My.Agenda- The Ultimate Workaholic App

Light Arrow Inc. has skillfully developed an app to personalize your daily schedule and provide you a better access to your day to day toils. My.Agenda version 1.0.1 reduces your morning stress regarding appointments, to-do lists and reminders for the whole week. This app helps you to have a glance upon the calendar, reminders, appointments, to-do list; all at the same screen. You can manage and alternate your daily tasks and appointments without using separate apps one after the other. My.Agenda is a universal app that works smoothly with the built-in iOS calendars and online calendars as well.

This 16.1 MB sized app needs to be bought once and you can use it in all your other compatible devices. You may start small with this app but there is an extended add-up facility prevailing in it. The start-up process is quite easy. Entering the built in process, you get to choose to add productivity topics such as education, bookmarks, finances, events, health+activity or productivity packages such as event planning packages, organized home pack and so on. After the completion of topic purchase, you receive touch points which are basically connections which help in sharing relevant information regarding My.Agenda topics.

My.Agenda iTunes image

My.Agenda provides a customized and dynamic view of the calendar with simple day-week-month-year layout. Various options are available in this calendar view, namely- device reminders, My.Agenda reminders, device events, appointments and tasks that can be directly viewed and managed accordingly. The calendar can also be customized to view only the items you want to look at.

Next is the creation of check-lists and to-do lists on the go. You can create new lists by re-using the checklists. There is also a strike-off option for the tasks completed so that you do not get confused. Prioritization of tasks is also a useful feature of this app that includes- manage due dates, effort, location and more. This provides a classified view of your chosen tasks.

My.Agenda promo image

The navigation part of My.Agenda is also commendable as it provides an efficient access to search for the required item from the search view. You have to bookmark the selected items on the hot list and update these items with the help of Quick menu option to enhance the add-up process.

There is a provision of security code for this classified information. It can also be treated as a drawback as if unfortunately you don’t remember the code; all the information is lost at once even with the availability of the efficient Back-up option through drop-box. Also this app uses much of your battery life.

Over all My.Agenda is a time-saving and efficient app which is ideal for the working class population costing only $0.99.

Explore photography with the FoTask App

For every enthusiast in photography, this is a new app introduced to help you carry and explore your talent on the move, on your phone. This social networking app allows you to share your clicks and edits, showcasing your talent and interests in photography to the world. With a profile of your own, you can put up your favorite clicks and earn a group of followers who appreciate your work. This also gives you a chance to interact with some of the greats in the field, know their opinions and help improve yourself.

You take part in the Competition and uploading pictures you clicked can earn you likes to get you to the top of the charts. This means you earn reward points of gold and silver displayed on your profile along with the rest of your bio and profile picture. Also, with the Premium options, you can promote your photos and spread your work not only among your followers, but to the users beyond the barriers. Earning likes can help you win the competition and receive gifts like electronic goods, free services and others.

FoTask Homescreen

FoTask Homescreen

The most entertaining aspect of the app is the tasks you are asked to perform. You can take tasks from the people you follow and try to complete those roping your friends in the adventure. You will be given a topic to work on and you can be your creative best in showcasing the best pictures on that topic. For instance, you may be asked to upload pictures on the topic of your ‘dream vacations’ or a project including pictures with your cat. If a travel agency gives you the task of describing your vacations through your photographic captures, the photo with most likes can win gold points and you earn a free trip to some exotic location. These contests keep up the spirit of the app and help you explore yourself in this field of interest. Your earnings of gold and silver coins will be displayed on your profile.

FoTask screenshots

FoTask screenshots

Apart from showcasing your own pictures, you can also view what other people upload. All you have to do is follow the users you like. Keeping track of their regular uploads can help you improve your own work of art and creativity. There are people from round the world, who are either amateurs in photography, learning each day or even the experts in the field.

The users, however, have complained of an issue that sometimes the app gets hanged while uploading pictures online. This becomes time consuming and affects the overall activity of the user. Developed by Vadim Shapovalov, FoTask is available in English and requires an iOS of 5.0 or higher. This app can be availed by users of iPhone 3 to 5, iPod Touch and iPad. So far, the app has put up a good performance among the users and is available for free at App Store.

Stay True to the Spirit of Gaming with Sea Tale HD

Sea Tale HD can please people who possess an inherent interest in the endeavor of searching for treasury and formulating various strategies to achieve the same. It can also charm the players, who are admirers of the sea life, the fishes and the herbs and plants which grow underwater. Thus, practically the audience base of this app stretches to a large age bracket of individuals.

