Wartime X – Dynamic and Quick-Paced Card Battle War Game

Card games can get dull after a while, unless you are playing something high stakes like poker. If you’ve grown out of the slower set of card games and are looking for something charged up with challenge and even higher stakes than poker, look no further than Wartime X.

The creators of Wartime X have combined the need for speed with strategic moves in a game that tests your quick-thinking skills.  Stemming from poker play and the foundations of war, Wartime X stimulates the mind and senses with scenarios that keep you on your toes.

The game setup is simple. You get three cards in one hand. Using those cards, you initiate moves and attacks. The key is to make those moves quickly. For every set of three cards you have in your hand, you must quickly evaluate them and determine what combination to use given the situation you are in – to maximize success.

Cards don’t look like the typical ones we know. Instead, there are heroes and villains that you use to carry out missions and stamp out the opposing team. As you play further into the game, as in all games, you collect more points that afford you sophisticated armor and weaponry through a stronger card set.

Combat is played out by placing your card combo down – whatever you choose. Each set you put down is a symbolic “move” you are making against your opponent. Each mission and fight is based across 100 different cities.

Each card combination can create one of many “moves”: Holds, Attacks, and Blocks are some of the moves you can make, stemming from the strategic plays that comprise poker. Characters on the cards each have their own strongpoint; learn and use them to win. As your point collection increases, you can add to your character collection and beef up the ones you already have.

While typical battles are played out against warring nations or factions, this game pits you against soldiers, mutants and minions who seek to rule the world.

I liked the daily bonuses. They helped me recover from losses I may have sustained, which were quite a few in the beginning. The game is set up to help you learn and get better. No one can be an expert at anything right from the start, it takes practice, and Wartime X allows for that – a great bonus!

The only improvement I would make to the game is to add more dimension to the game in terms of graphics and color. It’s pretty dark and flat, and could use more life.

Looking just at game play, Wartime X is something new and different. There are plenty of card based battle games, but the execution of this game is unique and keeps the pace up, keeping you challenged and entertained.

Feed the Spider – Fun Time Feeding a Spider and Learning Trivia

Not all gaming app are created equal. If you are tired of the high intensity games and seek something simpler that entertains for hours, look no further. Feed the Spider will keep you coming back for more and you will never get enough.

With enhanced background sounds and backdrops that add to the adventure, it’s a game that excites gamers young and old. I usually don’t go for games that look trivial on the surface, but this game is nothing like that, at all!

So, who is the spider and how do you feed it? Your spider is a Black Widow, and she is very hungry. Spiders like to eat other insects, so your missing is to capture as many insects as you can to fill your spider’s belly. You simply tap and swipe them toward the spider’s mouth, and watch as it gobbles the insect up.

Another tactic you can use to capture more than one insect at a time is to make a set a trap, made of spider’s web, of course. Tap on the spider and lash out at the bug to ensnare it and bring it in, just as a real spider would. If you choose to use this tactic, be careful not to trap the spider itself, lest you make it trip over itself!

The game seems overtly simple on the surface, but it is far from that. You will find yourself hooked, line and sinker, once you start game play; and don’t worry about getting bored, because that will not happened.

As you move through screens, you will get an assortment of insects to nourish your spider: flies, beetles, mosquitoes, and bumblebees, to name a few. As they fly or waddle by, you have to think quick and act fast to tap it into Ms. Widow’s mouth, before it disappears.

Feed the Spider has over 1200 levels of challenging scenarios and games that gradually increase from the starting level onward. You also will get to play against three different types of forest backdrops, keeping the game new with every turn.

As you play, you will also get opportunities to collect daily bonuses, which help you survive games and move through levels. Bonus points are not the only bonus you get, you also can learn lots about spiders as you play. The game spits out spider trivia every so often, so you get a learning experience along with your entertainment! Not many games can claim that.

I loved the graphics and the cartoonish imagery, which enhance the fun of the game. If I could ask for any improvements, it would be to maybe add a few different types of games in addition to Spin the Spider. Just feeding the spider and playing the one game can get monotonous.

Outside of that, Feed the Spider is a treat for all. While it looks like it would only be fun for kids, nothing could be farther from the truth. I spent hours playing it and could not put it down – which made it very difficult for me to keep my kids off as well!

Create Pieces of Art with Paintastic

Are you a fan of digital sketching and painting? If yes, Paintastic is an excellent app that will let you do exactly that and even more let your creative thoughts come into life. It allows you to create pieces of art that you can use as designs for various purposes that can be either printed or shared online. 

