SideBall – Get Entertained for Hours

SideBall is an app that brings to your phone the skee-ball roller game complete with more than 12 different ramps and 36 ball types to keep you fully entertained for as long as possible. There are no difficult instructions to learn before you can play this game because you are only required to roll the ball up the ramp using a quick flick then try to get them into the numbered holes for tickets, points and achievements.

The graphics are impressive and the game concept is well packed hence the game is able to keep people of all ages entertained for hours. SideBall is very much like a bowling game. However, being a skee-ball roller game, the objectives are a little bit different. The player needs to direct the ball to bounce into the holes and not hit stationary targets like it is with bowling.


SideBall banner image

In this game, you get credit when the balls enter the numbered holes. The many different rewards that you earn can either earn you a place in the table of high scores or you can use to add items from the store to make life easier. The main idea here is to work hard at unlocking as many achievements as possible to make game play easier. There are no special instructions, just a quick flick to roll the balls up the ramp.

There are no difficult instructions for playing this game. You only need to roll the balls up the ramp and try to aim at the numbered holes. Each hole has its own reward so you try to aim at the holes with the highest rewards. However, as expected, the hard to reach holes are the ones that have best rewards so you have either to be very lucky or to work hard at aiming if you are going to get these rewards.

SideBall play screen

SideBall play screen

This app stands out from many of the similar games because of the unique aspects of the game. The 3D graphics give you a near to life experience and an ample time as you try to control the skee-ball. In addition, you have the option of using mini balls that are easier to work with. If you feel that the larger skee-balls are giving you problems, these mini balls will make the game interesting since you will be able to get more success.

 If this becomes too easy, you can go back to the larger ones. Another great aspect of SideBall is the fact that the winnings in form of tickets that you get after successfully playing can be used in the store to purchase prizes. There are over 42 prizes to choose from. The game also has gravity well and sharp shooter power ups. If you make a fatal error, you don’t have to live with the consequences since there is the option of re-playing the last roll.

Unlike many bowling and skee-ball games, in SideBall players have a wide variety of options to choose when it comes to ramps and balls hence the excitement never stops. There are some devices in which this game can tend to be a bit fast hence it will need a lot of concentration from the players. That aside, this is one game that is definitely worth installing.

iLA – A Self-Development App

iLA, which stands for Inspired Living Application is the first and only mobile app that makes it possible for the average every day person to profit from the exploding application industry. The Inspired Living App will deliver a weekly, 9 or so minute long personal development video to an associates mobile device or website. As a $9.95 per month subscriber you will also have access to the archive library of all past content as well.

There is s simple and cheap way to invite all your personal contacts to take a look at the app as well. This vision of creating a pyramid of connections to make you money is the claimed to be the most successful way to create a business. This type of business model has tremendous appeal to the new people first starting to use the app because of how cheap it is.

iLA App

iLA Blog page

This app is a compensation plan. Meaning it is a pyramid of 3×7 matrix. Meaning the user will need to recruit, and that is the only way to make money. Depending on how much you recruit, and then the people you get on board recruit, will determine you monthly pay out. iLA is an interesting business idea, combining the popularity of apps with network marketing. The productivity of this application seems to be pretty legitimate and the developer has a good success record.

The Inspired Living Application appeals to people who desire the tools the App provides such as people who wish to better administer their business or people who wish to have personal growth and motivational material such as Entrepreneurs.

iLA Screenshot

iLA Featured Screen

What This App Will Do For You

Goal setting- set your goals to what you want your personal development to be

Time Management- strategically set your time to attain your goals (stated above)

Personal development- exceed your expectations of yourself and keep everyone amazed as you start your own successful business

Business development- create a network of people, earn monthly income, discover what it is like to be your own boss

Leadership development- find out what it is like to lead a group or crowd into professionalism

Wealth building and financial management – finally gain the financial freedom you deserve and have been waiting for

Personal motivation and more- find who are and what you are capable of through the videos provided and the opportunities that arise just from believing in yourself

If you don’t expect to put much work into this, do not expect much to come out of it. This is a marketing tool for you to use at your convenience. If you want the pay out to be spectacular and more than you ever imagined then you need to put more work in than just the average day.

Another thing that is sketchy about this application is that the numbers can rise without a click of the mouse. This is cause for people to think it is a scam. There is nothing that can be found that it is a scam, but there is also nothing out these to say that it is not. So as an avid person, who is constantly looking for a way to put extra money in my pocket, try at your own risk.

Get in Contact with Customer Services with Zappix

This free app has the capability of a smart visual menu that guides you to choose the preferred way to connect to whom you want to get in contact with. Zappix’s commanding management console allows you to change and revise the visual menus and manage how the visual menu is displayed. As well as calling or accessing a web site, Zappix sustains other service channels such as text messages, various Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, and email.

