MemoPics 2 – Memory Match Game You Make Yourself
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MemoPics 2 – Memory Match Game You Make Yourself

Memory exercise games that have you view cards, words, or pictures and later ask you to match them up are available a dime a dozen. But, imagine being able to make the game your own, using your own photos or images and music. The fun intensifies even more!

MemoPics 2 is the app that lets you formulate, create, and play all sorts of memory building games that exercise the mind with focus-filled fun. All you have to do is provide the images, and the app gives you the tools to do the rest.

Available only on the iPad, the game is the perfect way to engage kids in a game that will expand their minds while they sift through pics they know or may not know. The creativity is left to you do with what you want.

Got a sports fan in the house? Grab a bunch of images of their favorite team, players, or various highlights of the sports they love and create a game that caters specifically to them. They won’t even know that they are doing good for their noodle.

If you’ve got an art lover, collect images of artwork they are interested and create a game for them. You enhance the game and experience of playing by setting the background music to whatever you want. You could do classical for the art game and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” for the sports game. The choice is all yours.

Once you have created the games, you can even share them with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

The app comes packed with:

  • Sample games
  • Some free games
  • Clear audio and support for TWIN
  • Games that allow for up to four players on either a single device, multiple devices on the same network, or across networks
  • Connectivity into GameCenter

The sample games work as great examples on how to design and build your own game.

Now, one thing to remember is that you may want to save the games you have created. The app has its own Cloud Service that you can subscribe to. For $0.99 you can subscribe for one month, and there will be no auto renewal. A 3-month subscription will cost you just $1.99, and renews automatically until you shut it down.

The only downside to the game is that you can only play it on the iPad. I would really like to see it made available on the iPhone, because I can see enormous benefit and use while being out and about and wanting to keep kids busy with a game that caters to their interests – it may just get me through the one hour waiting room wait at the doctor’s office.

Outside of that, this app is absolutely a blast to have. I have already made a game of the family trip we took last summer, and I am looking forward to making a game of the pics we take during this Christmas. If you are looking for something different to keep your kids, or you, occupied while keeping their neurons in peak performance, MemoPics 2 is the game for you.

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