iSPY Differs from Other Location Based Games

If you are into augmented reality games and location-based games, then iSPY is one that you need to lay your hands on. You use real locations and play against real people. Players living in the city of Los Angeles have a special mission that is code named ‘Back from the Future.’

iSPY is very different compared to other location-based games in the fact that real people and real locations are integrated into the game thereby lifting limitations of staying within the missions of the game. Players can create missions or join missions created by other players / agents. If the player is within the gun sight of an agent, they need to confirm that they have been eliminated. Players also need to leave a clue and answer each location as they find them.

Once you log in with your credentials, you will be taken to a screen where you have the option to quickly read through a handbook that has some useful information and guidance on how to start and play the game, including creating a mission. The ‘show mission’ button reveals the list of missions available in your city giving you the option to choose any mission of your interest. Missions within 50 miles radius of your location are listed and the mission list is shown on a map for you to see how far each mission is from your location.

ispy screenshot

The map shows your current location and tracks you with the help of the GPS as you move. iSPY provides the players with enemy alerts if an agent comes within a mile of your location. Enemy locations can be seen on the map by tapping the blue agent location marker and it will display that agent’s information. Tapping the red button will initiate target mode.

Unique features of this game are:

  • Playing against real people in real locations thereby taking location-based games to a completely different level.
  • Creating missions – While creating a mission, it is recommended to keep the mission description short and any mission that you create will be available for players within a 50mile radius along with tagged GPS info. You can enter clues and additional information for the clues. If you wish to be more descriptive, you can add additional intel. This helps other agents who join your mission to understand all about the mission.
  • Weapons are location-based
  • Creating clues – To create clues for each location, you need to travel to each location to create them and once all the locations are done, you tap ‘submit all clues’ to create the mission. You can add an ‘upon completion’ message that gives a message to agents when they complete a mission.
  • Awards and commendations – Once agents complete a mission, special skills and commendations are awarded; for example, an explosives expert, a submarine mechanic, etc.
  • Experience and promotions – Depending on field experience, agents are given promotions.
  • Comparing ranks – You can compare your ranks against other agents in your area and also against national agents in the state.

There are times when there may not be any players available to play with or against. There may be no missions available to play or no agents to join your mission especially in rural and suburban areas thereby not giving everyone who wishes to play this game a chance. To add additional clues, you need to be at that particular location of the answer to the clue.

LINGOKIDS – Easy English for Kids Anywhere in the World

The world is growing closer and closer together. We interact more with folks from other continents than we do with the neighbors who live on our street. Well, maybe it’s not that global of a community, but we all know how important it is to be able to communicate with others around the world.

Right now, that means knowing English. This allows kids today to easily learn and later master English. Now, one thing to remember is that this app is geared towards kids who use English as a second language. However, that being said, this may even help kids who are struggling, even ones growing up in the U.S.

Using exercises and an approach that is artfully designed and proven by education experts, LINGOKIDS truly helps kids using English as a Second Language (ESL) to learn at their own pace and slowly grow accustomed to using English.

Sometimes the help these kids receive in school needs an extra boost at home. More exposure through different types of activities is a sure fire way to give kids more ways to use what they are learning in school and apply it at home.

Through the use of colorful and quality graphics and entertaining characters, LINGOKIDS attract and maintains preschoolers’ and toddlers’ attention, teaching them so much without them even knowing it:

  • Parts of speech, so they know the different components of a sentence
  • Letter sounds and letter recognition
  • What is a noun, a verb, an adjective, and adverb?

The more the kids play the games and interact with exercises, the more they learn the words they are looking at, the sounds that each letter makes, and eventually, how to use that word.

If you have more than one child, you can easily setup profiles for each one, so that you can easily see the progress each one is making and allow each to travel their own course of discovery. Speaking of progress, you, as a parent, can create reports and see how each child has moved through the curriculum, identify where they had the most difficulty and cater future exercises based on those gaps.

The app allows you to use it for up to three weeks for free. However, if you wish to continue using it, you must either pay a onetime 59.99 fee for a premium subscription, or pay $9.99/mo. Our readers can enter “apps25” coupon code to get a 25% discount on Lingokids Premium when they subscribe through the online payment platform:

The app offers six different levels of difficulty that kids move through as they learn and master the exercises. Oxford University Press has just recently submitted content to the app as well, so you know your kids are getting well designed learning tools.

An area in the app that could use some improvement is navigation through profiles. You have to do some digging around when you are sifting through different profiles and trying to generate reports. It took some trial and error.

Figure that out and you have an app that is quite useful and helpful for kids who are learning English in addition to another home-spoken language. English is one of the easiest languages to learn, and LINGOKIDS helps make it fun.

Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault Protects Your Privacy

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives and most people use these as a digital vault where they store everything from photos, videos, games, to sensitive information like online banking, debit/credit card information, etc. There are also dozens of other apps that people use everyday, for example amazon, eBay, that contain sensitive information which will need to be hidden from friends and family. Also, purchases from play store will need to be disabled when kids use devices to play games so that they do not make any in-app purchases or change any settings on the device and all these can be accomplished with one app, that is Hexlock.

Hexlock is the best app locker and safety vault for photos and videos, developed by a top developer Liquidum Limited and is available free for android devices. This app provides parental controls, customized profiles and data protection on the go. It has also hit the editor’s choice list on the play store.

Hexlock can be used to lock selective apps or all apps at once depending on your personal choice. It can even lock basic apps like messaging, chat apps and emails thereby helping you to take control of your privacy. A remarkable feature of this app is letting the user set up and customize profiles depending on which WiFi they are connected to and this app supports finger print recognition, but it is limited to only a few devices at the moment.

Once the user has downloaded and opened the app, it will request for a passcode type to be chosen; PIN or Pattern. The user chooses either one of these options and enters the PIN or pattern to get into the app. The user needs to remember the PIN or Pattern as they need this each time they open Hexlock or any app that is locked using Hexlock.

hexlock android app

There are initially 6 profiles set up by default; work, home, party, parental, school and café. The user has the options to change the names and icons of these profiles by tapping the edit icon on top right of the screen. They can also toggle auto activate on or off by tapping the ‘A’ icon on the top right of the screen. Tapping that icon takes you to a screen where you can choose to activate or deactivate that profile when entering a particular WiFi zone. The list of saved WiFi networks is populated for the user to choose from.

Adding apps to lock for each profile is pretty simple as the app guides the user to do this and also has the option to select certain apps to lock for each profile or select all apps to be locked for that profile. This means you can have different apps to be locked for different profiles. The settings on the app allow the user to reset passcode, change lock screen background, set delay to require passcode when reopening an app (that is immediately, after 10 seconds, after 30 seconds or after 60 seconds), uninstall prevention, notify to lock new apps and remove ads.

Hexlock locks apps in the device without the user not having to worry about friends and family having access to sensitive or private information if at all they borrow the device. The photo vault allows locking private photos and videos and the app lock allows locking any app or all of the apps in the device depending on the user’s choice. You can even lock your games and all the social network apps.

An interesting feature of this app is the auto switch feature (between profiles) in which you can set up profiles, where each app gets locked or unlocked depending on what profile is set to be activated when the device connects to a particular WiFi network. For example, when you are at work and connected to the WiFi at work, all the personal apps can be set to be locked on the work profile thereby letting you have peace of mind even if your friends borrow the mobile. Similarly, you can set the home profile to lock the work related apps and any other apps that you do not want your family to have access to and this can be set to happen automatically when your device connects to the home WiFi. You can create six such profiles, name them and personalize them according to your need.

Another important feature is, unlike many other apps, this app can be set to request for the passcode if anyone tries to uninstall this app and hence the user need not worry about data getting exposed to others accidentally. Since this app can lock any app on the device, you can lock the play store as well and prevent anyone from downloading unwanted apps or paying for any apps using your play store wallet. This app also notifies the user to lock newly installed apps if they had chosen this option in the app settings.

Hexlock is free and very light unlike other heavy apps, fast and does not affect multitasking, has different profiles, locks apps and media, prevents uninstallation and supports fingerprint scanning technology for some devices. The app does not affect the RAM or battery usage. The app also notifies the user as to which profile is active at one point in time and if not required, this can be disabled in the device settings as, Settings – Apps – Hexlock – Uncheck ‘Show Notifications’ check box.

Ads on the lock screen are a negative feature in this app, however, this can be disabled for a very small price. The app does not have the option to auto switch between profiles based on GPS location, which means, it needs an active WiFi connection to switch between profiles. Screenshot option while using locked apps may be temporarily disabled.

Singapore Maths – Gaming Adventure to Strengthen Math Skills for Young Scholars

Many kids simply don’t like math. Maybe they don’t have a good background. Maybe they have a hard time understanding the teacher and how the concepts are presented. Whatever may be the case, math is in our day to day lives as adults and having a strong grasp of mathematical concepts puts you head of the game. Singapore Maths from Kids Academy Co delivers just that.

If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 6 and 8 who is struggling with math or just want to further strengthen the skills your child currently possesses, there is an easy to way accomplish that does not involve trips to a math tutor or education center.

Singapore Maths uses a proven three-step process that has been specially formulated for kids, so they stay interested and grasp concepts quickly. The app’s design was developed in Singapore as a tool to help kids learn math easily. In its adoption into this app, the design was enhanced to comply with Common Core standards that are currently in place across the nation.

For parents, there is the most important assurance that the app is free from pop-ups and ads, something kids do not need to see.