Once the user opens the app, they see a default screen with lot of options at the bottom of the screen that the user can utilize to create their drawing or painting. There are also the undo and redo button at the top right of the screen so that it is easier to just perform these actions if a bulk erase or redo of a previous work is required. There are options to

    • Change color of the pencil or paintbrush
    • Change background color of the palette
    • Add jitter (where you can change size, opacity and add different effects to the jitter like blur, emboss, deboss, neon, glow, outline). You can also choose whether to have smooth edges or not for your jitter, adjust the size, etc.
    • Add basic outline shapes, basic fill shapes like heart, flower, star, etc., floral shapes, smileys, frames & borders, celestial, arrows, card suits, puzzle pieces, objects shapes and random stencils that are free to use. However, there are other shapes like stick figures, transport, buildings & structures, ribbons & badges, speech bubbles, flowchart symbols and fruits, that can also be added to your drawing. You will need to pay to unlock all shapes. These shapes can be inserted directly or as post-transform where you can rotate and transform the added shapes. You also have control over the sizes for these images and can add effects like grayscale, saturation and color filters.

  • Add festival related shapes (There are festival related themes added in the app that include shapes like Christmas tree, candy stick, snowflakes, which will help the user to create holiday greetings during season times).
  • Add text (The text option allows you to add text to your drawings; for example, captions and also to add different effects/filters to the text). You can also add styles to your text like bold, italic and underlined and shapes for the text like linear, arc, box and custom curve. There are a few fonts to choose from too. These text can be inserted directly or can be post transformed. The user has control over the size of the text as well.
  • The eraser lets you erase unwanted information and the size of it can be changed according to needs.
  • The paint bucket tool lets the user fill in the background with a particular color.
  • The selection tool lets the user to move, crop, rotate, resize, etc. like in any other photo editing app
  • Other than these, there are the scratch mode and color picker tools. 



The user can

  • Insert picture to the created art, and the app lets the user do photo editing and to make collages. The user can also add pictures to their drawings
  • Save foreground of the art that they have created
  • Share drawing on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email and others.
  • Add artist name to tell the world who created the art 


  • A tutorial to use some of the features of Paintastic would be greatly beneficial, if not at least a tip on the screen for first time users as some of the options at the bottom of the screen did not seem to be self explanatory


Cookie Crush Crazy – A New Cookie Blast Game

If you are a fan of the famous game Candy Crush, then I bet you’ll love this game where you crush ingredients in order to help a chef build cookie in each level. This is a cookie blast game powered by Unity and is available free on the play store.

Cookie Crush Crazy is a game where you crush ingredients by matching a minimum of three ingredients of the same type and color. It is a game where you strategically plan and crush the required amount of ingredients in the given number of moves. In case you fail to accomplish this, you can replay the level, provided that you have enough life. The player can also buy extra moves (in case they run out of moves), using coins they may have.

The task that the player accomplishes in the game is helping a cook to obtain the required ingredients for his cookie recipes. Each level has a cookie with different requirements in the amount and type of ingredients required for each recipe and you as a player crushes these ingredients in order for the chef to acquire them to make the recipe.

Once downloaded, the Cookie Crush Crazy app installs itself in your device. On opening the app, tapping on “Play Game” will let you start playing the game. You start with level 1 and complete each level to move on to the next.

You can collect 3 stars in each level, you earn stars as you progress through the level continuing ahead and collecting all the three stars while completing a level.

Cookie Crush Crazy

The player starts with 5 lives while starting level 1. Each time you fail to finish the level in the given number of moves, you lose a life.

When it comes to settings, you can turn music or sound on / off by tapping those icons at the bottom left of the screen.

Initially when you start the app and tap “Play game”, you choose level 1 to start the game. At each level, collecting various ingredients is required in order for you to complete the required level.

You can login with Facebook and earn an extra 200 coins. This lets you see the progress of your friends and also helps to share  and request coins, lives, etc. when required.

The fun part of the game is, you need to help the cook collect ingredients to prepare the cookie recipe. You match 3 or more of the same ingredients and crush them thereby collecting ingredients and in each level you will be given a target and certain number of moves to collect all the required ingredients. What you need to do is, use these moves, collect ingredients and help the chef make the cookie.

Completing a level gives you stars based on the number of moves in which you completed the game and if you complete a level before the number of moves run out, you get bonus for all remaining moves. If you run out of moves, you can purchase moves using coins or skip the level using more coins.

There are loads of exciting levels to be accomplished and the difficulty increases with each level, so does the excitement.

