LingoKids Teaches Kids Chinese the Easy Way
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LingoKids Teaches Kids Chinese the Easy Way

Commerce in China is no joke. Businesses have been making a beeline to the Orient to capture dominance in a market that is one of the largest. To counter that, Chinese businesses are booming and spreading worldwide. It’s only fitting that command of the Chinese language may be what sets your child apart from the rest when it comes time to seeking global opportunities.

How do you easily introduce Chinese to your child without making it a project? Scientists have proven that the younger a child is, the better they absorb a second language. Given that fact, and the fact that you most likely don’t know any of the Chinese dialects, you are left to seek out a source of instruction.

That’s where LingoKids for learning Chinese comes to the rescue.

LingoKids has offered a variety of language learning apps that target youth who have minds like sponges and can pick up a second language effortlessly.

LingoKids immerses children through activities and games, introducing symbols and sounds that make up the language. Kids don’t realize they are learning because they are having so much fun. Once you download the app, you can play it anywhere; it’s all on the device and requires no connectivity to the internet.

LingoKids app

What really attracted me and kept me interested was the colors and animation.  I can see why kids would never want to put the device down once they got started.

One thing to note is that while the app itself is a free download, you will have a small set of games to play included with the free download. Once your child moves past those games and needs something different, you can make an in-app purchase to expand your collection. You can sign up for a 12-month subscription for $89.99, which will allow you access to the app and all new games for one year. I would recommend this because most kids fly through the games, and you will want them to be able to continue their learning without pauses. You can also avail an exclusive 25% discount from this link.

What I found especially helpful is the printable worksheets that kids can complete to supplement what they learn in the app. This allows parents a way to engage the kids without devices and forces them to use another medium to learn.

I really couldn’t suggest anything wrong with the app. I would like it if the free download came with more games so that parents could see if the app works for their kids. But I do see the benefit to making the app require some purchases; it prevents having to rely on ads, which parents definitely do not want on app their kids are using.

Safe to use and quickly effective, LingoKids Chinese is the way to I you are looking to expose your kids to the Chinese language.

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