MemoPics 2 – Memory Match Game You Make Yourself

Memory exercise games that have you view cards, words, or pictures and later ask you to match them up are available a dime a dozen. But, imagine being able to make the game your own, using your own photos or images and music. The fun intensifies even more!

MemoPics 2 is the app that lets you formulate, create, and play all sorts of memory building games that exercise the mind with focus-filled fun. All you have to do is provide the images, and the app gives you the tools to do the rest.

Available only on the iPad, the game is the perfect way to engage kids in a game that will expand their minds while they sift through pics they know or may not know. The creativity is left to you do with what you want.

Got a sports fan in the house? Grab a bunch of images of their favorite team, players, or various highlights of the sports they love and create a game that caters specifically to them. They won’t even know that they are doing good for their noodle.

If you’ve got an art lover, collect images of artwork they are interested and create a game for them. You enhance the game and experience of playing by setting the background music to whatever you want. You could do classical for the art game and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” for the sports game. The choice is all yours.

Once you have created the games, you can even share them with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

The app comes packed with:

  • Sample games
  • Some free games
  • Clear audio and support for TWIN
  • Games that allow for up to four players on either a single device, multiple devices on the same network, or across networks
  • Connectivity into GameCenter

The sample games work as great examples on how to design and build your own game.

Now, one thing to remember is that you may want to save the games you have created. The app has its own Cloud Service that you can subscribe to. For $0.99 you can subscribe for one month, and there will be no auto renewal. A 3-month subscription will cost you just $1.99, and renews automatically until you shut it down.

The only downside to the game is that you can only play it on the iPad. I would really like to see it made available on the iPhone, because I can see enormous benefit and use while being out and about and wanting to keep kids busy with a game that caters to their interests – it may just get me through the one hour waiting room wait at the doctor’s office.

Outside of that, this app is absolutely a blast to have. I have already made a game of the family trip we took last summer, and I am looking forward to making a game of the pics we take during this Christmas. If you are looking for something different to keep your kids, or you, occupied while keeping their neurons in peak performance, MemoPics 2 is the game for you.

My Digital Afterlife Keeps Your Passwords Safe

In this day and age everything we have is controlled by passwords and locks. Social media, email, our cellphones and bank accounts. Often times we have people who rely on us, who we help and we pay for but what happens when we die? All those passwords and locks meant for security don’t seem so helpful anymore when the person you take care of can’t get access to money to eat. Well, there is an app that you can get on your phone that can contain all your passwords and locks and keep them safe until after you die.

This app is very simple to use, it has a straight forward layout making it easy to add new passwords. Opening the app you are prompted to put in a password, which you can easily write down somewhere to let your dependent access the account, after which you are brought to a list of your different passwords. Once you go into a specific password you not only have access to the password but a list of details that you have put in as well. If there is any specific way you want a password to be used once you are gone you can simply input this here.

There are many different passwords that you can put into the password manager such as your home insurance, bike locks, bank accounts, your computer, even your internet password. Not only can you put in passwords but you can put in what you want to happen when you die. The password on the app makes sense because this is very valuable information, if you lose your phone and somebody gets a hold of this information your life could be ruined. However, it also makes it difficult because once you are dead you can’t exactly tell anybody your password. The point of the app is to give people access to your information after you are gone, but if they can’t get into the app then they won’t have that access. You can always write down the password for them but that also brings about a problem because there is a possibility that they could lose the password.

My Digital Afterlife app

In conclusion this app is very helpful, it can protect those you have protected by giving them access to your accounts. All apps have small flaws but it can be easily remedied by just writing down the password to one account. This app provides a safe haven for your passwords and your wishes after you die making it easier for the way that you would like your burial to be carried out to happen. You can simply put in your password and what you would like to happen to the account then leave it alone.

My Digital Afterlife has been designed for ease of use, it is meant to be very simple and yet very powerful. This app will protect your information so even if you lose your phone you do not have to worry. It will help those you care for even after you are gone.

