LINGOKIDS – Easy English for Kids Anywhere in the World

The world is growing closer and closer together. We interact more with folks from other continents than we do with the neighbors who live on our street. Well, maybe it’s not that global of a community, but we all know how important it is to be able to communicate with others around the world.

Right now, that means knowing English. This allows kids today to easily learn and later master English. Now, one thing to remember is that this app is geared towards kids who use English as a second language. However, that being said, this may even help kids who are struggling, even ones growing up in the U.S.

Using exercises and an approach that is artfully designed and proven by education experts, LINGOKIDS truly helps kids using English as a Second Language (ESL) to learn at their own pace and slowly grow accustomed to using English.

Sometimes the help these kids receive in school needs an extra boost at home. More exposure through different types of activities is a sure fire way to give kids more ways to use what they are learning in school and apply it at home.

Through the use of colorful and quality graphics and entertaining characters, LINGOKIDS attract and maintains preschoolers’ and toddlers’ attention, teaching them so much without them even knowing it:

  • Parts of speech, so they know the different components of a sentence
  • Letter sounds and letter recognition
  • What is a noun, a verb, an adjective, and adverb?

The more the kids play the games and interact with exercises, the more they learn the words they are looking at, the sounds that each letter makes, and eventually, how to use that word.

If you have more than one child, you can easily setup profiles for each one, so that you can easily see the progress each one is making and allow each to travel their own course of discovery. Speaking of progress, you, as a parent, can create reports and see how each child has moved through the curriculum, identify where they had the most difficulty and cater future exercises based on those gaps.

The app allows you to use it for up to three weeks for free. However, if you wish to continue using it, you must either pay a onetime 59.99 fee for a premium subscription, or pay $9.99/mo. Our readers can enter “apps25” coupon code to get a 25% discount on Lingokids Premium when they subscribe through the online payment platform:

The app offers six different levels of difficulty that kids move through as they learn and master the exercises. Oxford University Press has just recently submitted content to the app as well, so you know your kids are getting well designed learning tools.

An area in the app that could use some improvement is navigation through profiles. You have to do some digging around when you are sifting through different profiles and trying to generate reports. It took some trial and error.

Figure that out and you have an app that is quite useful and helpful for kids who are learning English in addition to another home-spoken language. English is one of the easiest languages to learn, and LINGOKIDS helps make it fun.