Solo Launcher Makes Your Phone Look More Appealing

Solo Launcher is one app that amazes many people because of the plenty of available features that are normally available for a premium on other launchers. This means that if you are looking to get it all while at the same time saving some money, then this is the app for you. It in a way sounds like having your cake and eating it. Let’s dig deep and try to see is this app is a fair bet.

Just like the name suggests, this app is a launcher. If you are new to android devices, or if you have not been doing a lot of app shopping in the past decade, a launcher seeks to make your phone look more appealing to you by modifying the default user interface that you get in your home screen, app drawer and sometimes even the messaging app gets a little tweaking. These apps empower android users because they are able to remove any element of their phone’s user interface that they may not like.

Now back to Solo Launcher. This launcher has been made to ensure that everybody with a supported android device gets access to a smooth and free solution to any display flaws that may come with their devices. It adds plenty of transition and scroll effects to otherwise plain tasks. With this app, users will be happy to show off cool effects on their phones.

Just like any other android app on the play store, you need to make sure that you have a supported android device before you can try and install Solo Launcher. Unfortunately, users who are running versions of android below Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) will not be able to use Solo Launcher.

Once you have verified that your phone is supported, you can go ahead and install. Installation is plain and simple just like you would do on any other android app on the Google Play Store. After installation, the next step is setting this app as the default launcher to ensure that you don’t get a pop-up every time you tap your home button. From there, what’s left is only sitting back and enjoying the many amazing effects!

solo launcher screenshot

The most impressive thing about this app is the emphasis placed on the privacy. The developers even went a step further to explain all the permissions that you give the app. When compared to many other android launchers available on the market, we can confidently conclude that the developers of Solo Launcher did their homework. In addition to the fact that the launcher is free, users will also get to enjoy an ad-free experience on this app. This way, you’ll not see any distractions in form of the annoying pop-up ads that are there on most free apps.

The other unique thing is the customization. Solo Launcher goes a long way in ensuring that you have a wide range of options to choose from. From smart widgets all the way to hundreds (possibly thousands) of free themes and wallpapers, you can be sure that it will be a long time before you look for something “fresh”. It’s also very easy to use and unlike many other launchers, it has no problem integrating with Google Services, something that’s hard to live without in android devices.

The only con that we were able to pinpoint is that it’s not possible to set this launcher to be the default launcher in a number of phones. That aside, it’s a gem!

Animals: educational kids game – Learn in an Enjoyable and Fun-filled Environment

There are many ways in which children get to learn. However, learning is better and children get to understand more when they learn in an enjoyable and fun-filled environment. Find them all: looking for animals is a unique mobile app that will let your child learn and have fun at the same time. This app, like many other educational mobile apps is able to help the children enjoy the games as well as understand the useful educational concept about animals. This application has so many aspects and you have to check out the review below to get a glimpse of what it’s all about.

First of all, Animals: educational kids game is an educational app. This app is all about animals: their names, where they live and how they look like. This mobile app is designed to help kids get the names of various animals in the world and know how they look like. The app has a collection of animals from five different continents in the world and is best suited for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years. The app also enables children to answer puzzle questions about the animals, win prizes and play animal videos.

Animals: educational kids game is compatible with all android devices. The app does not need internet to be launched and all what you need to do is to download and install it in your device and you would be good to go. Downloading and installing this app is easy and fast and has no compatibility issues.

animals educational games

Once launched, the game is played in a step by step manner. First of all, the “where is” feature is launched and at this stage the child has to scroll around to locate an animal. There would only be one animal in the area and after the child has located the animal he/she would win a camera. “Take a photo” feature will then be activated and the child can take photos of the animal. Nightfall would soon follow and the child has to touch as many animals as possible before night falls. During nightfall the child would still locate more animals with the help of a torch. Only the eyes of the animals would pop at night and this is what the child should use to locate the animals. The child can then make a jigsaw with the camera. After a successful jigsaw of a selected animal, a photo quiz will then come next. During the photo quiz, the child would be asked a series of questions and they will win photos depending on the number of correct answers given. Finally the child would look for the cameraman after which they would be able to play clips of animal videos.

