Roamer – Cheap Calls for Frequent Travelers

Roamer is a unique app designed to solve all the communication and connectivity related problems while travelling out of country. Compatible with all the android phones, Roamer is easy to install and use. This application promises to solve the travelling woes by offering cheap tariffs and good sound quality. Roamer lets you enjoy its services and features on your own SIM. A recommended application by TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable & many others. Roamer helps you keep connected without interfering with your other applications or phone features.

This application helps you get rid of the high international roaming charges and offers cheap international call rates. International calling is unbelievably low using this application as it offers really reasonable tariff charges. USP of this application is that it enables you to keep your same local number and allows you to use your same local SIM, whilst you use this application.

This application becomes a mandate for frequent travelers who need to stay connected while on a tour with their reporting authorities at the office and family back home. This app will ensure connectivity throughout the trip. With Roamer, one can also expect saving a fortune on their international call charges and roaming charges and without having to change their local number and SIM. This saves the hassle of carrying two phones or switching between two SIMS and missing important calls in between.

Sound quality and connectivity with such apps becomes highly questionable. Howeer, Roamer ensures high-grade sound quality and the connectivity of the app is par excellence. Often people face issues of network availability and sound glitches while making calls during their travels. Roamer promises to be good application on this front too. Functions seamlessly without disturbing your current phone settings or other applications.


There are other features that help Roamer stand out from other similar applications. It is available with Pre-paid option where customer’s requirement.  a top up can be done as per the requirement. Effective connectivity tools like push- notifications and voice mails to ensure nothing important is missed while you are off-line

Summarizing the benefits of Roamer with additional features:

 . Allows the user to keep the same local number and SIM

 . Competitive tariff charges and reduced roaming charges.

 . Compatible with all Android phones.

 . Good sound quality and excellent connectivity in the listed countries.

 . Have more than 200 countries in the list where it is workable.

 . Voice-mail notifications are sent to the email when the user is unavailable. Even allows you to reset your voice-mail message.

. Turkish language option available.

 . Allows you to switch between Voice or data roaming or Wifi or 3G.

 . Get notified with your push notifications activated even when you are disconnected from Roamer.

 . No hassles to use it with a dual SIM phone, it’s easy to switch on during VOIP calls on the local number.

. Option of prepaid & Top up purchase.

Roamer assures no pop-ups or advertisements to get bothered from Therefore, it can be considered as a travelers tool kit, to keep connected and make calls like a local in other countries too.

Solitaire TriPeaks – Brainteasers with Sandy Beaches

If sandy beaches and brainteasers are something of interest to you, then Solitaire TriPeaks is sure to satisfy both of those needs. The virtual game, which is available for free on Android phones, takes players on an adventure with a tiki as they pass each of 600 levels on the beaches of a tropical paradise. Several bonus features pop up at random and their effects range from acting as the players next needed card to moving the player up a level.

The purpose of solitaire is to keep the cards going in their proper order, whether forward or backward, and in as much of one color as possible. There is a catch though. If there are two cards of the same number, but different color, they cannot be played on top of one another, but if there is a consecutive number in the opposite color, that card can be played.

The bonus features that appear in Solitaire TriPeaks all relate back to the tropical theme of the game. There are volcano symbols, shark hooks, flowers blossoms, a magic eye, and a peek-a-boo card. Each one has an individual special feature that can earn you hundreds of coins for your bank.

After downloading and opening the free app, players are taken to the first round of the game. During this game, players are basically shown the ropes courtesy of a few arrows showing you which card(s) you could pick next. This is a great refresher for those who haven’t played in a while and ideal for first time solitaire players. The refresher course lasts only for a few plays of the cards. Afterwards, you are on your own.

Solitaire TriPeaks screenshot

Players earn coins each time they choose a correct card and can flip over a new card from the deck whenever necessary, but it will cost you a few coins to do so. Keep in mind that with each level comes harder plays. This game was really designed to be easy on the eyes, but not the brain. Throughout out the game, wild cards and bonus features will appear at random. There is no way to activate these cards, but take advantage of them when they appear. They are your ticket to larger prizes.

The graphics and overall concept of Solitaire TriPeaks is by far the most unique aspect of the age-old game. The peaceful beach-inspired background is calming to look at, while the bright colors keep your eyes from getting tired. The overall graphics of the wild cards and the player’s tiki friend is impressive in itself and adds to the overall feel of the app. The music, which sort of resembles that of something one would hear on vacation to Hawaii, is uplifting and has a catchy tune.