So, what does Singapore Math have that makes it so special? It’s presents math through games, videos, interactive worksheets, activities, and adventures. When kids open the app, they will see an adventure map that outlines their starting point, intermediate goals to achieve along the way, and their final destination. 

No more packets with repetitive problems. Math becomes a challenge of explorations and dare, urging kids to take on the mission and forge forward.

Be aware that the app’s content is accessible only through a paid subscription. You can download the app for free, but you must choose a membership in order to play. Fees are $7.99/mo or $49.99/year with a 30-day free trial.

The app aims to teach kids the following math concepts:

  • Count and trace numbers – younger kids learn their numbers and how to write them
  • Foundational numeracy skills – know what the numbers mean
  • Math operations – add, subtract, multiply, and divide
  • Geometric shapes – basic figures and features
  • Patterns and sequencing – understand the relationship between multiple items and identify patterns

You can purchase one subscription and let multiple children in your household use the app. What is really neat about the app, and this is really important for those parents who don’t want their kids on devices all the time, is the ability to print, for free, worksheets that kids can complete, anytime and anywhere.

I don’t think there is anything about this app that I did not like. I would be nice, however, to try out one or two games and print a worksheet as a sample to see if the app would work for the child.

Barring that, Singapore Math is a must download if you have been struggling with your child, trying to help them master math at whatever age they are. Elementary math forms the basis for so much in a child’s later years of education and adult life; it’s important to make sure that the foundation is solid, and Singapore Math can do just that. Get printable worksheets for kindergarten here.

Match the Three Stooges – A Brilliant and Fun Game

There are a lot of fun games on the market. Some of them can be very complicated and hard to play while others are a lot simpler and easier. Games have come a long way from simple things like the game of snake or point and click, and while other were playing snake some were watching the three stooges. Games that have become a lot more popular are match three games, a game that combines the old gem of the three stooges and the new game of match three is called Match the Three Stooges.

Match the Three Stooges has a wonderful user interface with a very colorful design. There are 5 worlds that you can play through, the scenes, pictures, and music change every 5 levels in the game so the colors and design are always changing. There is a total of 100 levels which means there are 20 different pictures and songs to look forward to as you play through the game.  There are even boss levels where the music changes and transports you to new levels and new worlds.

Match the Three Stooges

The game has been designed by a former Call of Duty designer known as Brian Douglas, he puts a spin on the classic pictures from the original stooge movies. The classic Three Stooges Volume soundtrack has been changed and renewed by Murv Douglas, who has been in the bands Powerman 5000, Lords of Acid and Diamonds n Scratch. These new twists are shown throughout the game as you match the stooges and earn more points to win the game.

It is very easy to play the game, you start up the game and begin to play on the first level and the first world. The objective of the game is very simple, to match three of the same stooge, once done the match will disappear and more will fall to take the tiles places. Once done you will earn points and when you earn a certain amount of points you will complete the level and move on to the next one!

This game is great to play and provides fun for the whole family while taking up a lot of time. There are a couple of small things that would make the game better if fixed, the game is still of a high caliber but as with all apps there are a few flaws. With this game you have to have an internet connection to play the game, which can be a little difficult if you are on the go and don’t have network coverage. Another thing is that there are only 100 levels, and if you play a lot you may not have any more to play. The developers will respond to any suggestions which means they really care about where their app goes.

Match the Three Stooges is a brilliant and fun game for anyone of all ages to play. It’s simple and combines the classic stooge music (sung by the stooges themselves!) with the modern match three games available on phone and tablets anywhere. This game is a must have for all fans with the option of competing against your friends and bragging about your high score. Now this game is free to download and play with the option of purchasing somethings in app. I recommend this to everyone who like to play games!

Music Cube – Configure Your Own Music

There are only a few apps around that can provide you with high quality sound and music but I think I have found an app that is absolutely amazing and can make any song sound brand new. This app is called Music Cube. It has so many features and a high quality user interface. It is a very professional app that just keeps getting better with time. It makes you wonder why you aren’t paying for it! (Admittedly there is a Pro version you can pay for to help support the developers as they make the app even better.)The design concept is in the name giving the app a stylish theme, cubes.

I personally love to be able to configure my own music to sound the way I want and with the customizable equalizer I can do just that. This app is very simple to use with an easy equalizer that even comes with some preset options if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of changing the song by yourself. There is an excellent bass booster in this app that can make the music seem almost 3D in your ears which is really cool when you are walking down the street. Also if you like a loud bass you can make it to where you can feel the bass in your body.

Music Cube app

There are many different types of music files supported by this app including MP3, WMA, AAC, 3GP, OGG, and FLAC. You can tag each of these files with whatever you want so that you can organize the music in a variety of ways, which comes in handy when making your ultimate playlists which is easily done in app. Through the app you can even share music files and playlists with your family and friends, so everybody can join in on the fun. This music player will download all the cover art and information about the band as well so you can learn more about your favorite songs and have the official cover art to go with it.