Some menus require entering information such as your account number, order number, etc. Zappix asked me to enter the information before placing the call and sent it to the destination once the call was active. As soon as the call was active there was a tracking bar which showed me the approximate time it was going to take to get through to the person me intended to contact.

Zappix screenshot

Zappix screenshot

Zappix can remember those numbers for you for the next time you will need to dial. Just look under the recent contacts. And if it is a contact you regularly visit then you can “favorite” that contact and find it even more quickly. Zappix also made storing this information for future use optional and can be turned off by going into the Zappix settings.

The at-ease feeling of getting through to someone in a manageable amount of time was very intriguing. This app is supported by Android and iPhone. So, as long as the user of this app has a smart phone with the Android Market Place or the iPhone App store this app will be supported. Zappix is an app startup whose mobile app authorizes users to bypass customer service voice menus when calling companies, government agencies or nonprofit organizations.

Zappix companies list

Zappix companies list

Zappix makes the user feel empowered by just how quickly they can get in contact with someone to pay a bill, ask a question, or talk with a company about starting a contract. From the initial time I used it, it has been the easiest learning development with any app I’ve used. You can usually get to where you need to go in about 10 seconds. Compared to the standard hang around time on the phone being 20 to 30 minutes this app is resourceful.

After using this app for a while, there was a bill I figured I would try to pay to a company that is local to me. When I searched for the app I was surprised by finding out they did not support this company. I then did a little research to find that because this app is new here in the states and started on the East Coast, the list of supporters are is not complete yet. There is a somewhat of a bias to those states back East because it is still spreading to those in the West. Do not get me wrong, the list is still very extensive, just not complete. So there are still some companies that you may have to Google and jot down the information but the majority of your time will be freed up because of what this app can do for you.

Manage Your Work Files with Notebooks

One of the best iPad apps for writing and editing data and doing your office work is Notebooks. This app helps you manage and edit your work files on the go and it is very easy to use as well. This app is perfectly suitable for writing your short as well as long documents. You can make the list of your small day-to-day things in this app, which will let you, remember the work and help you to finish it in time. Writing long documents – for instance you can start writing a novel on this app with utmost ease.

This app supports both views, i.e. landscape and portrait. Landscape mode is very helpful for writing long documents as this mode has a larger keyboard. Portrait mode is useful for writing a short document like a number or an email id. Notebooks also lets you edit and read your PDFs, MS office files, Apple I-Work files or HTML files. Files containing images in them can also be viewed easily with Notebooks.

Some features of Notebooks surely put this app ahead of its competitors. The feature of insert date and time is very useful and can be used while making a journal or updating any log of events. For this, you just have to tap the clock symbol in the toolbar and then insert one of your desired formats. The documents in this app can be numbered using bullet points list, which makes it easier as this format is more desirable than the usual boring paragraph format. In case of sensitive documents, this app provides you with its password protect option. The best feature of this app is surely its connectivity. With the help of Wifi you can sync your notes on the desktop. The notes can also be emailed using this app.

Drop-down menu for adding docs

Navigating between folders, subfolders and files is very easy too. You just have to tap the book icon on the homepage and you can reach to any folder, subfolder or file straightaway. The search box lets you search your documents based on contents or titles. If you want to navigate within a note, just turn a digital page just by swiping your finger from right to left. For turning the digital page backwards swipe left to right

Resizing of text is possible just with the use of with two fingers, similar to the way most apps zoom. However, this feature of this app provides some confusion when performed practically. It can be confused with the copy and paste dialog box as it appears when we are using our finger for resizing the text.

Save on International Calls with Yeloworld

With Yeloworld, users can make calls to any place on the planet, on the normal mobile or landline numbers. It is a new app in the VoIP areana and it reaches out to people at extremely low rates of calling services.

Yeloworld assures you good quality calls, enabling you savings on international calls. With no contract, or subscription or hidden costs, you can pay for your calls on the go. This app can be downloaded free on your phone. It is not necessary that the person you are calling must have this app installed also, or be online that particular moment. This app is especially useful while making calls on international roaming. When you are working on international roaming, all you need to do is find a WiFi spot, or some form of internet connectivity to make calls.

The Yeloworld app has collaborations with global telecom companies and voice technology providers, to get you calls at cheap rates and good quality. The app also gives you the freedom to choose any contact to call, from your contact list. At the receiving end, the person on his/her caller id will only see your normal phone number.

The app keeps a record of the number of calls made, i.e. the frequency of calls. It allows the phone to disable the keylock during an incoming call and enables it after the call. However, some people have complained about the registration process being slow and the overall speed of the app is not too impressive.