Unlike many other applications, Animals: educational kids game has a multi-player option. Children can create different accounts and use it to play different games. The app is also provides the names of the animals in seven different languages. With this unique feature, your child would be able to explore different foreign languages. The photo quiz and jigsaw might be quite difficult especially for kids of younger age. The developer ought to have put different game levels for different age groups; otherwise it is a good app.

Ocean Hunt Offers a Lot of Fun and Challenge

With so many hunting games and apps out there today, they are all in danger of looking the same. With Ocean Hunt, however, Won-O-Soft has come up with a game that, while using a tried-and-tested game concept, promises to still offer a lot of fun and challenge for anyone who plays it. Players are given a limited amount of time to catch as many fish as they can by using a spear (to actually catch the fish) and a reel (to bring it in and accumulate points).

Using a spear, players will catch as many of the swimming fish as they can. All the fish that are caught must be reeled in out of the water to earn the points. It is simple enough: the more fish you catch, the higher your points will be. Ocean Hunt features a colorful underwater environment, with 28 different fish types and accompanied by perky tunes. To add to the level of difficulty, various flotsam and trash will also be floating around, making it more of a challenge to spear the fish. The player must avoid these pieces trash while playing.

Once you tap on the START tab, fish will start swimming in both directions across your screen. You should use your finger to swipe on the screen to adjust the aim or direction of the spear, which is located in the center top of the screen. Tapping on any part of the screen will release the spear, hitting on the targeted fish.

To reel in the caught fish, you must quickly turn on the Turn Reel System that will appear on the right side of the screen. Doing it quickly will ensure that the fish does not get away, and that you will earn points in as short a time as possible, so you can proceed to catch more fish. There is an online leaderboard for this app, which will motivate players to catch as many fish as they can and score high.

Ocean Hunt screenshot

When it comes to being unique, some players would say that Ocean Hunt is anything but. After all, the game concept is already something that has been done many times over in the past. What makes this game unique, however, is the level of difficulty it poses. It is easy to learn, and it is definitely easy to play. However, mastering it is another matter entirely. Timing and speed are going to be very important and that is what makes this arcade game very addictive.

This fast-paced game’s gameplay can prove to be quite monotonous for those who are looking for more “action” in their mobile games. While it is true that it is challenging, it would have been better if more obstacles are included, just to up the ante. Those who are looking for a challenging mobile game will find it in Ocean Hunt. It can provide hours of fun and enjoyment, despite its simplicity and the risk of becoming tedious or monotonous after a while. The colorful interface, coupled with the catchy and infectious sounds and tunes, also adds an element of fun to the whole experience.

Exercise Your Logical Process with Motivation

With so many brain and puzzle games coming out today, you’d think you’ve seen them all. Then Oasis Studios came up with Motivation. By all accounts, it makes use of a formula that is no longer anything new: navigating a ball through a grid-based environment until it reaches an exit, so you can move on to the next level. This addictive game requires a lot of planning and definitely a lot of strategizing.

Motivation operates in an environment of grids that vary from level to level, becoming more challenging as you level up. You have “Roland”, a ball that you must lead across the grid towards the exit by rolling it. Sounds simple? Not quite. You see, moving Roland through the board can only be done by using arrows, each of them with only one direction. It will be up to you to lay out these arrows throughout the grid so Roland can move towards the exit. There are a total of 140 levels, so you’re looking at 140 grid designs to work the ball through.

Playing Motivation is done by tapping on the screen of your mobile device. You have a combination of 8 45-degree-angle arrows that you have to lay out strategically on the grid, with the intention of using them to roll Roland along towards the exit. But there’s a catch. You cannot expect to be able to use all 8 arrows to switch the ball’s direction. You see, arrows pointing on the area behind Roland, or where it is headed, won’t do a thing for Roland. This means that you can only use 4 types of arrows to switch directions.

Motivation screenshot

Motivation screenshot

As you level up, you will be collecting Stars. There are also Achievements that you can stock up on and use in future levels, such as “Switch ‘Em Up” and “Disposable”, among others.