Motor Sport Racing – Join the High Speed Fun

Truly ­­­­­international by nature, Motor Sport Racing is the app to have if you love racing performance cars. Available in over 20 different languages, folks from all over can download and join the high speed fun. Gamers who love the adrenaline, but may never have the chance to actually drive a Formula One or any other type of performance car, this app easily transports you to the race track, so you can experience it virtually.

Note that the app is not set up in a way that lets you physically feel you are in the driver’s seat, perspective wise, however, you do get to choose your race car and you do steer it using touch or tilt. What makes this game very unique from other racing apps is the battles that ensue as you race.

Yes, you will be up against other racers vying for the finish line first, and the cherished Gold Cup. To get there, you will be forced to contend with several obstacles, which include fellow racers, bullets, and rockets, to name a few. To be fair, you will also be armed with Weapons, so you will be able to defend yourself, or even strike out offensively to clear your path.

The screen is well laid out and easy to navigate. The neat thing about the app is the option to command your car by either tapping the screen or by tilting your device, be it iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. As you play the game, you will race through different worlds as you reach milestones and win races. The app offers six different worlds, keeping the game fresh and new at every turn.

There is also the option to play in Arcade mode or Championship mode, each having five difficulty levels. Variety abounds in the app, with 30 tracks to choose from; you will never get bored, and you will always be challenged.

Motor Sport Racing

More unique features include:

  • Realistic audio, so you feel as if you are in a racecar, surrounded by other cars
  • Worlds include: various fields, the Far East, the World of Iceman, Candy Sugar World, World of the Hells, and Beaches of Hawaii
  • Day and night mode – night mode is called Dark Mode
  • Auto gas fill – no need to worry about pit stops
  • Multiplay support through Bluetooth
  • Car customization – build your own race car, or upload an image

What’s really neat is the display that is colorful, clear, and crisp, without being too complicated, making game play easier and straightforward. Oftentimes, apps like to make the graphics look so close to reality that you get caught up with the images and graphics and lose out on the game. Not the case with this game!

The only thing I could see being improved is the sensitivity with which the car moves when controlled in tilt mode. It may just be me, and of course precision with these types of movements is difficult, but it would help.

Motor Sport Racing is a must download if you like racing cars and are looking for a game that combines competition with the thrill of the race. Get it today!

Discotech – Find the Best Party and Light Up the Night

Partiers rejoice! If you are the kind of person who likes to know what’s happening around town and want to get in on the action, Discotech Nightlife is the app for you.

This app is the happening place. It brings together and then broadcasts information about events, performers, DJs, and more, close to you or within an adventurous trip. Free to download, it provides a boat load of benefits, getting your night off with a bang.

If you’ve ever hit a nightclub and couldn’t find room to put your drink down, fret no more. This app has features that allow you to book table service, so there are no hang-ups when you get to where to you want to be.

Looking to save a few bucks? This app offers a list of discounted events and venues. You can even purchase tickets ahead of time, saving you time and possible frustration at the event.

The app is currently working with the hottest nightclubs in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, New York City, Brooklyn and Miami.  The app creators are working on getting Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C. in the works, too. So, if you are currently in a city that is not hooked up to Discotech, consider planning a trip to one of these locations to try it out – adventure is in your blood, and we know it!

On a more serious note, Discotech makes is way easier for folks who are in search of the best nightlife venue in the city they are in. You could be a local or visiting. Either way, the platform is easy to use, and is organized in a way that works for you.

On one screen you will get a list of nightclubs. The list shows how expensive each place is using the $, so you know what you getting into before you get there – a.k.a., you can plan according to your pocket.

If you’re not in the market for a nightclub, but want to check out a show or event, the Events page lists all the cool happenings today and into the future. This screen lists the events in the area and allows you to book a table or two, and create a guest list. Share this with friends to make group outings even easier.

Discotech app

You can even order VIP bottle service straight to your table – a great way to impress the crowd you cavort with. The bottle service allows you to build up points and earn free bottles – what could be better than that!

