Analyze Forex Market with MetaTrader 4

Analyze Forex Market with MetaTrader 4

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has designed a useful app that enables the users to access Forex trading on their iPhones with a mere click. Trading activities are a convenient way of gaining good amount of cash and most people involved in it are engrossed to it the whole day as they have to keep themselves updated about the market conditions.

With the help of MetaTrader 4 you can track financial markets, news, e-mails and also your account. As we all know, for a trading business we need to have a Demat account for receiving necessary notifications regarding the market conditions and changes occurred. Here with the help of MetaTrader 4 the users have the access to 30 indicators to analyze the market conditions. The most important factor in these trading activities is the involvement of a broker. This app enables you to search through approximately 1400 servers of brokerage companies.

MetaTrader 4 homescreen

For better trading facilities, there are quotes available that act as financial instruments. You can view the full set of trade orders including the pending ones too. If you are using iPad, you can directly go through the charts provided. There are three kinds of charts available- bars, candle sticks and line. This makes it easier and faster as you scroll through them and zoom it as per the need.

All modes of trade execution are supported in this app with full history details to keep a track on previous analysis. In the latest version the users can change the color theme of the charts and if you press and hold on to the chart, an edit option is displayed which enables you to resize, delete or move the indicator directly from the charts. There are two new time frames added here- W1 and MN1. Whenever you are operating any trade activity, there is a sound notification to keep you alert.

MetaTrader 4 trading screeen

When you open this app, first of all a login option is there. You can create a demo account too. When you open a new account, there is a screen which shows the number of brokers available. You have to search for them using the search box at the top. Once you are in, there are quotes available with the option to view in simple or advanced mode. In the bottom tray, there are several options indicating quotes, charts, trade, history and finally the settings option for customization.

MetaTrader 4 is an advanced app with numerous features but it fails to appeal to the mass as it is quite tricky to handle and few people find it difficult to open an order as it requires a few steps. But the iPad version is appreciated and the chat option is quite useful where you can have a talk with any registered user.

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