As you download the app, the one little thing which will draw your attention is the ace player of this app, the ‘fish’ in brown color with yellow fins. If you look at the intricate details of the fish you will certainly applause for the intelligent use of the graphics. The gaming app is designed in such a manner that the player of the game remains hooked till the end.

Sea Tale HD iTunes promo image

The game is broken into twenty levels; one cannot reach further levels, without crossing the previous levels. Thus, if you desire of reaching till the 20th level, you certainly have to start from the scratch. The theme of the app is that you have to act as a companion to the fish in her endeavor of collecting the starfishes. However, grabbing the starfishes is not that lucid, as you move from one level to another, the level of difficulties aggrandizes. The hurdles are provided in the form of stones, bombs, spikes and discharges in the form of electric current. Thus, thrill is certainly on the cards when you play this gaming app. You are required to crash the walls, open the doors and formulate strategies for the correct path to make the fish reach her goal.

Sea Tale HD screenshots

Sea Tale HD is good at certain points, but one thing which brings a little trouble for this app is in terms of its battery consumption. The graphics as well as the sound level pose threat to the users in terms of the high consumption of the battery. Even if the gaming app is played till one or four levels, the battery consumption certainly scores much higher than the charm of the game. Thus, in case of emergency, when the phone is a little low on battery, it is advisable not to indulge in this app.

This app is the thing for leisure time, when you and your phone’s battery, both are free and high!

Space Sports – A Soccer Game with Lovely 3D Graphics and Crisp Design

Thousands of games are released into the Apple store each day, but every now and then, one game changes the equation on its head. Space Sports Goaly Moley has turned out to be one such game since its release. In essence it is just a mobile soccer game. But Goaly Moley differentiates itself from other soccer games in more than one way. Developed by Planet Toccer, Goaly Moley has wielded its charm over many gamers throughout the world.

The whole game of Space Sports is set at the fictional ZaZa galaxy. In this game you have to face mole like intergalactic creatures instead of human opponents. Rules of the game are pretty simple. Weave your way through the maze of opponent defense and score against Madu the monster. You start from level 1 and work your way up the ladder as the challenges become harder. Your score is posted in the global high score list for all to see.

Space Sports

Lovely 3D graphics, crisp design and display and fluid gameplay are hallmarks of Goaly Moley. The game is optimized for iPhone 5 but it supports a lot of iOS devices including the older iPhone 3GS and iPod touch. The game lets users choose a player of their liking, change its looks and appearance and also the jersey color. Players can also put their name as the player.

The game has a global ranking system and it is providing some real life bonus to its players as well. As per the developers, the winner of the first Space Sports tournament to be held from 15th April will win two tickets to London for U.E.F.A. Champions League final on 25th May. It is going to be an all expenses paid trip. If that sounds interesting, check this out; the developers have planned to release all sorts of sports games in the Space Sports franchise such as Basketball, Football and Racing. Winners of those championships are supposed to get tickets for finals of mega events like NBA, Superbowl, and Monaco Grand Prix.  It is no doubt a novel bonus for players and a unique endeavor.

Space Sports

Since nothing is perfect, even this cool game has an issue or two. Being very rich in graphics, the Goaly Moley runs slow or crashes when running on older iOS devices despite developer claims of full support. This is a critical bug the developers have to fix in the upcoming versions or else the game risks losing a large number of subscribers.

The game is available for free at the iOS market. It is only 53 MB in size and should be a great experience for all players. So download and play away!

SideBall – Get Entertained for Hours

SideBall is an app that brings to your phone the skee-ball roller game complete with more than 12 different ramps and 36 ball types to keep you fully entertained for as long as possible. There are no difficult instructions to learn before you can play this game because you are only required to roll the ball up the ramp using a quick flick then try to get them into the numbered holes for tickets, points and achievements.

The graphics are impressive and the game concept is well packed hence the game is able to keep people of all ages entertained for hours. SideBall is very much like a bowling game. However, being a skee-ball roller game, the objectives are a little bit different. The player needs to direct the ball to bounce into the holes and not hit stationary targets like it is with bowling.


SideBall banner image

In this game, you get credit when the balls enter the numbered holes. The many different rewards that you earn can either earn you a place in the table of high scores or you can use to add items from the store to make life easier. The main idea here is to work hard at unlocking as many achievements as possible to make game play easier. There are no special instructions, just a quick flick to roll the balls up the ramp.

