store the videos, but that does not mean that the videos are not stored on other non-Tribe servers. As content in social media passes through the airwaves, it hits several servers, and who’s to know where it could be permanently lodged.

That aside, Tribe does offer unique and safe way to share private videos with a specific audience so you can share special moments with your tribe without having to share it with the world. Tribe is also available on Android.

Allcal – Event Planning Made Easy

No one likes doing things alone. When you’re planning events and meetings, it’s always easier knowing you can share your initial thoughts and ideas with a select few before you put your invite out for the whole world to see.

Well, Allcal makes creating and sharing calendars so easy, you’ll wonder how you have been managing thus far without it. Allcal allows its users to create as many calendars as they needs and then create events in those calendars, geared towards each calendars target group. One calendar may be for work, while another may be for your family. One calendar may be for your close friends, while another is for a group you hang with on a monthly basis. The choice is yours; and, it’s easy to make.

Once you download the free app, which is also totally free of ads and any purchasing options, you will be asked to register. This is when you will provide your user name, which is how others will see you. You can register with an email address or you can use your Facebook profile – whatever works best for you.

After registration, you will be asked to confirm your email address, so be sure to do so, so you enjoy full benefits of the app. Then in the app you will see the main page showing your calendars. Right now, you will only have your Personal calendar. I would keep that personal and not shared with others. You can then create other calendars to cater to your social needs.

Allcal screenshot

To do this, navigate to the main menu, which you can get to by tapping on the icon at the very top left. The very first option is + Add Calendar. You can name it whatever you want, define it as Private or Public, give it Description, Color and whether or not it’s shared with other calendars. You can also turn notices for events ON or OFF from here, and can update all of this information as you need. After saving the calendar, you will see it in your list of calendars, in either the Private or Public group.

Events can be added to a calendar. You select the calendar, and it will show you a button to add an event. Click on it, add all details you need to define your event, and then SAVE. That’s it. What was a bit frustrating was trying to add another event on the same day, which can happen. The Add Event button disappeared once I created one event, and there was no easily discernible way to add another event.

I think this is a feature that should be explained in a tutorial or help page, or added if it does not exist. I think most people looking to plan and share events will have more than one event per day to define. Get past that small roadblock and this app is a charm to work with. I especially like the ability to work with a few friends on events before inviting others. I was able to get some help through the chat feature built into the app, which allowed for easier planning and faster decision-making.

Triple Prime – How High of a Prime Can You Get?

If you like numbers and you are on the lookout for a game that tests your skill for tile manipulation and matching, it’s a good time to give Triple Prime a try. It’s a free download and simple to learn.

This game is similar to other tile sliding games in that you must move tiles up, down, left or right to get matching tiles grouped together. Grouping means either a side or corner touches. Once you get three tiles or more of the same type grouped together, you tap on one of them, and like magic, they turn into one tile.

The key here is that you are working with prime numbers, and once you create group of tiles with one number, say a ‘2’ or ‘3 ‘ or ‘5’, they will all be replaced by one tile with the next prime number. For example, if you gather up three tiles with a ‘5’ on them, then tap on one of them; they will all turn into one tile with a ‘7’. What you are aiming for is trying to get to as high a prime number you can, to rack up points. The higher you go, the more points you accumulate. There is also the notion of collective “lives” that help you get out sticky situations.

Triple Prime screenshot

When you first start playing, you may start off by randomly swiping tiles around in hopes that matches come together. You most likely will fill up your square playing space fairly quickly. That is where the extra “life” comes in handy. It will allow you extended game play time on your current game by providing some assistance.

With some practice, however, you will slowly begin to see subtle tactics to take to ensure every swipe moves tiles in just the right way to maximize matches and grouping so you get to higher primes faster. Some may tout Triple Prime as great way to teach prime numbers, but I found that it was more of a great tool and trainer for how to strategize tile movements in a way that helped you move similar tiles closer together more efficiently.

