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With the multitude of tasks that we deal with on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that we are at our wit’s end by the end of the week. We sometimes look back and wonder what went wrong. What made our week so bad? Oftentimes, it ends up being a culmination of little things that set us off.

If you want to take control of those little things so they don’t build up into a bad week, you need to download

This app is easy to use and effortlessly helps you take note of your emotions as you feel them.

The download is for free with no pressures for in-app purchases. Full functionality is available to all, nothing is hidden.

What the app provides is a tool to help you journal and manage your moods. You can enter data on a daily basis, as you are feeling something, or just whenever.

analyze life app

The Track screen allows you to quickly rate your mood for the day. Choose the mood categories that capture your level of happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, depression. Levels would be like Great, Good, OK, So So, and more.

There is no need to get in there and start typing away. You can capture your mood throughout the day and let the app do the rest. It’s simple and easy.

Because you don’t have to elaborate on the mood, the app prevents any skewed data. If you had to reflect on a bad mood, you may not enter what you are really feeling and the app won’t be able to factor in accurate data.

What is really cool and unique about this app is that it not only records data on moods, it records data on anything that can affect your mood. This can be your quality of sleep, your nutrition, the workplace dynamics, and more.

All of these things can be recorded and reviewed in the app’s findings. This helps you find patterns in what makes you happy and what can bring you down.

If things are not going well at work, it is sometimes hard to see the workplace or folks you work with as the problem. This app helps reveal possible sources of tension, so you can work to remove them from your life and make small changes that can have big results.

I really couldn’t see anything lacking in I found it extremely easy to use and eye-opening. I would love it if I could print directly from the app, so I could compile my own physical journal if I wanted to.

Until then, I am going to make full use of this app, because it has revealed a lot about myself that I did not know. It has helped me put myself more in situations that provide positive energy and avoid scenarios that cause bad moods. Download today and live better!