There are no difficult instructions for playing this game. You only need to roll the balls up the ramp and try to aim at the numbered holes. Each hole has its own reward so you try to aim at the holes with the highest rewards. However, as expected, the hard to reach holes are the ones that have best rewards so you have either to be very lucky or to work hard at aiming if you are going to get these rewards.

SideBall play screen

SideBall play screen

This app stands out from many of the similar games because of the unique aspects of the game. The 3D graphics give you a near to life experience and an ample time as you try to control the skee-ball. In addition, you have the option of using mini balls that are easier to work with. If you feel that the larger skee-balls are giving you problems, these mini balls will make the game interesting since you will be able to get more success.

 If this becomes too easy, you can go back to the larger ones. Another great aspect of SideBall is the fact that the winnings in form of tickets that you get after successfully playing can be used in the store to purchase prizes. There are over 42 prizes to choose from. The game also has gravity well and sharp shooter power ups. If you make a fatal error, you don’t have to live with the consequences since there is the option of re-playing the last roll.

Unlike many bowling and skee-ball games, in SideBall players have a wide variety of options to choose when it comes to ramps and balls hence the excitement never stops. There are some devices in which this game can tend to be a bit fast hence it will need a lot of concentration from the players. That aside, this is one game that is definitely worth installing.

iLA – A Self-Development App

iLA, which stands for Inspired Living Application is the first and only mobile app that makes it possible for the average every day person to profit from the exploding application industry. The Inspired Living App will deliver a weekly, 9 or so minute long personal development video to an associates mobile device or website. As a $9.95 per month subscriber you will also have access to the archive library of all past content as well.

There is s simple and cheap way to invite all your personal contacts to take a look at the app as well. This vision of creating a pyramid of connections to make you money is the claimed to be the most successful way to create a business. This type of business model has tremendous appeal to the new people first starting to use the app because of how cheap it is.

iLA App

iLA Blog page

This app is a compensation plan. Meaning it is a pyramid of 3×7 matrix. Meaning the user will need to recruit, and that is the only way to make money. Depending on how much you recruit, and then the people you get on board recruit, will determine you monthly pay out. iLA is an interesting business idea, combining the popularity of apps with network marketing. The productivity of this application seems to be pretty legitimate and the developer has a good success record.

The Inspired Living Application appeals to people who desire the tools the App provides such as people who wish to better administer their business or people who wish to have personal growth and motivational material such as Entrepreneurs.

iLA Screenshot

iLA Featured Screen

What This App Will Do For You

Goal setting- set your goals to what you want your personal development to be

Time Management- strategically set your time to attain your goals (stated above)

Personal development- exceed your expectations of yourself and keep everyone amazed as you start your own successful business

Business development- create a network of people, earn monthly income, discover what it is like to be your own boss

Leadership development- find out what it is like to lead a group or crowd into professionalism

Wealth building and financial management – finally gain the financial freedom you deserve and have been waiting for

Personal motivation and more- find who are and what you are capable of through the videos provided and the opportunities that arise just from believing in yourself

If you don’t expect to put much work into this, do not expect much to come out of it. This is a marketing tool for you to use at your convenience. If you want the pay out to be spectacular and more than you ever imagined then you need to put more work in than just the average day.

Another thing that is sketchy about this application is that the numbers can rise without a click of the mouse. This is cause for people to think it is a scam. There is nothing that can be found that it is a scam, but there is also nothing out these to say that it is not. So as an avid person, who is constantly looking for a way to put extra money in my pocket, try at your own risk.

Get in Contact with Customer Services with Zappix

This free app has the capability of a smart visual menu that guides you to choose the preferred way to connect to whom you want to get in contact with. Zappix’s commanding management console allows you to change and revise the visual menus and manage how the visual menu is displayed. As well as calling or accessing a web site, Zappix sustains other service channels such as text messages, various Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, and email.

Some menus require entering information such as your account number, order number, etc. Zappix asked me to enter the information before placing the call and sent it to the destination once the call was active. As soon as the call was active there was a tracking bar which showed me the approximate time it was going to take to get through to the person me intended to contact.

Zappix screenshot

Zappix screenshot

Zappix can remember those numbers for you for the next time you will need to dial. Just look under the recent contacts. And if it is a contact you regularly visit then you can “favorite” that contact and find it even more quickly. Zappix also made storing this information for future use optional and can be turned off by going into the Zappix settings.