The only thing that could possibly be considered an improvement upon this app is maybe making the screen for nightclubs a bit more legible. Right now, it shows a colorful list of venues, but the names of these venues is in white text and it overlays the image. Images that are light in color make it hard to see the venue name. I would suggest a smaller pic, and a band in black below the pic with the name and cost.

Outside of that, Discotech was absolutely amazing to use when my friend had to organize a bachelor’s party. He was able to easily book the tables he wanted, buy tickets for the group, and order a few bottles of wine, so everything was ready to go once they arrived.

Towers Battle Solitaire – Up the Ante with Your Solitaire Game

Lovers of games like Tri-Peaks, Pyramid, Freecell, and of course, Solitaire can now take their game up a new notches by downloading and playing Towers Battle Solitaire. At first, it sounds like a tower battle game, but is far from that. This app takes the well known and well loved game of Solitaire and gives it a new twist.

The stakes are not too high; there is no real money involved. However, what you do get is a chance to win some fun prizes; and the more players that join a game, the better the prizes.

The app is free, and provides hours of entertainment on both your iPhone and iPad. I prefer playing on the iPad so I can see the cards and the playing table better.

When you first download the app you will see what looks like a card playing table, complete with the green felt and all. You will also see that there are other players involved, because there will be cards handed out on all sides of the screen, or rather, the playing table.

The main menu offers tips and pointers on how to play for newbies, so don’t worry if you are Solitaire expert, but are not sure about player against others. There are several opportunities for trying out smaller games, while working your way up to tournaments. Some tournaments last for an entire day, so if you really get good, you can dive deep and go all in.

One Change Tournaments involve up to 1,000 players, all simultaneously vying for the pot of gold with an equal chance for a win. Battle Tournaments involve qualification rounds, so you really need to be good before you partake in those.

Towers Battle Solitaire app

To play the game, users choose a card that is higher or lower in value than the card in the center pile from any of the collections on the playing table. Coins are involved, so be aware that you need to maintain enough to stay in the game. Ultimately, the goal is to clear your playing area, just as in Solitaire. A way to score big is to have a run. This happens when several matching cards are stacked in succession, called a “Run.”

Rounds can go on for a while, and if you are running out of coins to stay in the game, then you have an option to purchase more coins and keep playing.

I like that the game is free, but I do have to say that the amount of time allotted for “free” playtime can pass by quickly, forcing you to make an in app purchase.  So, its lure is a bit sneaky, and it would be nice if it wasn’t.

Nonetheless, Towers Battle Solitaire is still a crowd pleaser and it lets you engage with fellow players who love the same. Solitaire has never been this much fun, and once you start you will not be able stop. The excitement escalates as you sign up for more games and tournaments, so get set and go.

Towers Battle Solitaire website

Towers Battle Solitaire Play Store

Towers Battle Solitaire Amazon

Baby’s Brilliant Keeps Kids Quiet and Engaged While They Learn

Are you a new parent seeking solace and solitude? We’re not accusing you of being selfish, but anyone who is a parent knows all too well that quiet time becomes a forgotten concept once kids come into the picture. Baby’s Brilliant is a brilliant app that keeps kids engaged in an electronic activity that, at one end of the spectrum, lightens and brightens baby’s day with activities, color, and sounds; and, at the other end of the spectrum, can be used to soothe baby into a slumber like no other.

Parents of little ones know all too well the struggle to find some quiet time. Naps only last so long, and play dates can oftentimes turn into struggles.

If you are one of those parents, then you need Baby’s Brilliant.

Baby’s Brilliant is an app that offers games, activities, visuals, and songs and more to help kids expand their minds and grow – without even knowing it. For parents, it provides a secure and safe place for kids to get on a device and explore. Sure, there are several online apps that offer the same, but in using those, you risk exposing your child to things they should not see.

You can download it on your iPhone or iPad, so it is available to you wherever you go. You could be standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, or waiting in the doctor’s office waiting room; either way, you’ve got your kid covered with something to do.

What I really liked about the app is that it’s not just a game for just filling time. Baby’s Brilliant engages kids with activities that actually fire off neurons and build connections that will last a lifetime. For instance, the songs and videos that play with them teach kids music and things like the ABC’s, how to be a friend, and other educational concepts.

