OMG. I Can Meditate! Learn to be Mindful and Calm Your Own Way
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OMG. I Can Meditate! Learn to be Mindful and Calm Your Own Way

In as little as ten minutes, you can bring your frazzled mind into a state of calm, ridding your body and soul of any toxic feelings and worries that plague you. Sounds impossible, right? Well, with enough practice and a willingness to learn, you can use the power of OMG. I Can Meditate! to help you towards a more peaceful state.


While ten minutes sounds impossible, you will slowly see the benefits to just taking those ten minutes out of your busy day to stop, unwind and focus inward. Now, most people have a hard time doing this on their own, because we all have a million thing calling out to us that we “have” to attend to. This app forces you to take some time out, remove all of those interruptions and attend to you.


The world today has become poisoned with too many inputs we all feel need to be tended to. The only way to attend to them effectively is if we feed ourselves. That means strengthening our insides and our minds to shut out the world for a few minutes, recharge, and then turn on again. Meditation is the refueling process. To practice it, you need to work hard, and this app will provide you with all the tools you need to make this practice easy.


Download the app and you will see just how many ways this app brings mindfulness to you, easily and effortlessly, because let’s face it, none of need another thing to add to our to-do list. You can let this app do the work for you, so all you have to do is practice the meditation and mindfulness.

OMG I Can Meditate


Scroll through the meditation categories to see what’s offered. Feeling down? There is a Happiness meditation series you can hook into. Stressed at work from a demanding manager? There’s a series for that too.


Meditation exercises don’t have to be fixing anything at all. You may just want to help bring some quiet time into your life or into your family’s life. There are several categories to choose from for that, as well. You can meditate to help improve relationships in your life, increase your performance and success in your career and day to day tasks.


You can even setup the app to wake you every morning to soothing music that draws you slowly out of slumber and introduces you to your new day with a mind awakening session. If you need some soothing at night, select the OMGood Night option, and select a music to play and automatically shut off, as you slowly drift away from your day.


The options are endless and the effects that each has takes you to new places, every day. I would love to see alerts to remind me at certain points of the day to do small exercises and to stop looking at my screen, so I can pull away from the tension and focus inward – helping to get through the day.


Regardless, this app is a must download if you have ever considered bringing mindfulness into your life, to bring peace and calm into your world.

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