Sugar Crush HD – The Sweetest Match 3 Game
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Sugar Crush HD – The Sweetest Match 3 Game

Sugar Crush HD – A Candy Saga is a game that will give fans of match three games a good run for their money thanks to the amazing layout and great variety when it comes to the levels that you can play from. Sugar Crush HD adds a new twist by enabling you to compete against your Facebook friends. Let’s see what the app brings to the table.

Just like any other match three game, Sugar Crush HD – A Candy Saga requires you to swap adjacent pebbles to create sets of more than two similar pieces and they will disappear to create room for more pebbles. Here’s the uniquely different thing about Sugar Crush HD: Unlike most other such games, you will not be using precious stones or coins. You will be using candy! This makes it the sweetest match 3 game.

To ensure that you never run out of candies to play with, the app comes with a candy shop that will enable you to add excitement to your gaming experience by purchasing extra candies for use in the game. Each of these extra candies comes with special properties that will enable you to easily achieve your goal.

One of the most amazing things about this game is its simplicity. You won’t need to go through paragraphs of information explaining a long storyline to understand what’s happening. All the instructions that you need are given in the title. It’s all about Crushing Sugar. Plain and simple! Once you have read that, you have all that is required to play this game. Of course, you’ll need a supported android device and some free time before you can play.

Sugar Crush HD screenshot

Sugar Crush HD screenshot

After downloading and installing the app, you will be ready to dive into the world of crushing candies. After installation, you’ll be required to choose the language that you would like to use on the app then you’ll be set to do some serious sugar-crushing. The game will bring you over 200 levels spread out in 4 episodes. As if this is not enough, going by the past trend, every update comes with more and exciting new levels to ensure that you always have some candy to crush.

One of the reasons why this game stands out from many others is the free access to all levels. Many similar apps try to force you to buy the paid versions by limiting access to some of the levels available in the game. This leaves users who don’t want the paid version limited to only a few easy levels. This game provides everyone full free access to all levels of the game. This ensures that you get to experience the best of this app without feeling like there is something exciting that’s beyond your reach.

With the amazing graphics and well-designed interface, it was really very difficult to identify a setback that comes with Sugar Crush HD. The only reasonable problem that we could identify was the availability of only three languages yet there is an extra seven languages in the list. Allowing users to select all the languages in the list would extend the reach of the app globally. Nonetheless, this becomes an issue when users go to the candy shop. The sugar looks distinct regardless of the user’s native language.

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