After downloading the app, you can create an account and can keep track of purchases and what you would like to download in the future. The app comes with a few free songs, games, and activities, but once your child becomes bored with those, know that you can expand your offering with a few in app purchases.

One feature that I really liked was the option to build a playlist. Let’s say your child loves a particular set of songs and videos; you can build a playlist and have just those playing. To make things even better, you can put that playlist on repeat, so it circles around to the beginning once it reaches the end. For parents, this means effortless entertainment.

Select from a variety of options:

  1. Videos: everyone is stimulated by visuals. Kids can learn so much when presented with a visual that is backed with attention-getting music. Each piece is short enough to keep kids engaged, but long enough to keep them occupied.
  2. Music: let’s say you’re in the car and the visuals are already there. Select the music option and let your kids exercise their auditory sense. Much can be said about the wonders of music and how it expands the mind. You may even get into a song or two yourself.
  3. Night Lights: the app itself does not become a night light, but rather, becomes a player of soothing and calming sounds that can lull your baby or toddler to sleep, whether it’s naptime or bedtime.

There’s not much negative that can be said about this app. I would love to see regular additions to its offerings, free or for purchase, because kids can get accustomed to and bored by things pretty quickly.

Baby’s Brilliant is a download not to miss, because it will bring you hours of reprieve from parenting supervision, and helps your child grow in their own space.

3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods – Beautiful and Interactive

This app is something that is interactive and beautiful which is an often time very hard to find when looking for live wallpapers for your cellular device. It is a wonderful app that is highly recommended by those who use it.

There are 20 different pictures that you can choose from in this app and all of them are simply beautiful. They come in ranges of colors and art styles so you get your pick when choosing what you want to be shown. Not only are there a lot of pictures but they all are in 3D which is highly interactive as when your phone moves, they move! The images rotate around the fairies and what they are holding so it is almost like you are holding the fairy yourself.  It is quite fun to play with when you have nothing better to do. 3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods is very unique as everything has been made specifically for the app such as the art.

Often times live wallpapers with many options have two problems: they will take up a lot of space and drain a lot of battery. This live wallpaper only takes up 12 MB of your phones storage, which is much less than the social media apps you may have on your phone. Also, this app will use your battery as if you didn’t have a live wallpaper. That means that your phones will run just like normal! Plus, the developers of this app really listen to what you have to say, any suggestion to their app and they will respond to you. They are constantly developing the app so it just keeps getting better!

All apps have their flaws and this one does too, the one problem that I have with this app is that there are not any moving parts. Yes, the screen does rotate and it is 3D, however, there isn’t a moving aspect to the wallpaper. I think that there should be a choice of maybe leaves, raindrops, snow, etc., falling and I think that would make the app perfect. It might make the wallpapers drain your battery a little bit more but I think it would be worth it.

3D Live Wallpaper Fairy Woods screenshot

All in all, this app is very creative and cool. There are a lot of choices that you have to choose from and the variety adds a lot of fun, so if you wanted to you could change it every day! The interactive part of the app is simple amazing, I have seen it before but not quite like it is in this app. The fact that almost anybody can use this app makes it wonderful because that means that even my child could use 3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods on their phone and have fun with it. Of course with every great app comes the downfalls but they aren’t deal breakers. I am sure that if brought up with the developer they would consider adding it in!

I really do recommend this app, even just checking it out I think that anybody would enjoy it.

App Brings Life to Living Books’s The New Kid on the Block

Most kids have no interest in poetry. Younger ones enjoyed nursery rhymes, as they were usually sung in a fun and entertaining way; but, as kids grew out of those childhood poems, poetry in general became boring.

Poetry has much to offer, and the ones written by Jack Prelutsky, are especially poignant for kids, as they deal with topics that catch kids’ interest, and sometimes be entertaining.

Now, add the creative technological genius of Wanderful, and you have a magical mix of lessons learned with fun activities.