The flaw that stuck out the most in Solitaire TriPeaks was the inability to customize. Most app games gives players the option to customize music, backgrounds, colors, volume, etc., but this app does not give you that option. The only options are the ability to share on Facebook, view some FAQ’s, increase/decrease the volume of the music, and join a chat group. Although the design of the app is beautiful, customization is always a bonus and makes players feel like they are taking part in their past times.

Bingo Dab for Bingo Lovers

Bingo Dab is an app that has been designed to revolutionize mobile gaming experience for lovers of Bingo. This app will give a gaming experience second to no other. With virtual and live casinos becoming more and more popular, it comes as no surprise that slot machines and games of BINGO have entered the world of cell phone gaming. A fairly new app game, Free Bingo Casino – Bingo Dab has become popular rather quickly against BINGO fans. The high quality graphics and interactive features make this app perfect for all ages!

Bingo Dab is a free app that features high definition graphics, several bingo games, and an interactive interface. Players no longer just sit back and hope their number or letter gets called. Instead, they focus on skill and intuition to choose wait for one of their needed numbers to appear on the screen. Once it appears players must quickly DAB their card to mark that number. Players earn extra points and prizes for their accuracy, and their speed. After downloading and installing Bingo Dab for free on your android device, players are taken to a login screen where they can choose to create an account or play as a guest. From there, players get a basic run down of how the game works and what the rules are.

The game is color coded and vibrant, making it easy to read and appealing to the eye. On the left side of the screen are numbers that have been previously called; they are color-coded.  On the top center of the screen is your meter. This meter tells you when you are getting close to BINGO. When you have reached a BINGO, the big circle at the top will blink “CLAIM” and the player has to hit the CLAIM button in order to receive their prize. The right side of the screen will display any bonus prizes won during the game. The home screen tells you what level you are on and how many coins you currently have. There will also be two columns of four games for players to choose from. Once a game is selected, players are taken to the rules and then will hit play and the game will begin.

Bingo Tab screenshot 1

Once the game starts, players are shown a minimum of four bingo boxes. That means there are four separate bingo cards to keep an eye on. When numbers are called, they will appear on the left side of the screen and are color coded to match the different rows on the cards. The color of the ball tells you what column you should be looking at to find that specific number. Basically, if the ball is red, you look in the red column; blue ball means blue column and so on.

If you spot a matching number in a matching color column, you DAB it. The faster you DAB the number, the more points you earn. Players get roughly 3-5 seconds to find a matching number.  Once a row is completed, the bar on the top of the screen will blink CLAIM. Players can either DAB that button to earn their prize, or they can ignore it and continue playing in hopes of matching a second column for double the money.

The settings can be accessed by clicking the button located in the top left corner of the home screen and are easy to use. Although there is not too much located under settings, there is enough to make it customizable for each user. Players have the option to turn off the background music, sound effects, and the caller sound. The top of the settings screen also displayers the player’s name, how many XP they have earned, what level they are at, and their profile picture if they choose to add one! There is also a Help/FAQ button located under the settings tab, which is great for those who are new to the game.

Unlike most BINGO apps, this one is extremely interactive. Players do not just stare at a black and white screen hoping their number will be called. They get to choose the format they want to play in, stare at least four BINGO cards, pay attention to the numbers as they are called and make sure they DAB their numbers in time. Players also have to hit the CLAIM button if they want to earn their prize. As the game progresses, players will earn XP points, which will allow them to level up over time and earn larger cash prizes. Anther unique aspect to this game is the amount of detail that went into the design. There is so much color to the background graphics and each game has its own scenery.

Finding a con to this game was rather difficult. However, the settings could offer some more options. Perhaps a time limit option for how long a player has to DAB their corresponding numbers. Three seconds seems ideal for the average adult, but some people playing this game are much younger or much older and do not have eyes that work that quickly!

Bingo Dab is a unique and interactive BINGO app that really captures its players. The addiction factor is there and players are guaranteed to get a kick out of the caller voices and stereotypical BINGO music! The graphics are impressive and clear with the color-coding system being top of the line.

Press Your Luck with Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is a unique android app game that is popular the world over. It enables users to join millions of players globally in the quest to make big wins and features over 350 levels and more than 50 ways of game-play. New rooms are added for every two-week time-period.

The gaming app enjoys great play in the US and gives you opportunity of winning good bonuses via Wheel of Fortune Spin. You can then go on to win a Minigame while walking on the renowned Wheel of Fortune stage. Get to unlock exciting bingo rooms such as Purrfect crime, Wild West and Pot of Gold. You can both play and chat in real time with friends while enjoying the various bingo games which Bingo Bash brings. This app enables you find collectibles and gems to get chips and make great wins.

