Videos Come ALIVE with Magical Effects

Social media pervades our lives and our space, and when connecting with friends and family the way we all have been for all these years starts to get old, rely on an app to get you out there in a different way. How, you ask? Simple. If you like taking video clips and sharing them to get a few laughs out of people, think of the insane reaction you’ll get when your videos have an extra oomph to them.

That extra oomph is the magic of video editing. ALIVE – Video Editor lets you take quick snippets of video, up to 30 seconds in length, and enhance them just the way you want. Enhancements include anything from visual to audio. You can add images and objects that are still or moving. You can add sounds from the apps library, or add your own by mixing them in with what’s already there. This app lets you take your creative juices and let them flow in every direction!

Once you are done editing, save your changes and send them out! You can choose to send via Facebook or by email. These setting can be stipulated when you register, which is the first thing you will do when you download and open the app.

On the main screen, you will have the option to view what’s been posted and shared, so you get an idea of what the app has to offer. There is even a small demo posted by the creators of the app which gives a great sampling of each type of enhancement. Enhancement types include: filtering, object, text and music effects.


Filtering effects allow you to add special lighting effects, creating new looks using light overlays, light flares and/or lens flares. Add unique lighting effects like no other to create halo effects around your angels’ faces, or add a flash of light to grab attention to the screen so your “message” is the center of attention.

Object effects are fun items you can overlay onto your video. Examples include funny animations of character or objects like arrows, water drops, or smoke. Possibilities are as wide as your imagination and your videos will take on a whole new meaning when these are dropped on top, not to mention a few smiles, if not laughs.

Text effects let you add verbiage if you want, because sometimes that little extra bit of personalization is all that it takes. You may have just spotted the most amazing sunset, but what sets that sunset apart from the bazillions others have posted? Your words. Make it your own with text effects.

Lastly, music makes movement sing. If you don’t want your audience to hear the video’s own recording, like the background noise of the bar you are in or the crowd that’s standing around you while you tape the sunset from the pier, overlay it with the perfect blend of harmony. Select from a wide array of pieces provided by the app, mix them a bit and create your own. Again, the sky is the limit.

I can’t say nothing but good things about ALIVE – Video Editor. It made video taking more fun, in a nutshell; and my friends got a kick out of what I sent them. I can only say that after a while my creations may start to look repetitive, so a few additions of effects now and then will be monumentally a must. Until then, I will enjoy what’s before me and share it with zest.