The at-ease feeling of getting through to someone in a manageable amount of time was very intriguing. This app is supported by Android and iPhone. So, as long as the user of this app has a smart phone with the Android Market Place or the iPhone App store this app will be supported. Zappix is an app startup whose mobile app authorizes users to bypass customer service voice menus when calling companies, government agencies or nonprofit organizations.

Zappix companies list

Zappix companies list

Zappix makes the user feel empowered by just how quickly they can get in contact with someone to pay a bill, ask a question, or talk with a company about starting a contract. From the initial time I used it, it has been the easiest learning development with any app I’ve used. You can usually get to where you need to go in about 10 seconds. Compared to the standard hang around time on the phone being 20 to 30 minutes this app is resourceful.

After using this app for a while, there was a bill I figured I would try to pay to a company that is local to me. When I searched for the app I was surprised by finding out they did not support this company. I then did a little research to find that because this app is new here in the states and started on the East Coast, the list of supporters are is not complete yet. There is a somewhat of a bias to those states back East because it is still spreading to those in the West. Do not get me wrong, the list is still very extensive, just not complete. So there are still some companies that you may have to Google and jot down the information but the majority of your time will be freed up because of what this app can do for you.

Manage Your Work Files with Notebooks

One of the best iPad apps for writing and editing data and doing your office work is Notebooks. This app helps you manage and edit your work files on the go and it is very easy to use as well. This app is perfectly suitable for writing your short as well as long documents. You can make the list of your small day-to-day things in this app, which will let you, remember the work and help you to finish it in time. Writing long documents – for instance you can start writing a novel on this app with utmost ease.

This app supports both views, i.e. landscape and portrait. Landscape mode is very helpful for writing long documents as this mode has a larger keyboard. Portrait mode is useful for writing a short document like a number or an email id. Notebooks also lets you edit and read your PDFs, MS office files, Apple I-Work files or HTML files. Files containing images in them can also be viewed easily with Notebooks.

Some features of Notebooks surely put this app ahead of its competitors. The feature of insert date and time is very useful and can be used while making a journal or updating any log of events. For this, you just have to tap the clock symbol in the toolbar and then insert one of your desired formats. The documents in this app can be numbered using bullet points list, which makes it easier as this format is more desirable than the usual boring paragraph format. In case of sensitive documents, this app provides you with its password protect option. The best feature of this app is surely its connectivity. With the help of Wifi you can sync your notes on the desktop. The notes can also be emailed using this app.

Drop-down menu for adding docs

Navigating between folders, subfolders and files is very easy too. You just have to tap the book icon on the homepage and you can reach to any folder, subfolder or file straightaway. The search box lets you search your documents based on contents or titles. If you want to navigate within a note, just turn a digital page just by swiping your finger from right to left. For turning the digital page backwards swipe left to right

Resizing of text is possible just with the use of with two fingers, similar to the way most apps zoom. However, this feature of this app provides some confusion when performed practically. It can be confused with the copy and paste dialog box as it appears when we are using our finger for resizing the text.

Save on International Calls with Yeloworld

With Yeloworld, users can make calls to any place on the planet, on the normal mobile or landline numbers. It is a new app in the VoIP areana and it reaches out to people at extremely low rates of calling services.

Yeloworld assures you good quality calls, enabling you savings on international calls. With no contract, or subscription or hidden costs, you can pay for your calls on the go. This app can be downloaded free on your phone. It is not necessary that the person you are calling must have this app installed also, or be online that particular moment. This app is especially useful while making calls on international roaming. When you are working on international roaming, all you need to do is find a WiFi spot, or some form of internet connectivity to make calls.

The Yeloworld app has collaborations with global telecom companies and voice technology providers, to get you calls at cheap rates and good quality. The app also gives you the freedom to choose any contact to call, from your contact list. At the receiving end, the person on his/her caller id will only see your normal phone number.

The app keeps a record of the number of calls made, i.e. the frequency of calls. It allows the phone to disable the keylock during an incoming call and enables it after the call. However, some people have complained about the registration process being slow and the overall speed of the app is not too impressive.

Yeloworld iPad screenshot

The newest version 2.2 updated in March 2013, caters to some of the complaints. It ensures improved usability and speed. The registration process has been made simple and easy. A Help section, along with some Frequently Asked Questions have been introduced in this app now. There are several other minor improvements that have been undertaken. You can, like any other normal call, talk to the person at the other end over the loudspeaker. The only issue which arose while using this app is that it uses much of the battery as that compared to normal calling, without making use of any app.

Yeloworld takes just 5.8 MB of space in your iPad and is available in different languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires an iOS of 4.3 or higher.