The only improvement I would suggest is having a bit more information about the game itself, how it works and how points accumulate. The tutorial is awesome in that it allows you to actually try out what you will be doing while playing the game, and you get to see how tiles move when you swipe. Just so you know what you are up against. But, having a little write-up about the rules would be extremely recommended.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys tile-sliding games and loves shifting things around efficiently. Organizational whizzes and those with high levels of spacial awareness may catch on quickly how best to slide tiles to help create groupings quickly. For the rest of us, sheer luck and lots of practice is what will get us to victory.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements – A Breakout Card Game

Earthcore: Shattered Elements by Tequila Games is the new card game on the block. That is the iblock. Earthcore is at its most simple a fancy game of rock paper scissors times three with elements. However it isn’t quite that simple. There are two more parts of each card we will go over later in the review. Earthcore is a unique take on a classic formula.

Earthcore’s game play is unique with it’s three column rock paper scissors like set up. The cards are one of three elements; Fire, Water, and Earth. The win lose combination of the elements are absolute; Fire scorches Earth, Earth absorbs Water, and Water extinguishes Fire. There are two more parts to the cards in addition to the elements. The first part is the Skill of the card. This can be anything from direct damage to the other player to being able to change the base element of any card on the playing field to dust which will lose no matter what. This is balanced by only being able to use one of the three skills on your cards in any given round. The main part is the penalty system. This is how you win or lose the match as a whole. Each time one of your cards lose it hits you with a penalty. This adds a dynamic strategy system to the game. Balancing the risk of a penalty and the reward if you win of a strong hit from the card’s skill is the ultimate challenge.

Earthcore has two play modes. You have first player where you can hone your skills and learn the lore. Then you have online pvp where you can play your hand against the best and brightest players across the globe. You start in first player. Here you learn the basics of the game and start developing your unique style and strategy. The most interesting part of the first player mode is the bits of lore and story before and after each match. This is probably the unsung hero of the game. These are very well written and add a lot to the depth of the game. The biggest draw for players by far will be the online pvp. Here you can pit yourself against the best and brightest of the game. Try out new decks you customized with the card creation feature and level up the leader boards to become the best over all the realm. 

Earthcore screenshot

The downfalls of this game are small but significant. The first really isn’t the developers fault just a symptom of a new game. The lack a major player base. This type of card game draws people from games like magic the gathering and star craft which has huge player bases. So coming into a game early like this is a bit of a culture shock but one that will resolve itself over time. The other issue is the in app purchases they are rather steep for the limited benefit. But the developers have families too so I guess we can forgive them.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements is a dynamic and interesting take on a classic formula. This game has unique traits that makes it stand out from the magic carbon copies that have flooded the iOS platform in recent years. Tequila Game two thumbs up for giving us a good game with tons of good points and only few downfalls.

Solitaire TriPeaks – Brainteasers with Sandy Beaches

If sandy beaches and brainteasers are something of interest to you, then Solitaire TriPeaks is sure to satisfy both of those needs. The virtual game, which is available for free on Android phones, takes players on an adventure with a tiki as they pass each of 600 levels on the beaches of a tropical paradise. Several bonus features pop up at random and their effects range from acting as the players next needed card to moving the player up a level.

The purpose of solitaire is to keep the cards going in their proper order, whether forward or backward, and in as much of one color as possible. There is a catch though. If there are two cards of the same number, but different color, they cannot be played on top of one another, but if there is a consecutive number in the opposite color, that card can be played.

The bonus features that appear in Solitaire TriPeaks all relate back to the tropical theme of the game. There are volcano symbols, shark hooks, flowers blossoms, a magic eye, and a peek-a-boo card. Each one has an individual special feature that can earn you hundreds of coins for your bank.

After downloading and opening the free app, players are taken to the first round of the game. During this game, players are basically shown the ropes courtesy of a few arrows showing you which card(s) you could pick next. This is a great refresher for those who haven’t played in a while and ideal for first time solitaire players. The refresher course lasts only for a few plays of the cards. Afterwards, you are on your own.

Solitaire TriPeaks screenshot

Players earn coins each time they choose a correct card and can flip over a new card from the deck whenever necessary, but it will cost you a few coins to do so. Keep in mind that with each level comes harder plays. This game was really designed to be easy on the eyes, but not the brain. Throughout out the game, wild cards and bonus features will appear at random. There is no way to activate these cards, but take advantage of them when they appear. They are your ticket to larger prizes.