Yeloworld iPad screenshot

The newest version 2.2 updated in March 2013, caters to some of the complaints. It ensures improved usability and speed. The registration process has been made simple and easy. A Help section, along with some Frequently Asked Questions have been introduced in this app now. There are several other minor improvements that have been undertaken. You can, like any other normal call, talk to the person at the other end over the loudspeaker. The only issue which arose while using this app is that it uses much of the battery as that compared to normal calling, without making use of any app.

Yeloworld takes just 5.8 MB of space in your iPad and is available in different languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires an iOS of 4.3 or higher.

Cutetown San Francisco Takes Map Applications to the Next Level

Maps and GPS applications have gained immense wind in the market with the advent of smart handheld devices. These applications amazed us with their pinpoint precision, highly intuitive interfaces, perfect route guidance while using GPS, lifelike building recreations and much more. But the new app Cutetown San Francisco from Cutetown LTD has taken this genre of apps to a whole new level by encouraging and involving its users into creating their own details into the standard map of San Francisco city.

This app lets users create an account and immediately start building different structures of the city from scratch using a simple but resourceful 3D modeling interface. Developers claim that no previous know-how of 3D modeling or architectural designing is necessary in order to explore the full potential of Cutetown. A detailed and intuitive tutorial awaits the first time users. Following the instructions is easy and should be enough for most subscribers.

Cutetown Sanfrancisco has a fully created model of the Stanford University campus to show the users a glimpse of the potential of Cutetown. The users first get to choose the place where their virtual building is to be erected.  Then, the four corners of the base are laid carefully and building is created floor by floor and column by column. Users can create floors, roofs, walls, balconies, doors, windows and even their types. There is provision for creators to even paint the walls of the building to create most lifelike map of San Francisco.

The application is in constant development with new features and bug- fixes being published regularly. The latest released version now displays the name of the creator if you come across a building in the map. Ability to digitally sign your own home is another added feature. The app right now limits creation of skyscrapers to 10 stories and some parts of the town are blocked at the moment.

Cutetown San Francisco sample screen

Cutetown San Francisco runs slow on several iOS devices. This makes creating buildings frustrating at times as the time taken to finish the project can be quite high. The 3D interface is also sketchy at times although there have been improvements with each version. But, somehow one gets the feeling that Cutetown San Francisco got caught between a fantasy lifelike mobile game and a useful app. A lot is depending on what the developers come up with next.

The app is just 82 MB despite all the resources it provides. It is being offered in iTunes for free for a limited period of time. After downloading, all you need to do is create a free account to submit your creations and that is it. So, if you like maps and would like to be a part of the whole map creation process, this is the app for you at this moment. Go ahead download and enjoy!

Find and Attend Events with eventseeker

At first glance, I was skeptical that I would find an event finder app beneficial in my life. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was easy to use and offered more features than I had thought it would – especially for a free app and service; however, that isn’t to say that there aren’t things I would change or add overall.

This event searching tool provides many useful features. While finding an event may sound easy, there are many instances where that is no easy feat. Have you ever been on vacation or a business trip and want something unique and fun to do? What about traveling aboard and looking for a local festival or concert? Have kids and need some summer ideas? Move to a new place and looking for the night scene?  eventseeker can assist in all of these instances and more.

eventseeker Following screen

Not only can you search for an event and get the details for it, you can check out the ticketing situation, prices, and even place an order through eventseeker. With the information already on your iPhone or iPad, this innovative app shows all the artists on your phone or tablet – if you allow it. From there, you can see who is on tour, which is extremely helpful. It doesn’t matter if the artist is on your list of music or if you search for them, you can follow the artist or an event easily. On the artists’ pages, you can view a synopsis of the artist or band, content (including pictures) posted by them, upcoming events, and other information.

While the great features are vast, there are some aspects I would change, such as sharing the event, suggestions, and reviews. There are some great categories on the app for events, including concerts, theatre events, sporting events, cultural events, nightlife, educational, festivals and fairs, family friendly events, community type events, business and tech events, and tours. I would add two more types of event: tastings or food and beverage.  As a female in her 20s, I enjoy wine tastings, cheese and other food pairings, beer making classes, food tastings, and other events. I didn’t really see a section that would include these types of events, but I think there is a need.

eventseeker 2It is easy to follow or like an event, but it would be much more helpful to email event information to myself or others. Often, I am interested in an event, but I may not be sure if it will fit into my schedule or tastes. I would like the option to save the event information until I decide what future this event holds in my ever demanding schedule.

When I find an artist or group I like, I tend not to deviate from what I already like. Since eventseeker can, with your permission, use your smartphone data and music, suggestions for things you may like would also be beneficial. For example, “If you like Nickelback, check out Three Days Grace.” Out of all my suggestions, I believe that this would be the additional feature I would use most.