Cookie Crush Crazy is quite an interesting mind game, but there are these annoying ads after completion of each level. Also there are in app purchases which may be less advantageous for users who may not wish to make a purchase.

Spritzr – Get Matchmaking Suggestions from Friends

Are you looking for a match but worried about signing up into random websites where you are among a bunch of total strangers? Do not worry. You have the first ever match making app Spritzr that has the facility where you can hang out with your own friends with match making suggestions coming in for you from your friends themselves. That’s a relief isn’t it?

Spritzr is a free app available on the play store and it can be just downloaded and installed. On opening the app, it requests to sign in with Facebook. The app claims that it doesn’t post on Facebook but needs to sign in with Facebook as it is used to check for security and accuracy.

When signing in with Facebook, Spritzr requests access to public profile, friends list, date of birth and photos without which a user cannot use this app.

Once signed in, the app requests the user to choose their path from 2 given options.

  • In a relationship – Choosing this option lets you suggest matches for friends who are single. It takes you off the market and labels you as a matchmaker
  • Single – Choosing this option or path is perfect if you are looking for quality matches

If you aren’t sure of either of the above, you can always choose the most appropriate one and switch to another one later.

On choosing this option, you are taken to a page where you have 2 tabs. One is “Friends” tab where you play matchmaker for the Spritzr community. Here you are given 10 matches for a day to suggest for your friends. You can invite friends to join the community as well.


Other is the “Community” tab where you can suggest matches for people other than your friends but are looking for one match.

When viewing each profile, there is an information “i” icon that will let you view information like height, personal information like, how many kids, etc., qualification, a short profile with interests and some photos. Below this profile, there is a list of suggestions to recommend for matchmaking and you as a matchmaker can suggest appropriate matchers from these candidates for them.

Spritzr takes you to a page where you enter your information like, gender, who you are looking for (e.g. man or woman) and where you are looking for (location, needs entering postcode) and based on the post code entered, Spritzr will fetch location.

You are then taken to a page where you input information like a short introduction / description of yourself, gender, interested in man or woman, height, smoker or not, religious faith (optional), politics (optional), kids (optional), education (your highest qualification), school (name of school that you attended), work, interests (should choose 3+) and finish profile.

Once you have completed the above, you will be taken to a page where you have 2 tabs. The “Friends” tab where you play matchmaker for the Spritzr community and the “Community” tab where you can suggest matches for people who are looking for one.

The menu for Spritzr is on the top left side of the app window. Below are the features of the app.

  • Shows the number of Karma points and number of friends
  • Suggestions – Tapping this shows suggestions based on the profile that you have created
  • Messages – This tab has any messages that you may have received from friends or others
  • Settings – Tapping this, the user can set up notifications for new messages, successful matches and when new friends join

While Spritzr may seem attractive and safe cos you hang out among a bunch of friends and match suggestions come from them, there are some negatives like it cannot be used without signing into a Facebook account.

Grand Home Management with Gideon Smart Home

While home may be where the heart is, with our busy lives we often find ourselves away from home than in it. This makes management of our home through the magic of remote access essential to our modern way of living. Making that access and control convenient and seamless is what Gideon Smart Home integration app available on Google Play.

Imagine being able to control your thermostat setting from work so you don’t run the heater or a/c when no one is home. How about being able to tap into your security system’s camera after 4pm so you can make sure the kids got home safe?

You can buy so many gadgets to control technology in your home, but who wants to use different apps to control each piece? Gideon downloads to any of your Android devices and brings accessibility to all of your home technologies to you, in one simple and easy to use app.

There are over 50 different types of devices that Gideon currently connects and controls, including:

  • Rheem water heaters
  • Nest Thermostat, Protect, Smoke Alarms, and Cam
  • Quirky and GE air conditioners
  • Lutron lights and blinds
  • Sonos Play 1, 3, and 5
  • Netatmo Welcome, Thermostat, Module, and Weather Station
  • And so many more…


Once you download the app, which is available for free, you simply look for the products you want to connect to and establish the link. It’s that simple.

What is really cool is the easy-on-the-eye black background. I found it extremely pleasing to use, both during day and night.

After creating all the connections you need, you can further simplify your control over the technologies by creating scheduled programs that collate and execute set commands. For instance, if you want the temp at 70 degrees, the kitchen window shades opened, and the island light ON all at 6:00am, you can create a “Wake Up” protocol and define these parameters for those functions. You can also state what days you want to run and for what duration.

It allows you to take full advantage of the automated technologies you have invested in.