Everything about Motivation is simple – from the interface and the concept. There are no flashy effects to distract users from the true essence of the game, which is the logic-and-puzzle gameplay itself. Many users are greatly impressed at the texture of the game despite its straightforward design. What makes this game truly addicting, however, is how the challenge or difficulty of the puzzle is increasing as you rise up through the levels. And there are a total of 140 levels to go through, so you’ll be motivated to complete them all (no pun intended).

Even the Sound and Music options are presented in a no-nonsense manner. That isn’t to say, however, that it is visually plain and boring. You can even choose the appearance of Roland at the beginning of the game, employing different color choices to reflect your personality.

As mentioned earlier, Motivation boasts a simple design, so if you are looking for bursts of color and lively animations, this is not the game for you. Some people may find it visually unappealing because of the simplicity of its overall look.

Addicting and fun, Motivation is sure a great way to exercise your logical processes and have a rollicking good time while you’re at it. If you enjoy solving puzzles mixed in with a simple yet very challenging game play, then Motivation is definitely right up your alley.

pickWEB for Android – Information on Your Hand

Are you tired of browsing through umpteen websites before you find the exact information you are looking for? Is your quest for correct information taking ages and resulting in losses? After all, in today’s fast paced world, time often means money and timely information can sometimes make all the difference. However, the search engines often return results in the form of thousands of websites offering the information with no way of knowing which one to trust and this ends up confusing you even more with the information overload. This is where pickWEB can come to your rescue. This app does the trick by finding the required information quicker and more accurately. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

The application creates a directory that collects the most interesting and trustworthy websites from the internet and presents them to you in a format that is easy to understand and use even for someone new to the application. All you need is a computer or a smart phone and you are ready to go! pickWEB lets you select the required categories and then displays websites that have the most number of hits in that category. There are over 18 major categories with multiple subcategories that help you in narrowing down your search further.

To use this application, you only need to have an android device and a need to search the internet. You won’t need any special training. It comes with plenty of features to enhance productivity so you can almost rest assured of getting the last laugh.



  • Simple visual outlay of links, sections and sub-sections in the directory allowing quick sorting of information.
  • Manual link selection as opposed to an automated one. This adds the human touch that’s so missing in your regular search engines.
  • Regular updating of the website directory to accommodate new information, websites and related links.
  • Domain specific sorting of links to further save time for you.
  • Links directory sorted by country for user convenience.
  • Multilingual interface for the application user.

Unique Functionalities

The application has functionalities that enhance the overall user experience:

  • Favorites Folder – Once you register with the app using your e-mail ID, it allows you to add or remove links to required websites locally. This saves you the time lost in looking for the website link again when you come back to the application after having used it once.
  • Most Viewed Folder – As the name suggests, it shows the websites from the directory that are visited most often by the user and saves you the hassle of finding the site every time you access the app. 



  • Accurate and reliable information available in seconds, saving precious time.
  • Website browsing organized in alphabetical order or by number of hits.
  • Fast access to popular links and sections.
  • Allows country specific browsing for a more focused search.
  • Easily manageable personal account controls for saving links, changing language and country.
  • Allows user to add their favorite links to pickWEB. 



  • The user interface, though easy to use, is a little outdated and could be improved upon. 

In short, pickWEB for Android is a useful application for the frustrated web user struggling to find the right source of information in a limited period of time.

Never Miss an Event with myevents – Calendar & Holidays

myevents is an application which gives you easy way of controlling your day and getting to know the events which you have planned at all times. This app is particularly priceless for the users who owing to a busy schedule have problems keeping a track of all events and expectations. With myevents, you can be sure of never missing an anniversary, a birthday or any other event. The app brings you a calendar with all the latest holidays in your area. In addition, you have the option of adding events on different days on this calendar and at different times of the day. This is further enhanced by the option of adding reminders to your events to ensure that you don’t miss an event.