The New Kid on the Block app features all of the beloved poems originally written by Pretlusky in the book of the same title. They now come to life in an app that colors, animates, and enlivens the poem and characters that surround it.

Characters talk, sing, and dance, getting children involved and maybe even getting them to jump and dance, as well. Not only will kids get into the frolic, adults may just get roped in as well. That is how entertaining this app is.

After downloading the app, a cartoon character of Pretlusky appears and warmly welcomes you to come play. Kids have a choice of having the poems read to them, or reading them on their own.

Words light up as they are spoken, and when kids tap on a word or phrase. Either way, this action promotes faster absorption of word recognition, helping kids learn to read quickly and easily. No more tears!

When kids choose the Let Me Play option, in which they read the poems, they are also given the opportunity explore and play, allowing them to learn more about the poem and what it’s trying to say.

Hidden content abounds, inviting kids to delve into every page and become immersed in every word and line, while they watch every bit of animation and listen to the lively music and song.

The New Kid on the Block app

For teachers interested in including this app into their curriculum and learning more about how to extend the learning beyond the app, there is a $2.99 in app purchase they can make than provides them with a 45 page Classroom Activities guide. Parents can use this as well, whether or not they home school. Kids love to explore what they’ve been exposed to, and nothing helps more that activities that have been designed especially with kids in mind.

The thirteen activities provided in the guide align closely to the Common Core, so teacher know that they are keeping with their standards. In and of itself, this app serves to help kids read poetry, dissect it, and understand it. So many of us cringe when we hear the word, because we don’t know how to process it. This app helps with that.

The only thing I would change about the app is may adding new poems as time goes by. I can see a child getting his full fill of the app and then not wanting to go back to it. A few additions made periodically may dispel this.

Outside of that, the New Kid on the Block is an absolute must-buy. I think it has done an amazing job of taking a book of poems and turning into something a child would love to interact with.

Wanderful Cuentos – Sample Interactive Stories in Spanish

If you’ve been searching for an interactive book for your kids in Spanish, and were unsure which one was best, now your search is over.

Wanderful, the creators of a huge series of interactive apps for books, offers a neat sampler app that is written and spoken in Spanish. It allows you to check out seven different storybooks that they have brought to life, to see if the concept of an interactive book even appeals to you; and then, because you’ve sampled the seven of the many books they offer, you now know which ones you’d like to purchase first.

This is a great app for trying out books you already know and love in English, to see if their Spanish counterpart is just as entertaining and accurate. It works for both the Spanish speaking community, as well as folks who are learning to speak Spanish and want another medium in which to practice.

The app offers a page from the following books:

  • Arthur’s Birthday
  • The Berenstain Bears Get In a Fight
  • Little Monster at School
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Ruff’s Bone
  • Arthur’s Teacher Trouble
  • Harry and the Haunted House

Each sample offers the first page of the app from which it comes, but written and spoken in Spanish.

Every page comes to life with over 300 moving parts and animation that mimics watching the cartoon of the same book. When you tap on a word or phrase, the words light up, helping kids recognize and learn the spelling, sound, and look of the word.

The narration is true to the story, and oftentimes, each character has its own voice, recorded by different people, so it sounds more realistic. Having just one person read the story would make it tiresome and boring for the kids.

Each book’s app also comes equipped with a teacher’s guide. A preview comes for free when you purchase the app, and an in app purchase provides the full guide, filled with fun activities kids can complete to supplement the app and its activities.

This sample app is like nothing ease I have ever seen. Who else does stuff like this? It is so nice to see someone offering something for free so you can make an informed decision, before laying down your money.

I would like to have seen may two pages per book, just to get a better idea of how the apps worked, like moving between pages. Currently, you see the second page, but it is not active. Instead, it allows you to conveniently purchase the app for the book, if you liked what you saw on page one; or, you can move on to the next book sample.

Nonetheless, Wanderful Cuentos makes it so easy for parent and teachers get a better feel for what Wanderful offers and how their interactive apps work. A definitely smart move on their part, helping parents and teacher alike make an educated decision on an interactive app for their kids.