If you have multiple properties, you can use Gideon to program in connectivity to each property. Each property will have its own lists of devices it connects to, its own preset programs, etc.

Gideon also allows for connectivity amongst some of the devices. Let’s say the furnace is not working and the kids will be getting home in about one hour. Gideon allows you to have failsafes in place to make sure the house is warm before the kids arrive. You can program in code to say if the furnace is not working, turn on the gas fireplace. Gideon will alert you to the problem when it happens and will also let you know that your backup has been engaged.

Be Thrilled with Bravium

Bravium is an action filled role play game where you fight against enemies and other powerful characters to finish off one level and progress towards the next one. There are lot of exciting levels to show off your skills and power and it is more than a hundred levels as mentioned on the play store.

This is quite a huge app due to its high definition graphics and visual effects and please be mindful of the fact that it drains the battery quite quickly and can cause some heating issues to the device. The app is available free on the play store, just download and install and you are good to go. However, be thrilled…there are a lot of exciting in-app purchases for you!

When you first start the game, the app asks for permission to allow Bravium to access photos, media and files on your device and this must be mainly due to the fact that you should enable recording if you need to create and share your replays. The app also asks to allow access to location which I am not sure of why, as this isn’t a location based game, but what I really guess is, that it may compare your achievements with other players around that region, still unsure!

If you press deny for any of the above options, you will not be able to proceed to playing the game, so this is something that may be of concern for worried users.

Once you get into the Bravium screen, you will be given a short intro of all the items on the screen and on how to proceed further into the game. There are short tips here and there to guide the player on how to play and also on what to do with certain characters that appear on the screen. Some power ups are displayed on the screen when you start the game however they seem to disappear as a one off power for that level. So players need to be careful enough to choose those power ups at the right time when required.

While playing the game, destroying towers gets the hero (the player) a star and cabbages. The player can also collect diamonds and cabbages while killing the enemies and diamonds pop up on the screen that the player will have to collect.

In each level the player can earn up to a maximum of 3 stars; one for survival and one for each tower killed. The player can also earn coins for kills and the number of coins depends on the power of the enemy killed.

Using the collected stars, the player will be able to purchase strength, stamina, intelligence and wisdom from the store which is basically upgrading the talents. Cabbages are also collected when killing towers and enemies, and these help with upgrading your weapons.

The player can use diamonds to boost up the power before starting a level and If you are unable to survive a particular level with certain hero power or combination of weapons, you can try other heroes or different combination of skills and weapons.

A good feature of the app that most players will be pleased with, is the built in replay option that lets one record their gameplay and share their experience with other players around the world with everyplay. One needs to enable recording to create a replay. This is a good option in the sense that it helps other struggling players to learn killing techniques and skills and on what strategies to use to complete a level.

You can also see your achievements on the leaderboard by tapping the medal icon in the bottom left of the screen and compare it with other players from around the world.

The only drawback of the game is the wait to collect coins, cabbages and stars to upgrade weapons or make purchases without which you will need to be spending money for upgrades which will be a disappointment to many.

Reach Your Fitness Goals with Tabata HIIT. Interval Training

Tabata is a high intensity interval training that incorporates both fitness and weight loss. It is a very short workout that lasts for 4 minutes with a series of 8 rounds of 30 seconds each (20 seconds workout with 10 seconds of rest between each set). This training program saves time for people who are on a very busy schedule and want to reach their fitness goals at the same time. All you need to do is stick to a plan and the Tabata HIIT. Interval Training app will help you accomplish that.

Most people look for apps that have a very simple and neat interface that is easy to use. Tabata HIIT. Interval Training app is the go to app for these users as it has its own inbuilt training schedules that a user can follow or the user can create their own training schedule by adding exercises of their choice. It has a very personalized approach where it lets the user input their height, weight and choose or design training schedules that will calculate the calories that they will be able to burn using that specific schedule.

There is not much of anything to do in terms of installing or setting up this app. Once installed, it can be run and the basics set up straight away. Users who wish to follow the already set up training schedules like abs workout, butt and thigh, lower body, upper body, fat burning, ideal body can choose to do so and these are illustrated with pictures for new users to understand what they are and which part of their body they are working out for. There is also an area for creative users who would like to set up their own exercises and schedules. The user just inputs a title for their work out and adds favourite exercises to build up a workout schedule that fits them.

tabata hiit

Tabata HIIT. Interval Training is a nice little app with a friendly user interface. It gives the user flexibility between choosing inbuilt training plans and creating own training plans. The app has standard training plans that cover almost everyone’s needs which can still be customized based on user needs where a user can add or remove exercises. The beauty of these standard plans are that the user can understand what workouts need to be done to improve certain areas. Users can also do a combination of different plans available in the standard plans depending on what their goals are.