The calendar function makes use of a highly visual way to quickly distinguish days in which you have a scheduled event. You have the discretion of filtering events by day, month or even year. As if this is not enough, you get to customize the calendar background and make it even more attractive in relation to your present times. In the list of events planned, you will be able to easily see whether a particular event on the calendar has elapsed or if it’s still due. If it yet to come, you will see the number of days remaining to that day. You’ll also get an editor that enables you to add, modify or delete events as you wish. You can even set reminders for events and customize them to alert you in time for the event or earlier. This particular function is very useful when it comes to reminding you about upcoming birthdays, insurance renewal dates and anniversaries.


As for holidays, you will be able to add multiple locations to get an update of local holidays in those regions. You can synchronize such important days observed nationally or otherwise and add them as events within your calendar, marking them with a unique color of your choice for quick recognition. If you find that the calendar has missed a local holiday or two, you can add them easily and conveniently. One of the unique aspects of this app is the manner in which your information is stored. Events and personal appointments would give out a lot about you and if they land in the wrong hands, could cause you a lot of trouble. The developers have also promised an update that will allow users to backup information about events and their reminders to ensure that users are not messed up when they change phones.

While you may choose to use alarm functions to keep reminders, myevents is an effective and very reliable and unique way of achieving this goal. The events show up in varied colors as they approach deadlines. This means that you’ll easily get an idea of the events that are almost ready at a glance. You can also use the Visual Theme Selector to customize the appearance of the interface. It goes without saying that myevents is a well-designed app. However, it would be much better if the developers would include a form of joining the app with the lock screen to give a list of upcoming events so that users can get constant reminders as they go about their day to day operations.

Get Generous Free Storage – pCloud

This is an android app that enables you to optimize your phone’s storage by moving all the large files to cloud storage. Regardless of the storage space available on your phone, pCloud provides you with more space than you need to store your large files.

The app provides you with a generous free storage space of 10 GB, a capacity that goes as much as double that which is offered by most other providers. The other option would have been to get an external storage device, but who wants an extra load to carry every time there is a need for file transfer? If 10 GB is not enough, you can get extra storage by getting a pCloud Pro annual subscription that can boost your storage space up to 1 TB. It allows you to access your files from any device with an internet connection while at the same time making it easy to share files on all the popular social media sites.

It works more like an advanced gallery in that it gives you the power to get a link that enables you to access your files even when using a different device or even on a computer. You also get to see any changes made on the stored files in real time; which means that you will not have to keep synchronizing the files manually to reflect any changes. Of course, to ensure that data integrity is maintained, you can allow or deny some users the power to modify files using this app. The main highlight of the app is the large provision for storage.

pCloud is basically about uploading files for storage or backup in the cloud. With that in mind, you need a compatible android device and some data that you need stored. After installing the app, you will need to sign up before you can claim your free 10 GB storage space. From here, you will be able to upload documents and generate links for each of them to ensure that you get an easy time when using the files on different devices.

pcloud screenshot 2

If you would like to get offline access to a specific file, you will only need to add it to your favorites and it will be stored on your phone for offline access. To ensure that you save as much time as possible, pCloud allows you to work on multiple files at once hence the file sharing and copying process will be faster and very efficient.

The most impressive element of pCloud is the fact that the app has no speed or file size limit. This ensures that you can be able to upload even full HD files without any problems or delays. One of the best features is the instant synchronization of files and folders to all your devices which makes accessibility to the latest versions of files easy. The ability to choose the files that will be stored on your phone for offline access is another powerful tool that keeps you on top when it comes to ensuring that you are not denied access to your favorite music files when you go to places with poor internet connectivity.

The only small setback that comes with this app is the slightly higher power consumption rate that will lower your battery life by several minutes. However, this is negligible when you consider the convenience that comes with the app. 

DialMyCalls for Voice Broadcasting

DialMyCalls is one of the most unique and latest android apps. Generally this app makes things easier and faster for you. With this application you no longer need to write text messages repeatedly to a number of people in your phonebook. All you need to do is to record the message that you want to pass and it can be sent across. You will also have to choose the number of people you want to send the message to and once this is done you can also schedule the time when you want the message to be sent.

There are so many other android apps but none is as unique as this one. When using it I found texting far much easier and faster. Again the app works well with almost all types of android phones and thus you wouldn’t have any problems with compatibility.

