Sweet Candy-Logic Experiments – A Stimulating Logic Game
Concept 10
Feature 10
Performance 9
Interface 8
Value 9
Summary 9.2 great
Concept 3
Feature 5
Performance 3
Interface 4
Value 2
Summary 3.4 poor

Sweet Candy-Logic Experiments – A Stimulating Logic Game

Sweet Candy- Next Gen Puzzle is a stimulating logic game. It consists of multiple chapters with about twelve levels in each chapter. There is a chance to earn three stars on each level. These stars enable you to unlock levels in the future. Each chapter is locked until all levels in the previous chapter have been passed. However, the more stars you earn on each level the quicker you can unlock other chapters. The game is challenging, fun and addictive. However, like most puzzle games it can be frustrating and some levels take a long time to solve. Each puzzle in each level requires a lot of thought and you made need to restart a level at some point.

The game is based on a very simple concept. The idea is to use your candy piece to collect the other candy pieces and pass through the gate. However, the gate is locked until all of the candy pieces are collected. The game follows a similar model to Cut The Rope but has a fun, candy-filled twist. The game contains candy, ice-like blocks, and the candy piece that serves as your playing piece. The ice looking blocks are used as a tool to maneuver through the game. The ice blocks also create barriers which add another level of difficulty to the game.

Similar to most puzzle and strategy games, the Sweet Candy-Next Gen Puzzle game contains many easy, intermediate and challenging levels. The game begins with instructions in the very first level and contains a relatively easy puzzle to solve. The instructions indicate which candy puzzle piece represents the player (you), which candy pieces need to be collected, and which piece serves as the gate. New elements are added as the game progresses and you advance to more levels and chapters.

Sweet Candy app screenshot

The game’s instructions are very limited and can be difficult to remember. This is the biggest negative about the game. As I said, the instructions are included in the first level of the first chapter. However, this is the only location I have been able to find them. The only other time they are seen is when a new element is added into the game. For example, in the very first level of the second chapter arrows are added as another obstacle in the puzzle. This is the only other time instructions are added into the game. It would be beneficial to have instructions, or reminders throughout game play in order to remind players of the goals and any additional rules and hints. It may also be beneficial to have the instructions on the main start page.

The arrows that are introduced in the first level of the second chapter serve as a barrier similar to the ice blocks however they hinder the path of your candy piece. The arrows allows your candy piece to move only in the direction that is indicated. As the game progresses the levels become harder and harder. Sweet Candy – Next Gen Puzzle gives you the ability to test your puzzle wits and problem solving skills. Be sure to read the directions and the game will entertain you for hours.

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