Wonder rooms gives you power of flying around the globe. You get to enjoy swimming within the Great Barrier Reef as well. It includes battling gladiators in the coliseum and scaling the Great Wall of China. In addition, you get to experience high-stakes fun on hitting the Vegas strip. Seasonal rooms include Zombie Bash and Thanksgiving room along with other engaging and fun-filled game-play activities.

Bingo Bash

Users of Bingo Bash have to enter one of the over 50 wonder and special rooms available. Next is picking the bingo cards before commencing with play. You then may daub the numbers which are called out then score bingos in a total of 13 different ways to make big wins. To have a chance of winning goodies, just complete collection of your items. Get to unlock newer levels along with cool new rooms too.

The Bingo Bash game affords players the chance to unlock exciting new rooms within each two-week period. This is apart from interacting with millions of game-play enthusiasts as you enjoy both real-time and multiplayer action. It becomes possible both playing and chatting with friends while teaming up to explore special bonuses too when using this android app. Different surprise gifts and huge power-ups also await you.

At present, the size of this gaming app varies with the device which the user employs for gaming. It can perform installs ranging in-between 10,000,000 and 50,000,000. In order to experience game-play however, your gadget needs to be installed with Android 2.3 version or upwards. Bingo Bash can be enjoyed by a vast number of enthusiasts as its content is rated for Low Maturity users. Using Bingo Bash tends to slow down phone performance for low-end devices owing to the heavy requirements.

Overall, this game is riveting game that offers players the flexibility of online multi-player gaming. It scores highly for the audible voice input along with great background music utilized. Bingo Bash forms part of games produced by GSN. It offers special treats via the Wheel of Fortune Bingo gaming platform and is a partnership between the #1 Game show and #1 Bingo in America.

Web PC Suite for Effective File Transfer

Everyone is now recognizing the need for faster, easier and more effective file transfers between PC and devices. Clearly, going wireless solves a lot of problems and inconveniences, and anyone who can find a way to make this happen wirelessly is going to have a winner in its hands. GeekSoft, one of the leading mobile developers and publishers seems to have hit the nail right on the head with its latest app called the “Web PC Suite”. Wireless transfers between and among PC and Android mobile phones and similar devices certainly solves a lot of problems, and this concept is neatly encapsulated in the Web PC Suite, a file transfer app.

Web PC Suite makes file transfers less messy since it dispenses with the need for a myriad of cables and connections. It also makes the process faster, saving a lot of time since the transfer takes as fast as several seconds, depending on the nature and size of the files being transferred, and the wireless speeds. There is no longer a need for flash drives and USB cables, so that also saves you a considerable amount of money. Since the transfer is browser-based, no software installation is required. This nifty little app called Web PC Suite does all that, and even makes the whole process actually fun!

The best thing about Web PC Suite is its user friendly interface. Anything that makes what used to be a lengthy and complicated process – transferring files – simplified and much quicker, scores high in our books. Connecting is very easy. All it takes is a quick scan of the QR Code, or you can even make use of Direct Connect. You just have to make sure the devices you are connecting are using the same Wi-Fi network. Connecting is free and, unlike other apps of this same nature, there is no need to sign up for anything in order to get it to work. There is also no need to download any software on your personal computer and install it; the transfer is completed using just a web browser.

Web PC Suite

Another issue often encountered with respect to file transfers is compatibility. For example, only certain devices are recognized. There are also instances where only selected brands or platforms permit file transfers. That is not a problem with Web PC Suite, since it allows file transfers across platforms. You can transfer files between your PC and your Android mobile or tablet. Samsung, Apple, HTC, Huawei, and LG are only several of the many brand names that work using Web PC Suite. Browser compatibility is also a non-issue, since it supports all browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more.

File size limitations are also often the cause of several file transfer failures. Web PC Suite lets you transfer large file sizes without any difficulties. It also allows batch operation, meaning you can choose multiple files, which you can then download or upload as a single compressed zip file. But file transfer is not the only thing that Web PC Suite can do, since it also allows users to manage and organize their files. The File Manager is multi-functional and definitely makes managing files a breeze.

While it is true that Web PC Suite allows writing directly to a mobile device or smartphone’s SD card, this has certain limitations. At the moment, this function only works on the SD cards of devices that are running on Android KitKat version.

The Web PC Suite is turning out to be the best file transfer and file manager app today, and more and more users are enjoying its lightning-fast performance and user-friendly interface.

