Exif Viewer by Fluntro Masterfully Manages Digital Images
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Exif Viewer by Fluntro Masterfully Manages Digital Images

There are plenty of image viewers that extract photos from the sea of images you’ve captured, either from a device or from your DSLR; the question is, do those apps have the power to present those images in a way that is easy to navigate and makes image manipulation easy?

You need to download Exif Viewer. For a small price, you get access to all of your images that have been captured by a DLSR. The app then presents these photos along with all the goodies that go with – all accessible from any of your iOS devices.

Take all the pictures you want with your camera, let them download to your main iOS device, whether it me a Mac or workbook, and then explore and experiment from any device. Most likely, you will make your edits from either your iPad or Mac, but if you ever want to find and view them quickly when you are away from either, you can do so using your iPhone.

Our world is filled with astronomical amounts of data, that it take a special kind of app to organize and sort through it all to make sense of it and help you use it. The same goes for Exif. This app takes all the information that exists behind the scenes of each snapshot and creates the perfect stage on which to present it.

The data is easy to get to. When you first open the app and connect it to your photos, you will see a series of photo cards. Consider these your rolodex into your photo library. On this card you will see summary information about your photo.

Tap on the photo and get the inside scoop. This includes all the technical details for each photo, including speed, aperture, use of flash, ISO, device used, and more.

What is really neat about the app is that you use this detailed information to organize and find your photos – and believe me this is what you will use the most. This detailed information serve as tags that help you define an identification to each picture.

Add to this the location of the image and you have access to images instantaneously, as long as you remember where you took the picture that you now want to find.

The app shows each image as clearly as if you were looking at the original live image. It makes going through your photos and using them so much more fun.

If you are using this for work, then this is a go-to tool to get you to each photo and find out just what may have gone wrong, so you get it right the next time. The data points captured on each digital image is oftentimes not easy to find. Exif extracts that information and presents it in a way that is easy to understand and use.

One feature that really sold me was the ability to share my photos easily and be able to turn the data that goes with those photos off or on.

What I wait for now is the feature that will allow me to print my photos. I didn’t really find it that easy to do so now, but look forward to it being as easy as a tap.

If you use your photos in a way that is more involved than most snapshot savers, then Exif Viewer is an app that you must download soon. You will wonder how you were managing without it.

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