3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods – Beautiful and Interactive
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3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods – Beautiful and Interactive

This app is something that is interactive and beautiful which is an often time very hard to find when looking for live wallpapers for your cellular device. It is a wonderful app that is highly recommended by those who use it.

There are 20 different pictures that you can choose from in this app and all of them are simply beautiful. They come in ranges of colors and art styles so you get your pick when choosing what you want to be shown. Not only are there a lot of pictures but they all are in 3D which is highly interactive as when your phone moves, they move! The images rotate around the fairies and what they are holding so it is almost like you are holding the fairy yourself.  It is quite fun to play with when you have nothing better to do. 3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods is very unique as everything has been made specifically for the app such as the art.

Often times live wallpapers with many options have two problems: they will take up a lot of space and drain a lot of battery. This live wallpaper only takes up 12 MB of your phones storage, which is much less than the social media apps you may have on your phone. Also, this app will use your battery as if you didn’t have a live wallpaper. That means that your phones will run just like normal! Plus, the developers of this app really listen to what you have to say, any suggestion to their app and they will respond to you. They are constantly developing the app so it just keeps getting better!

All apps have their flaws and this one does too, the one problem that I have with this app is that there are not any moving parts. Yes, the screen does rotate and it is 3D, however, there isn’t a moving aspect to the wallpaper. I think that there should be a choice of maybe leaves, raindrops, snow, etc., falling and I think that would make the app perfect. It might make the wallpapers drain your battery a little bit more but I think it would be worth it.

3D Live Wallpaper Fairy Woods screenshot

All in all, this app is very creative and cool. There are a lot of choices that you have to choose from and the variety adds a lot of fun, so if you wanted to you could change it every day! The interactive part of the app is simple amazing, I have seen it before but not quite like it is in this app. The fact that almost anybody can use this app makes it wonderful because that means that even my child could use 3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods on their phone and have fun with it. Of course with every great app comes the downfalls but they aren’t deal breakers. I am sure that if brought up with the developer they would consider adding it in!

I really do recommend this app, even just checking it out I think that anybody would enjoy it.

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