Providing review for attended events would be a nice feature to add to eventseeker. Along with finding events, I think that it would be helpful and insightful for event goers to be able to review events for other eventseeker users to see and use. I have experienced a similar feature with Netflix and Fandango and enjoyed posting my experience as well as reading others.

All things considered, eventseeker is an app that I would suggest to a friend or family member if they enjoyed attending events. None of my suggestions or additions would make me delete the app from my iPhone, but they sure would help. I will continue to use this app and enjoy all of its current benefits.

fontgram for Quick and Easy Photo-Editing

Getting started in fontgram is quick and easy, just like an application of this category should be. fontgram intends to do one thing and one thing only – allow users to add text to photos with basic editing features and if you decide to try this application out it’s because of the ability to add text to photos, fontgram can impress well. Besides the basic editing features like adding color, resizing, and shadowing, the bulk of your time will be spent experimenting with the dozens of font options readily available. If you don’t see any fonts you like you can download several font packages, side note, I personally did not find the need to get more fonts, the selection was more than enough for what I wanted to do, but it is nice to have that option available.

Fontgram screenshot 1

Fontgram screenshot 1

You can upload your finished edited photos and quickly share them on all the popular social networks, heavyweights like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are integrated. You can also add the photos to your library or send them out the old fashioned way with regular email. The bottom menu bar makes it easy to share it on each network, so there is no need going thought a long winded process of uploading pics to your favorite social media sites. From the menu you are also able to save the photo to your album or send them out the old fashioned way with regular email.

fontgram is a very well designed application. The interface looks good, and is simple to use. This is important as the design and ease of use is what separates these types of apps from each other, and in this case fontgram succeeds. One complaint I do have is that there isn’t much to do besides edit and add text to documents. I understand that the idea of this application is the simplicity, but I do wish there was some outside the box feature to entice me to use it more often.

fontgram screenshot 2

fontgram screenshot 2

Performance wise, I did not encounter any difficulties. I’m running iOS (6.1.2) on my iPhone 5 and I did not experience any lag at the menu or crashes. The app was very stable, and at a little under then 17 MB it is not a memory hog so I do not foresee any issues in the future.

fontgram is priced accordingly at $.99 cents so if you are on the fence about trying this app out don’t be too nervous since it won’t require you to break the bank open. Overall fontgram has a lot of potential and it has all the necessary features, clean design, and the ease of use that allows you to jump right into editing photos in no time.

I really enjoyed my time with fontgram, its inexpensive (currently $.99 cents in the apple app store) and fully optimized for the iPhone 5 and iPad retina (iPad 3 and 4) and relatively simple to use with an easy to navigate menu and interface. fontgram requires all apple devices to be running at least iOS 5.0 in order to properly use this application.

Klieg Creates Videos from Photos

Klieg is a photo video application for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone; I used it on my iPad.  It takes a series of photos and makes a video out of the photos you select from your photo gallery or take with the app.  It contains burst mode to capture action shots in a series. Klieg would be great to use to add to blogs or social media sites.  Easy, seamless, one-touch uploading to Facebook and Twitter is probably one of the better features of the app.

Klieg’s one-touch features and one-touch selection make it very user friendly.  This app does exactly what it says it does. There are a series of photography filters you can add to your photos after you select which photos you want to use out of your gallery; black/white, sepia, holga… all the favorites of a novice photographer (with different, simpler names, of course) for easy one-touch editing.  For an extra $1.99, you can unlock more filters for photo editing.  You can apply filters to the whole photo series at once.

Klieg Video

Klieg prompts you when your video is finished with options to choose what you want to do with your video, which makes it really handy if you use social media on a regular basis and would be a great ad tool.  It’s a seamless option to upload to Facebook or Twitter and there’s even an option to e-mail or save to photo gallery. You can change the FPS (frames per second) to speed and slow the speed of the video, which makes it great to use for photo slideshows and presentations for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Klieg Video making

Klieg could be better.  Even though it’s a pretty neat app, there are aspects I would change if I had the chance. The app uses swipes in different directions to navigate the app.  It takes a little practice to get the hang of how to do what.  But, if you “tap & hold” it brings up navigational directions as far as what swipe does what, but they don’t all come up at the same time.  It makes the app hard to navigate and going back could be a bit more user-friendly in that department.  I found a navigation video on Blip that helped me with navigation of this app the most.  I never could get the FPS adjustment to come up on iPad after trying multiple times.

It would also be more convenient to be able to use upload to a blog, YouTube or Vimeo, but you can save the video and upload it via those sites. Would also be really helpful to be able to add music to video or voice-overs for another effect, for instance, a song from iTunes or description or how-to. With all the photo and video apps out there, I can’t see that this is hugely beneficial as-is.  An updated version should be in the works, in my opinion, and may become the best photo seaming video app out there.