The best part is the calorie meter that calculates the amount of calories that one will burn during a workout session. Apart from the above, the gym timer helps keep the user on track so as to not miss the time of 20 seconds workout and 10 seconds rest. The transition between workout and rest sessions is accompanied by different music that the user can take advantage of, thereby not having to look at the stopwatch or the mobile screen.

Reminders keep the users on track so as to not miss out on a workout session and the “Schedule” section helps the user personalize their working schedule for different days of the week depending on their available free time. Users are kept motivated by keeping track of their detailed workout statistics that will let the user look at their progress and set achievable goals. There are a lot of exercises incorporated like, bicycle, bridges, burpees, backward lunges, crunches, forward lunges, high knees, jumping jack, left leg kickbacks, lying leg raises, mountain climber, narrow push-ups, regular push-ups, right leg kickbacks, side lunges, squat jumps, squats and wide push-ups. The demo is very useful on each exercise as it is very educative to users who are new to workout schedules.

This app can also be linked to the app “Sportsman PRO” which is an added advantage. The data can be backed up on Google drive, so the users need not worry about losing data relating to their workout progress in case of any mishaps.

There aren’t any visible features that could be considered as a negative, but more interactive features could be incorporated; for example, a short introductory animation or illustration that summarizes to the user, the Tabata HIIT training and how this app will help them achieve it with ease.

Max Fitness Workout Assistant to Control Your Fitness Regime

Have you been trying really hard to lose weight while spending money on expert advice and not been successful? Have you been worried about how to stay on track while losing weight? Have you been looking for a good training plan that will assist you in your weight loss goal without putting much pressure on you? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the questions above, then it is time that you took control of your fitness regime and started working on it flexibly, the way you wanted to do it and in your own free time. To assist you in this process is the very helpful android app, ‘Max fitness workout assistant’ that can keep track of your progress by letting you log all your activities and provide advice on what to do and what not to do.

Max fitness workout assistant provides all the fitness trainers, assistance in their training and helps them put their best effort into achieving their fitness. It lets you key in some personal information and generates advice based on that input, which the user can follow at their own convenience.

Max fitness workout assistant is available free on the google play store. Once installed and on opening the app, it guides you to a screen where you can go through a theory on how to achieve your fitness goals if you are a novice user and, pro users can just dive right in to use the app. The theory should take anything between 10 to 15 minutes to complete where you input your age, gender, height, weight and the amount of exercise you do every week. These values can be entered in the metric system of your choice. Based on your input, it calculates the maintenance level for you in kcals. This calculation will be just a start to maintain your fitness as it is currently.

max fitness

The app then takes you to the next screen where you can compare your fitness level with examples, displayed as images, to roughly estimate the amount of fat in your body. If the level is above 27%, the app suggests that you lose some fat before building up muscles and creates a nutrition report that you need to follow based on your input. The app then lets you choose how many days you are available for workout; 3, 4 or 7 days and based on your input designs a workout plan for you to follow. Workouts can be manually added or removed depending on what you wish to personally work on.

Features of the app:

  • Max fitness workout assistant can be used by both novice and pro users and hence does not stop anyone from using the app.
  • There are default plans that users can follow and see amazing results in a few weeks.
  • The app is very personalised and not generic thereby providing every user with their own personal advice, nutrition chart and personal training schedule.
  • The app does not stop with the above but goes further into where you can keep track of the workouts that you perform and your nutrition intake and these can be saved on the app. In return it generates reports to show progress which is the most important factor when it comes to a fitness regime that is, keeping a trainer on track.
  • You can see your detailed workout history and there are options to edit an exercise that has already been created.
  • The user has the flexibility to add multiple workouts per day and add 100 training days in advance if required. You can choose what type of fitness training you wish to perform and on which day of the week so that the app can design work days and off days and also alert you to keep you informed of your progress.
  • You can look at your monthly progress and your all time progress including your training overview.

Overall, Max Fitness is very simple to use with straightforward user interface and guidance on every screen for even novice users. There is no limit to the features available and this will suit anyone with any need as far as their fitness is concerned.

Along with the nutritional charts, it would be beneficial if the app could advise on what food to eat and avoid and the portions of food that one should be taking while following a fitness regime as most people slip at this particular task. This will also help users to save time looking for this information elsewhere on the web.