Berenstain Bears in the Dark – Learn to Deal with the Dark
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Berenstain Bears in the Dark – Learn to Deal with the Dark

Ever want to dive in and jump around the pages of a book because it looked so fun?

Now you can. Wanderful has taken a boatload of books containing quality content that have been around for many years and transformed them into interactive and education.

The Berenstain Bears In the Dark tells the story of Brother Bear and Sister Bear, the beloved siblings of the Berenstain Bears book series, and how they deal with being in the dark.

This app takes the story from the book and skillfully brings it to life in an interactive app that keeps kids coming back for more. At a minimum, this app is a tool that teaches kids how to read. Explore its many offerings and tips, provided in the Options window, and you can unleash unlimited options for discovery and learning.

When you first download the app, you will see the main screen upon which Sister Bear is dancing and inviting you to play. Users have two options from here: “Read to Me” and “Let Me Play.”

If you choose “Read to Me,” you allow the app to narrate the story book as you sit back, listen, and watch as the animation acts out the story. Words will glow as they are spoken, subliminally teaching kids how to read through word recognition by sight and sound. Take note that in this mode, the user will not be able to tap on any of the item on the screen to trigger an action.

If you choose “Let Me Play,” you can navigate through the book on your own, reading what you want and tapping on all sorts of pictures and items on the display. If you tap on a word, it will sound out and glow. Tap on a lamp, and it will turn on and off. Tap on the curtains and they will open. All sorts of fun things happen around the Berenstain compound – there’s no end to the fun!

What’s really nice about this app is that you can use it in English or in Spanish. For kids who are learning Spanish, it’s the perfect tool to practice with! If you want get even more adventurous, you can make an in app purchase and use the Portuguese version.

Parents and teachers can take advantage of the tips and a preview to resources found on the Options page (navigate to it from the main screen). This helps them get the most out of the app and offers a variety of activities that kids can complete outside the app. To download the full version of the teacher resources, you have to make an in app purchase of $2.99, which gives you the Premium Upgrade version.

There were not very many negative things to say about this app. I love the Berenstains and Wanderful has done an amazing job of rendering their captivating story in an app. I would like to see a larger display, because as it stands now, it does not fill my iPhone screen horizontally.

That is very small price to pay for an app that has so much to offer. If you have kids, you need Berenstain Bears in the Dark!

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