The graphics and overall concept of Solitaire TriPeaks is by far the most unique aspect of the age-old game. The peaceful beach-inspired background is calming to look at, while the bright colors keep your eyes from getting tired. The overall graphics of the wild cards and the player’s tiki friend is impressive in itself and adds to the overall feel of the app. The music, which sort of resembles that of something one would hear on vacation to Hawaii, is uplifting and has a catchy tune.

The flaw that stuck out the most in Solitaire TriPeaks was the inability to customize. Most app games gives players the option to customize music, backgrounds, colors, volume, etc., but this app does not give you that option. The only options are the ability to share on Facebook, view some FAQ’s, increase/decrease the volume of the music, and join a chat group. Although the design of the app is beautiful, customization is always a bonus and makes players feel like they are taking part in their past times.

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey – A Comic Take on a Classic Game

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey is an arcade style hockey game. It is a simple but well executed take on a classic sport. The main characters are cartoon bunnies that bring a comic side to add appeal to the game. The game barrows its characters from a famous Czech cartoon of the same name. A fresh take on a classic game brought to you by VUISS Technologies.

Bob and Bobek’s game play is arcade style. It consists of six bunnies on either side: five on the ice and one on each goal just as in a standard hockey game. On the screen you have two static controls. On the left is a green button with arrows pointing in four directions. This is the movement controls. You slide the button in the direction you want your player to move. On the right is a read button with a yellow small circle in the middle. This controls the shooting of the puck. A quick tap shoots the puck at a set rate. Holding the right button down lets you control the power of your shot.

Other aspects of game play include being able to play 16 select teams from the World Hockey League. National teams from several countries allow for wider appeal. Each team has different attributes which make them unique and reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the real life teams. You can also play online multiplayer against other people.

For those who are unfamiliar with  Bob and Bobek they are two Czech cartoon characters. The show is based on the adventures and misadventures of Bob and Bobek who live in a wizarding hat. Bob is the larger of the two and often acts in the fashion of a parent to smaller Bobek. Bobek while smaller and shy but skillful and imaginative much like a child. Bob and Bobek have creative ideas but often fall into difficult situations which is the basis of the comic humor. While the show is meant to showcase good manners the characters are not perfect and have negative traits which make them more relatable. Bob and Bobek have been featured in many different ways. They are iconic in the Czech Republic much like bugs bunny is in American culture.

Bob and Bobek screenshot

Bob and Bobek are the mascots of this year’s World Hockey League championship being played in Prague-Ostrava in the Czech Republic. This unique combination leading to the game we are reviewing today. Bob and Bobek being National Symbols in the Czech Republic it is only natural for a game to be made to help raise awareness of both the country and the game of hockey itself.

The game while all around a good play and well-crafted faces one major issue, monetization. How the game makes money is forcing you to buy the next levels before you can further in the game. While this is not uncommon in the mobile gaming world it could be more enjoyable if you could somehow unlock the other options by completing tasks or promoting the game. This is a problem wide spread in the casual game market so VUISS Technologies can’t be blamed for it.

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey is a comic take on a classic game. Its arcade styling provides mass appeal. Its simple intuitive design makes it approachable and easy to learn. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a quality game to play on their phone.

Skiplayer – Choose Songs Safely While You Cruise

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing a song you thought you’d removed from your playlist, but obviously had not. It’s in exactly those moments when you remember that you were supposed to comb through your library of fantastic finds, and rid your current playlist of songs that were once favorites, and now are not. Problem is that in that very moment of auditory anguish, you are most likely in a situation, like driving, preventing you from fixing the snafu. Have no fear, there is a way to “mark” that song so it does not play again, and it’s not in the iPhone player.

Download Skiplayer to do the job. Skiplayer is an extremely user-friendly app, that’s driven by a unique design. Most apps give you icons to tap in order to invoke a function. What sets Skiplayer apart from the rest is that the entire screen is your control. No more looking for icons, just tap anywhere and watch it do its magic. An added bonus is that Skiplayer allows you to skip songs and mark them as “don’t play” by just double-tapping your car’s FWD button!

