Folx 5 – Faster Downloads – Cleaner Organization for Your Mac
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Folx 5 – Faster Downloads – Cleaner Organization for Your Mac

Downloading content is not as simple as it seems. On the surface, you think you can just point and click and the file you want will magically reside on your machine. In some cases, this can be true; however, most of the time, it’s a lot more involved.

You need a download manager to make sense of it all, and one that works well. If you have a Mac, then you need to use Folx 5 from Eltima.

The reality behind downloading content is that it’s not as simple as just copying a file onto your machine. Many links to content may not even automatically get saved as a file you can play. That is why a solid download manage that knows exactly what to do when it encounters a download request.

Folx is comprised of two programs that look like one. It performs the download and allows you to manage the results. Designed to fit the packaging it’s built for, Folx is seamless fit for any Mac user.

By embedding itself into the browser, Folx makes download simple. You simply find the content you want and click on download. To make things even better, you can set up 20 different threads to run separate downloads.

There are two versions of Folx: the free version and the Pro version.

You get the following features in both versions:

  • High speed downloads that you can schedule
  • Up to two threads for splitting downloads
  • Resume downloads that have paused or halted
  • Auto catch
  • A Torrent client with magnet links
  • Integration with Spotlight and QuickLook
  • Download catching plugin for Mac browsers
  • Context menu integrated with Mac browsers
  • Integration with Retina displays

If you are ready to make a purchase, I highly recommend the Pro version, because you get a lot of bang for your buck:

  • Split downloads across up to 20 threads.
  • Schedule downloads.
  • iTunes integration.
  • From within the application, search for torrents.
  • Video downloads.
  • Save passwords for FTP and HTTP sites
  • Bandwidth allocation. I have to admit that I was not fully up on what this all meant, but trust me, it’s important – having good bandwidth means you get your downloads faster!
  • Mark your downloads in a way that makes sense to you, so you can find them faster.

Now, all of this can get overwhelming, as the content is fairly technical. What is really cool about Folx is that it is backed by an adept support team. Folx’s support page features FAQs, forums, and guides to get you to where you need to go. If none of those help, pick up the phone and talk to someone who can. If you don’t have time to wait on hold, shoot them an email and they’ll get back to you within 2 days.

Folx is something all Mac owners should have on their machines if they frequently download and use content. I would say that the only thing the app could do better is to make the interface slightly less technical looking and more cleaner. The current interface is packed with fields, making it look more technical than it needs to be.

Download or upgrade to Folx 5 to get the best in download management. You will wonder how you fared for so long without it!

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