App Offers Arthur’s Birthday Interactively

Revisit loveable Arthur, the memorable character from the well-known childhood books authored by Marc Brown, and a familiar face in several household through animation on PBS stations nationwide. Arthur brought to life simple, but real, situations all kids face at some time or another, helping kids see that problems happen and they can be fixed.

Now, Arthur comes to us in an app that lets kids be read to or allows them to dive deep into the story, learn to read, and become immensely immersed in the experience. The app is not only an online book, it’s and experience to be had by all. Thanks to Wanderful, Inc. for bringing us yet another way to bring Arthur into our lives, once again.

Arthur’s Birthday tells the same story as book of the same title. It’s basically the same story, but in electronic format; and, just as every one of Marc Brown’s books had an important lesson to teach, this app does the same.

Costing just $4.99, you may think it best to just go out and purchase the book itself. However, once you download this app and take a look for yourself, you’ll realize nothing could be further from the truth. Watch as your youngsters takes hold of the story and finds themselves engaged for hours.

When you first download the app, you will have a choice to be read to, or to read the book on your own. From this main screen, parents can also choose Options, which allows you to see more storybooks offered by Wanderful, and to select Languages.

Currently, the default language is English. You can also choose to hear the story in Spanish, by selecting the globe icon located in the upper left corner of the storyboard screen.

You can choose advanced options if you upgrade your app with a $2.99 in-app purchase. This will give you Premium access, which also offers classroom activities and more. Access to content in French is also unlocked with a Premium upgrade.

While listening to the story, kids are encouraged to tap on different items on the screen to see what happens: Arthur may say something to Muffy, a door may open and kids will come shuffling out, or a bell might ring. All of these small touches make the experience more engaging for kids, helping them become a part of the story.

In Arthur’s Birthday, Arthur and Muffy, a fellow schoolmate, have unknowingly planned their birthday parties for the same day. Considering that they share a few common friends, you can imagine the issues that ensue when they try to send out invites, forcing friends to make difficult decisions.

This particular story offers kids the fun that is all Arthur, along with conflict-resolution skills.

From the home page, parents and teachers alike can use the provided tips on how to make the most of the app to help build solid reading and comprehension skills and to pick up on lessons being taught.

The only issue I came across was when I tapped on Arthur while the reader was telling the story. The app stopped the narration and had Arthur do his thing. After Arthur was done, the narration did not continue. I had to get out of the page and jump back in.

That’s just a small item that can be easily fixed. Overall, this app is worth every penny you’ll spend on it, because it provides a treasure trove of value to kids, helping them master reading and social skills simultaneously.

Authur’s Teacher Trouble – Interactive Reading Fun When Arthur Meets Mr. Ratburn

Do your kids Arthur, the loveable character from the well-known series of books authored and illustrated by the charismatic Marc Brown? Did they grow up watching those books come to life watching the Arthur series on PBS Kids?

If so, then this app is for you! Arthur’s Teacher Trouble takes the famous story of Arthur’s first meeting with the infamous Mr. Ratburn. A third grader who’s learning a little about growing up everyday, Arthur and his stories help kids deal with the everyday issues that all 3rd graders face. Arthur seems to always find a way to seek help from those around him to work through his problem of the day and maintain the relationships that mean so much to him.

The beauty of this app is that it’s not just a book that your kids can read. They can be read to, if they want. This is the perfect option for those who are too young to read, or for those who are just starting out. The neat thing about the app is that kids can tap on words and the narrator will speak them, helping kids hear and see the word at the same time helps them learn to read.

For those kids who know how to read, the option to read and engage in the app is the best option. Here, kids can move from page to page, on their own. Tapping on different items throughout each page triggers an action. They may tap on a closed door, and suddenly a barrage of 3rd graders may come pummeling out.

They may tap on a picture pinned the school hallway bulletin board – this may cause the images of students to strike out in song and merriment.

At a small cost of just $4.99, this app takes the experience of reading the book to new heights. There has never been a better time to be a kid!

In Author’s Teacher Trouble, Arthur is just starting 3rd grade and his teacher is the toughest one he’s ever had. As kids swipe from page to page, they follow through the very same pages of the book bearing the same title. But they become a part of the story because the figures come to life and they can explore other things the page has to offer. There may be games, things to find, and more.

What I loved is that the characters looked exactly as they did in the animation that aired on PBS. It was like bringing a memory back to life.

I would like to see better narration, because some of it lacked the luster and liveliness that was integral to the show. The person reading the story could be a bit more upbeat.

Get past that minor nuance, and you will be fully satisfied with this purchase. Kids will love it and you, as a parent, will love that they are learning some great lessons while learning to read. It is truly a win-win situation for all.

