SHRN° Offers Weather Predictions
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SHRN° Offers Weather Predictions

First of all, let me start by saying that this is the most stylish weather forecast app I have ever seen. The interface is designed absolutely beautifully, with the perfect balance of color and design. The overall dark screen and the tiny pastel fonts work so well together, you will be tempted to use this app longer than you need to. It’s aesthetic in short!

As for the technical aspects of the app, it is easy to use. Users do not have to navigate through various options. There is only one single interface screen, and users and keep tapping on the center to access various features such as humidity information, wind speed, temperature, chance or rain and etc. It is highly user friendly, and very fast in service.

Also, this app works by using the user’s current location. Therefore, the app automatically finds out your location and screens all the relevant weather information related to where you are. This virtually eliminates the need for you to manually insert your location to find weather information. So, this is specifically helpful for on the go situations, when you are too busy and need quickest access to the weather information.

Also, you can see weather predictions for the upcoming week, and the daily highs and lows of each day just by swiping the screen to the left. Another impressive feature of the app is that it shows the ozone level. This is not common for most weather apps. I personally benefit from this feature as I have sensitive skin and the ozone level count helps me plan ahead as to what kind of clothes I should wear to best protect my skin.

However, on the downside, the biggest drawback with the app is that it does not let you find the weather condition of other locations. But this has not been too much of an issue for me since I do not travel outside of my city too often. Therefore, for me it works perfectly fine and is fully suited to my needs. It is strictly based on your current location. And the thing that I find most convenient is that it naturally locates your location. So I don’t have to go through arrays of options of cities to find my city, as is the case with most weather forecasting apps.

Also, another thing to point out is that the app would be a lot more efficient if it provided an hourly forecast. The lack of the hourly forecast makes it difficult to plan ahead exactly specific to each hour.

Overall, the best part of SHRN° is its design and interface layout. It is absolutely beautiful. And the app size itself is very small, therefore it does not take up too much space in the phone. It is as purposeful as most other apps of its kind, but it is more convenient in terms of storage size, and it definitely the most stylish one too. It is user friendly, and only contains the most necessary and grossly relevant weather related information.

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