SyncMyDroid Allows Quick and Efficient File Transfer
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SyncMyDroid Allows Quick and Efficient File Transfer

With the ever growing advancement in Android technology, we have fast become more dependent on our Android devices for a number of day to day tasks. Taking photos, downloading music, files and even reading eBooks are only a few of the benefits of Android devices that most users enjoy daily.

It is not uncommon for one to often find ways to transfer files from your mobile devices to your PC. Unless you have a USB cable handy, where and how quickly you can achieve this can be restricted. Whether you need to make space or simply to ensure the safety of information, copying your files from your Android device to your PC is easy with SyncMyDroid app. Sending photos, music downloads, videos or documents from your Android device to your laptop, or even your desktop is a quick, hassle free process.

Quick Installation and easy to follow instructions have the app downloaded onto your mobile device and computer in minutes. There are no complicated installation or configuration instructions to follow. You can have a number of desktops or laptops connected to your Android in no time.

No configuration to either device necessary. With a quick search, you can find and connect to the device in seconds. The entire process is fast and efficient. Simply download the app to your android and PC, search, connect and you are ready to sync. Using a WiFi connection, you can sync as many files as you need to without requiring the USB cable or data.

SyncMyDroid app

The SyncMyDroid app is also among the more secure options for file transfers. None of your files, photos or information is ever on a cloud server as it syncs directly between your mobile device and PC. The files are transferred directly on your local network, consequently giving you the added benefit of security and privacy. There is no need to upload the files to the internet and then to download them to the computer. It is a direct file transfer using any WiFi connection, therefore securing your data directly to your PC.

Furthermore, with the full version of SyncMyDroid, you can also copy files to your laptop using secure encrypted connection on public WiFi. This works great for any Android user on-the-go. You can use WiFi in places such as hotels, coffee shops and more with confidence that your information is secure.

With the secure encrypted connection, you can securely transfer files between your mobile and laptop anywhere with a public WiFi connection. This is especially efficient for anyone travelling. You can transfer and backup holiday photos, videos and more in minutes. Nothing is left to chance. The full version not only allows you the benefit of the encrypted connection but you can also copy and synchronize multiple folders simultaneously. You can back up pictures folders, multiple downloads and other file folders from your Android phone or tablet directly to your desktop or laptop quickly and efficiently.

SyncMyDroid is a resourceful, efficient way to protect and backup data. Now you can keep information, photos and other files securely stored at home and at no time are you sending it to the cloud. Nothing is sent through the internet. The only downside is that the file transfers are dependent on the speed of the WiFi connection.

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