File Expert with Clouds Manages Files on Android

Sometimes, file managers do not really live up to their name. Instead of simplifying things, they actually make the whole process ever more painful. With File Expert with Clouds, GeekSoft has come up with a way to manage files easily (and painlessly) on mobile phones, PC, tablets, and cloud storage servers. File Expert is an app that allows managing files on mobile phones, PC, and other devices, as well as cloud storage servers. It locates files quickly and organizes them expertly, depending on the appropriate category. It also facilitates quick and easy file transfer between and among devices, and works across different connection types.

File Expert also utilizes the free cloud service called GCloud. Its Cloud Storage supports access to various cloud services, such as Google Drive, Sky Drive and DropBox, to name a few. Other features include a fully functional multi-tab File Manager, a file downloader, file sharing via network and FTP, an App Manager, an Image Viewer and a Text Editor. To say that the File Expert is power-packed would be an understatement. This small app seems to be able to do everything, from locating files, organizing them, downloading files and sharing them. No wonder it is called a file “expert”!

The fact that the cloud service is free is a definite plus in its favor. It supports a lot of cloud services, so users will have no trouble accessing their files, no matter where they are located. Aside from the powerful file manager, the file downloader function is also a great addition. It is very fast, and allows downloads to resume in case they have been interrupted. Users can also easily share files through FTP, or send them using Wi-Fi. It is also possible to browse and download content from another person’s phone using the Quick Connect feature.

File Expert

The user interface is also worth mentioning. It is clean and fuss-free, and it takes no time at all before one can get the hang of it. It is very easy to navigate that even first-time users will have no trouble at all. The interface makes use of tabs, which are definitely easier to understand and work through. Since it resembles the workings of a basic web browser, it does not even require a lot of instructions to get anyone to understand it.

File Expert is a free app. As expected, there are bound to be ads. However, this seems to be a small price to pay for a free app that does a lot of things.  Also, it is not completely free, since there are features that you would have to shell some money for them to be available to you. Also, in order for files to be sent via Wi-Fi, it is also necessary that the receiving device has File Expert installed on it. Otherwise, the transfer will fail. The search for the ultimate file manager on Android is now over! File Expert by GeekSoft is, hands down, the best file manager available today, and everyone can enjoy its many useful features for free!

Easy Backup Protects You From Data Loss

It is easy to be skeptical when you come across a tool or an app that claims to be the “easiest” this or the “simplest” that. More often than not, they end up more troublesome than they are worth, and you will end up regretting shelling out cash to pay for it. The Easy Backup app, however, breaks that mold. When MDroid Apps said that they have come up with the easiest data backup tool for Android, it is highly possible that many users who have been burned before by other so-called data backup tools raised their eyebrows. But they are easily proven wrong once Easy Backup came into play.

Just like the name suggests, Easy Backup backs up and restores data to and from your Android phone EASILY. While other apps may require you to do this and that, Easy Backup makes the process simple and straightforward. Now, you can back up and restore data such as apps, call logs, SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Contacts, Calendar and Dictionary. Whether you choose to do the backups manually or you create a schedule and set up automatic backups, Easy Backup does the job for you. Instead of backing up solely to an SD card, it also allows creation of backups to Gmail and Google Drive. But that is not all; you can also create those backups on One Drive or Dropbox if you have accounts with them.

Who does not love apps that are free and actually work? Easy Backup is completely free. Download it, install it on your phone, and put it to work without spending a cent! The icing on the cake would be its performance. We like how it does not involve complex steps during the backup process. It definitely lives up to its name, allowing easy backup and restoration of all your data on your Android phone.

Easy Backup

You may also view backup contents and, for added security, email them for later retrieval or viewing. Another very good feature is how it allows the restoration of apps from SD card, Dropbox or Google Drive in batches. This makes the process even quicker and more painless. Creating backups in multiple locations is not unheard of, and Easy Backup actually encourages this. To make it even better, the backups can even be done simultaneously!

Unfortunately, those who are not tech savvy or familiar with different file formats may be initially thrown once they view the backups. That is because they come in different file types. MMS, when restored, come with an .eml file extension. Contacts are in .vcf format, while the .csv file extension is applied to restored SMS, call logs, calendar, bookmarks and dictionary are in CSV file format. If you have to choose only one backup tool to have on your Android phone, then Easy Backup should definitely be it. It is free, very easy to use, and will protect you from file or data loss. Indeed, things are made easier with this simple yet powerful tool.

Learn the Art of Punctuation with EZCOMMA

Many of the android apps available on the Play Store today are apps mainly targeted towards providing enjoyment to users. EZCOMMA is different in that the main aim of using the app is to educate the users. The developers have structured this app in such a way that learning will be easy and straightforward. Let’s take a plunge and see what the app brings to the table.