Here’s how it works:

  • Skiplayer plays music from your iPhone or iPod’s playlist automatically
  • Swipe up to view the playlist
  • Swipe down to see the app’s menu
  • Swipe left to play the next song on your playlist
  • Swipe right to play the previous song on your playlist
  • Tap to pause; tap again to play
  • Tap and hold to select options to never play the song again OR to add it to your favorites

Skiplayer screenshot

The tap and hold function works a bit differently from the other functions, because it will render a screen that shows four icons, in a compass fashion. While I did mention that Skiplayer eliminates the need to tap icons, each icon will be considered “tapped” when you slide your fingertip towards it. So, there is no need to see or find it before selecting it. All you need to know is that your fingertip is sliding in the correct direction.

It does not get much simpler than that! You can be cooking, cleaning, driving or doing just about anything, and not have to look at your device should you decide to pause or pass a song. And remember, when one of those pesky, annoying songs pops up, you simply tap and hold, then slide your finger to the top of the screen to initiate the “never play” mode. Also know that if you change your mind and want to reinstate a song marked never to be played, you can. Simply go to your playlist, find the song using the handy-dandy search window, swipe right and tap RESTORE.

Functionality abounds in this app that makes listening to favorite tunes so much more easier. I never knew apps like this existed, and once I found it, I was hooked. The only small downside to the app is the hidden shuffle feature, which is something you cannot turn on or off without looking at the screen. You can change the settings, but you have to dive down into the playlist to do so.

No big feat. It’s easy to do, but it would be nice to have it handy on the main screen. Barring that, Skiplayer is an awesome app with an awesome name – a play on Skip+player!

Auto Law Pro – Emergency Contacts, at your Fingertips!

These days no matter where you live and drive, the risks in maneuvering motor vehicles safely to their destinations has become a maniacal mayhem with the way people drive. It takes a calm demeanor and quick access to help to get you through those incidents when transportation becomes tumultuous. Luckily, Smith Luby Holdings, LLC has come up with a handy-dandy app that lets you journal your “event” and seek the help you need, all from one place – an app called Auto Law Pro. 

Auto Law Pro provides users with tools needed to contact people for help, steps that guide you when you’ve been in an accident and precautions to take if you just received a ticket. Download the app and you will find a crisp, clean interface with immediate links to its three main functions: 

  1. Emergency
  2. I had an accident
  3. I got a ticket 

From the main screen, you can even take video to help you in your case if you’ve been in an accident, or even if you have received a ticket. It is always wise to have backup evidence in cases where you may want to challenge what has been put upon you. 

Auto Law Pro review

The Emergency option allows you to quickly and easily contact people whose help you may need. You can choose to allow the app to see your device’s contact list, or you can choose to enter them manually. Both options work equally as well. Once you have contacts in place, you can also specify if that contact will automatically be alerted for any or all of the following: DUI, Emergency,  or Video. You can also call 911 from its main page, as well. 

The I had an accident  area allows you to report an accident, allowing you to enter information vital to insurance claims and possibly helpful in proving your innocence, if needed. Information collected includes: 

  • My Vehicle
  • Other Vehicle
  • Other Party Insurance
  • Non-Vehicle Property Damage
  • Location
  • Police Officer Information
  • Witness Data 

You can even store pictures of the scene, the cars and the damage. Maybe even what may have led to the accident. With GPS built into your device, the app will automatically pinpoint and enter the location for you. The I got a ticket function allows you to detail information about the ticket you have received, including information like: 

  • Ticket Type: DUI, Traffic/Parking, Speeding
  • Comments section: allowing you to enter details about the ticket, the officer, the time, day, location, etc. Because details like these are hard to remember when you have just had an ordeal. 

Once you have entered information about any ticket type, the app allows you to contact law firms in your area, based on those you have opened their information up to the app. You can skip this if you wish. 

Auto Law Pro could do no better than it already has. I would say the only improvement it could possibly have would be to make it trigger on voice commands. This would make it much easier to enter data about an incident. Typing at a time when you’ve just gone through a crash, or are experiencing some emergency situation may not be completely viable. 

All in all, this app is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who feels they need a quick way to get help in their time of need.