DialMyCalls is not for making calls only but rather, it is for recording messages which are then sent to the recipients in form of a call at the time that you choose. The main aim of the app is to make texting easy and fast. Instead of typing the messages on your android phone, you only have to start the app, which will then turn on the microphone and then you can speak as your message is being recorded.

The app is specifically advantageous if you want to send the same message to a number of people. This is as in the case with companies and small groups and organisations. With this app, you can record just one conversation and send it to all the other members of your company or organisation. The app will then call the specific recipients at the time that you scheduled and then play the message.


DialMyCalls is a pretty simple app to use and very efficient. However, even before you use this app, you have to make sure that your android phone is compatible with the app so that you can download and install the app. After this you would be good to go.

Once installed there would be an icon for this app on your phone. By simply touching on the icon the app starts up and will then prompt you to send a call blast, send SMS blast or send a free call blast. These are the three options that there is for you to send your messages. One good thing about this app is that you get to send one blast out to twenty five numbers every week and this is absolutely free.

DialMyCalls is unique in so many ways. First of all, you only need to record the message once and then you can send it in several numbers. The process is also very fast and efficient and you will enjoy the experience. Apart from this, the app automatically calls the recipients of the message and plays the message that you recorded. This can be scheduled for a later time and date and not necessarily immediately after recording the message. In case the recipients of the messages are not available and the call ends up on voice mail, the app will play the message on voice mail and you can be sure that it will be delivered.

The app has limits that you will have to struggle with if you don’t want to purchase credits. You can only send one blast to 25 people every week. If you need more than this, you will have to purchase credits. Nonetheless, considering the convenience that it brings, purchasing the credits is a worthwhile investment.

Live a Healthier Life with Workout Organizer

Workout Organizer is designed to make your workout sessions more enjoyable by allowing you to stay organized. It is made with simplicity and user friendliness in mind without compromising on the functions required of a workout app. Workout Organizer equips it’s user with different functionalities to make your workout sessions easier. The features include the ability to create/edit your playlists, dual timers and health calculators.

To use the app you will find that the user interface resembles and functions like that of a music player making the Workout Organizer is easy to use. You will not need to learn how to use another app (again!) instead you will use it like the music player you have on your android phone/tablet.

To create as many workout playlists as you would like, set the duration for each workout, input its name and click save. However this feature is limited to three playlists if you are using the free version of the app. If you would like more, then you should consider getting the full version. The playlists you create can be customized to your immediate needs, or edited when you feel like it, making it a handy tool for different workout sessions. Don’t forget to save the playlists for future use, a feature that is present in the Workout Organizer.

The sound notifications alerts you when a workout begins and when it ends, ensuring that you get a full workout in without stopping to consult your watch/phone. With options to choose from, you can set up your alerts with whichever sound notification you like. To further ensure that your workout sessions are well timed, use the dual timers which indicate how much time you have left for the entire workout and the duration of the entire workout. This timer comes with an inbuilt music player widget which allows you to listen to your music from your player as you workout.

Workout Organizer screenshot

Workout Organizer screenshot

You need to live a healthier life, that’s why you are working out. Workout organizer not only times and plays your workout sessions it also allows you to calculate your current health status. Input your gender, weight in pounds and your height in feet and press calculate. The Workout Organizer calculates your body mass index letting you know whether you are healthy, underweight or overweight.

An easy to use interface makes this organizer very simple to use because you use it like your regular music player. For example setting up different workout playlists is no longer a daunting task. Creating and managing your playlists is easy. Sessions can include jogging, resting, sit-ups, pulling, which are easily selected depending on what you want to do on that day. It is also easy to scroll through and select your next session.

Another unique aspect of the workout organizer is the health calculator. This gives you information pertaining to your health status allowing you to work out depending on your needs. To get the most out of this organizer, you have to buy the app. If you use the free version, access to the full potential of the app is limited. You will be unable to create and edit more than three workout playlists as well as use the dual timers.

In summary, Workout Organizer makes workout sessions personal and enjoyable. After creating your playlists, it is easy to workout using the sessions recommended for you and you current health status.