Simply put, this app aims at ensuring that you become a better writer easily and quickly. It helps highlight most of the commonly made mistakes by budding writers and explains the concepts in such a manner that’s easy to understand to get the point home in the shortest time possible. Punctuation is one area of the English language that gives many people a lot of problems mastering. Reading random texts online will show how big this issue is. Unfortunately, apart from the training done in school, there are very few other avenues that train punctuation. Luckily, EZCOMMA is here to fix this. The app gives sufficient training for all the common punctuation problems. What’s more? It has been built for use by people of all ages so even kids can use it to get a better grade in school.

To use this app you only need a supported android device and a desire to learn. Of course, you need some basic understanding of the English language. After downloading and installing the app, you will be all set to learn. It comes with five lessons, though the first and last lesson is split into two halves. There’s also an interactive review section that will give you an idea of the progress that you are making in your training. Moving from one lesson to the other is simple thanks to the well-designed menu. In the lesson area, you’ll find Mr. E. Z. Comma, who will be your teacher as you try to get to better heights in the English grammar. There’s also a green screen next to your teacher where the lessons will be projected to show you exactly what every aspect of English punctuation using commas and semicolons is all about.


Unlike real-world classrooms, soft, original music is played in the background. This will keep you relaxed and entertained as you learn. If you are one of the people who prefer to work in silence, this music may come as a distraction. The developers thought of this early and conveniently included the option of muting the music to provide a quiet environment for learning. You can also do this if you prefer to listen to your own custom playlist.

In addition to the soft background music, EZCOMMA helps you monitor your progress with the interactive review section. When compared to most other similar apps, this section makes EZCOMMA a very unique learning application that is dedicated to actually improving your English skills. The whole idea of EZCOMMA is useful for both kids and adults. The only con that we were able to identify is the small number of lessons. If developers could increase the number of lessons or add lesson packs that handle specific aspects of learning English, then the app would be a more practical and even more useful tool for people learning how to use the language. That aside, it’s a hands-on and very useful tool for everyone.

SJ im Gives Users More Privacy and Protection

Privacy has always been a long-standing issue when it comes to anything related to communication over the internet. Instant messaging, or im, is one of the most widely used modes of communication; it also happens to have one of the flimsiest privacy or confidentiality settings. The developers of the SJ im app for Android aims to make messaging on mobile devices safer, thereby offering more protection to users.

SJ im, which stands for “Safety Jabber instant messaging”, is an Android app that is essentially a jabber client mainly for mobile phones and tablets. Its integrated automatic encryption algorithms are based on Open PGP while offers full support of the Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) protocol. Its core features include support for Google Talk and other services on any XMPP server (such as Jabber and Facebook), and automatic PGP encryption between SJ im messengers. It also enables file sending on and in archives that have password protection.

The new and reworked design of the SJ im app renders it more usable and easy to navigate. Those who are familiar with the desktop version will not have a hard time using this app for the first time, since the only difference lies in the latter being more designed for touchscreen operation. Once the app is started, you may opt to let it generate a key pair for your own encryption algorithm. If you have a key pair in mind, you also have the option to manually do so and import it into the program.

SJ im

In order to send files safely, you will have to archive the file you want to end with a 32-symbol password. It takes only one click to send the file to your choice of a filehost, which is either or Even chatting becomes safer. All you have to do is to start an OTR chat session with the other party, or let each other know your respective public PGP keys, if that is what you are both using.

Anything that gives users more privacy and protection when communicating over instant messengers or social networks is definitely welcome. SJ im is, without a doubt, a highly useful app that we can tell is going to last for a very long time. The benefits provided by SJ im extends beyond its user-friendly design and interface. Aside from message encryption, it also enables chat history encryption, ensuring that no one can gain access to your chat history, unless they have your PGP key pair.

Sending of password-protected files is also another very good feature of SJ im. Now, users can feel more at ease exchanging sensitive information over IM. The easy “one click to send” function is also greatly appreciated, cutting through a lot of time and shortening the duration it usually takes to send a single file. This paid also allows history browsing, and makes it even easier by letting users filter by contacts, dates, and other parameters.

SJ im’s file sending feature makes use of only two filehosting services. It would have been better if it will also allow the use of file hosts other than and Maybe it is one of the updates that the developers ought to consider in the future. There are some apps that you can easily ignore because they really won’t benefit you at all. There are other apps, however, just like SJ im that you can only describe as priceless, considering how they will make your internet communications – and your life – easier and much safer.