Save Money and the Environment – Create Booklet

These days most folks read written material using electronic devices. Gone are the days where you hold a physical copy of the written word. For some, however, the feel of paper in one’s hand is necessary to fully appreciate and absorb the words that span across a page. Swiping away on a screen and trying to decipher print that is small just doesn’t cut it.

While many still need hard copy print for several purposes, such as for marketing or maintaining business contacts, print is a necessity. And while you will still use some electronic device to create your magical masterpiece, you still need a way to make it print in just the right format you need to organize your content correctly and most productively.

This can range from a Z fold pamphlet to a multi-page booklet. Whatever the case may be, you have a friend in Create Booklet.

Most producers of printed booklets rely on the ease of use and power of Mac computers. Create Booklet has been designed to work seamlessly with Macs, making every product you create easy to design and bring to fruition.

What is really neat about this app is that even if you don’t have a duplex printer, it will allow for you to produce printed materials with content on both side in an easy way.

Costing just $9.99, it is a small investment that will save you a great deal of money over the long run. Just imagine how often you use printers and how much they cost. With this app, you have control over your printed product and can tweak it as you wish, multiple time if needed, before you print.

Create Booklet app

You can even try to print one copy, review it and then make your necessary edits. This is not something easily done by a print shop.

Easy to download, it becomes a part of your Print Panel on the Mac. So, when you are ready to print your booklet, you use the app to configure to your liking and then print.

Small features of the app, that go a long way, include:

  • Addition of empty pages, images, and complete PDF’s
  • Reording of pages
  • Removal of unneeded pages
  • Save to PDF
  • Instant printing from Create Booklet
  • PDF fine adjusting and layout design
  • Auto-rotation for landscape pages
  • Split large booklets into smaller ones, and easily find each section in order

And there is more…

Overall, I found Create Booklet to be extremely easy to use. Most of the functions were straightforward and uncomplicated. You also save lots of paper, too, which means increased cost savings.

The only one small item I would like to see is the ability to use it from my iPad, and I am sure that a mini version of it may be in the works. I anxiously look forward to any such additions.

Until then, I will take advantage of this app to best of my ability. I love using this to produce all sorts of written content, both for my business and for small community projects I help with on the side.

Zeus Quest Remastered – An Adventurous and Brainstorming Way to Spend Your Leisure

It is an adventurous puzzle game playable on almost all smart phones with the latest android versions. It involves exploring nature’s serenity and travelling through mystical encounters. The app is available for download only at $5.67 and once installed you will have a laxity to choose from your native and favorite language. The game features all CrazySoft; a feature also allows you to save progress either to your device or to the cloud.

It is an offline puzzle and adventure game that starts on the beach on a quest to navigate you through to higher levels as you progress. It involves redeeming points, gift cards, or cash in its purchase, installing it, and enjoying the full package features the game has to offer. It’s easy to play and offers additional help features when you login to the cloud; it also provides tips to guide you through its quest.

After purchasing and installing the game, you will enjoy the CrazySoft features and additional ones in the cloud. The game starts by a landing to an ocean from a space ship then lets you navigate to the beach. At the beach, you may interact with men, ornaments and a goat. After completing the puzzle, you’ll then navigate up the hill. You may customize various settings in the game like the language music and the saving destination. You may also look up for advanced features by logging in to the cloud. As the game progresses, you’ll gain more treasures to help you solve complex puzzles.

The game requires a reasonable $5.67 secured lifetime subscription and offers superior features which upgrade upon positive progress.  It also assures its users free cloud storage and advanced features all under the purchase installment. It requires easy registration whereby one account may be used to purchase CrazySoft games in future. The App allows for interactive and real-time music and language customization support. It also comes with a cloud backup and purchase restore feature to help you enjoy the value for your money.

Zeus Quest Remastered

After installing and successfully starting the game, The App requires you to select the language and music in the customization support icons on the right side. It also comes with a cloud backup and purchase restore feature on the same side, these facilitate usability and lets you all features the game has to offer.

The game requires a user to purchase it before using, it does not allow for trial period.  It also prompts the user to register with a valid email address in order to enjoy the cloud backup and purchases restore features. It also takes a lot of time for a beginner to learn, advance and progress to higher levels, hence leading to time and money wastage. The games also offers limited features and the user is constrained to selecting the few available ones.

Clearly, Zeus Quest Remastered offers an adventurous and brainstorming way to spend your leisure. It also depicts a legendary epic figure of the Zeus the god of the ancient Greece. It is a new epic play that depicts historical and magnificent encounters that lies in the past. You should not only enjoy playing it but you should also learn about the historical practices it depicts.