Playing with the Power of 2 – The Incredible Tiles 2048
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Playing with the Power of 2 – The Incredible Tiles 2048

What do you get when you take a classic and make it better? You get The Incredible Tiles 2048. The creative mind benders at Go Games have taken the classic game, and their own version of it, and made it better, outdoing what others have thrown out on the app market.

The Incredible Tiles 2048 takes the classic 2048 game and provides a gaming experience that offers more choices with more challenges. This version of the game now lets you choose from one of three types of playing boards: 4×4, 5×5 or an arcade game board. Choices are offered on the main screen, and you can scroll through them. From the main screen, you also have the option to play a more challenging game by opting for the “daily event” which has you play a game and puts your skills to the test by rewarding you an extra 50 coins if you make it to the finish line within a certain time limit. Each daily event is different, so you don’t know what you’ll get, but know that it will be fun!

You can also change the look of your game by selecting the Skin+ icon. From here you can make an in-app purchase of $1 to choose either the “mountain” skin or the “jeans” skin. Each skin offers a choice of four different looks. They even have plans for a newer one, depicted by the “in progress” skin. The main screen of The Incredible Tiles 2048 also gives you your stats so you get an idea of where you are at every time you open the game.

Game play is just as before. Players slide tiles to get two matching tiles to come together. Once this happen, they converge into one tile with double the value. Two tiles with a ‘2’ become one tile with a ‘4’. Two tiles with a ‘4’ become one tile with an ‘8’. Two tiles with ‘16’ become one tile with ‘32’. Your goal is to eventually get to the point where you are bringing two tiles with ‘1024’ together to become ‘2048’!

The Incredible Tiles 2048

Easy to say and hard to do, you may have mastered the technique to get to 2048 in previous versions of this game, so this one will provide you with a new challenge providing tiles that behave a bit differently and functions that will help you sort things out slowly.

New tiles include so-called roadblocks like the Brick and the Enlarger. Other tiles help you get around faster and maybe even get to your goal faster: Divider, Multiplier, Teleporter and Spring. Be careful when you use any of them, because you may be biting off more than you can chew!

If you do find yourself in a bind, then you can easily wiggle your way out by taking advantage of the unlimited number of undo’s and by using a few helpful functions, such as:

  • Blocking certain tiles
  • Doubling tiles
  • Erasing tiles
  • Doubling points
  • Replacing tiles
  • Clearing the game board 

The only part of this game I found deficient was the main screen, which was difficult to navigate. The icons are small and the scrolling of game board choices was not apparent to me until I started playing around with the arrows. Selecting a game board was also difficult, as I found myself fat-fingering often.

This is only minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Once you get to your game board, the fun begins. Don’t miss out on this new version of 2048 and new change to meet a new challenge.

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