If you are really into the app there are even more features to customize your phone such as widgets. The one thing about the app is that you cannot download any music from it. There are many easy ways to download music from other places though so this is not much of a problem unless you aren’t very tech savvy. However because the app doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone there shouldn’t be a problem downloading a second app to download music to your phone or possibly downloading the music off of the internet. Either way I think that getting Music Cube is still very worth it.

I use this Music Cube to make music videos and although I don’t post them anywhere the quality turns out really well. If you need a music app to create better sound than this is the music app for you. Just keep in mind that even with all the great features you may need one more app to make it perfect until the developers can figure out a way to let us download music directly from their app.

Be Fit with Sportsman PRO. Workout

There are exercise apps all over the market but none are quite like this one. Losing weight can be super tough and finding the motivation to do it is even harder. Our bodies need exercise but sometimes it can be so hard to get up and do it. Sometimes the only motivation is looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale and realizing you need to lose a little bit of weight. Maybe you don’t want to lose weight but you want to get stronger, the results you look for don’t show up on the first day so it can be very hard to continue your training. There is now an app called Sportsman PRO Workout that can help you solve all of these problems!

Sportsman PRO. Workout has just been recently updated with all new features which means that it is an ever changing product. This app won’t stay the same for long, it will always be getting better! The user interface is super simple and super easy to use. A few presses of a finger and you have a whole new workout routine set up and ready to go! You can even change the colors of the interface to whatever you desire so that you continue to enjoy the look and feel of the app. The easy to set reminders with cute ringtones are also a bonus when it comes to enjoying the way the app makes you feel.

Sportsman PRO. Workout app

Now this app has a variety of workouts that you can customize, you can make your own work out lists and workouts. The type of workouts you can do include strength workouts such as push-ups, sit-ups, and squats and circuit workouts which are workouts that are preset. When you do these workouts you can have them timed and you can have your calories counted so that if you would like to lose weight you have the ability to look at your calorie output.

Every app has its flaws whether it be in its design or its content. With this app it seems that the flaw lies in its content. Although this flaw is not huge it is still something that is noticeable. While there are workouts on the app, there are not a lot. It seems that even more variety could be added to this app and that would make it better. That being said this is the free version of the app, for a few dollars more you can unlock the full version of the app. Although I have not indulged myself and gotten the full version, reading a few other reviews it seem that it would be worth checking out. So if you ever have the time you may want to open up the app and buy the full version for more workouts.

Sportsman PRO. Workout is spectacular and although it has its flaws it still comes through as being super useful when it comes to working out and getting your body moving. With this app you have a variety of tools at your disposal to lose weight, gain strength, and overall become a healthier you. So if you have the time and the motivation I would look into getting this app and getting started on the track to the new and improved body you have always dreamed of. Sportsman PRO. Workout is also available for iPhones.

My Digital Afterlife Keeps Your Passwords Safe

In this day and age everything we have is controlled by passwords and locks. Social media, email, our cellphones and bank accounts. Often times we have people who rely on us, who we help and we pay for but what happens when we die? All those passwords and locks meant for security don’t seem so helpful anymore when the person you take care of can’t get access to money to eat. Well, there is an app that you can get on your phone that can contain all your passwords and locks and keep them safe until after you die.

This app is very simple to use, it has a straight forward layout making it easy to add new passwords. Opening the app you are prompted to put in a password, which you can easily write down somewhere to let your dependent access the account, after which you are brought to a list of your different passwords. Once you go into a specific password you not only have access to the password but a list of details that you have put in as well. If there is any specific way you want a password to be used once you are gone you can simply input this here.

There are many different passwords that you can put into the password manager such as your home insurance, bike locks, bank accounts, your computer, even your internet password. Not only can you put in passwords but you can put in what you want to happen when you die. The password on the app makes sense because this is very valuable information, if you lose your phone and somebody gets a hold of this information your life could be ruined. However, it also makes it difficult because once you are dead you can’t exactly tell anybody your password. The point of the app is to give people access to your information after you are gone, but if they can’t get into the app then they won’t have that access. You can always write down the password for them but that also brings about a problem because there is a possibility that they could lose the password.

My Digital Afterlife app

In conclusion this app is very helpful, it can protect those you have protected by giving them access to your accounts. All apps have small flaws but it can be easily remedied by just writing down the password to one account. This app provides a safe haven for your passwords and your wishes after you die making it easier for the way that you would like your burial to be carried out to happen. You can simply put in your password and what you would like to happen to the account then leave it alone.

My Digital Afterlife has been designed for ease of use, it is meant to be very simple and yet very powerful. This app will protect your information so even if you lose your phone you do not have to worry. It will help those you care for even after you are gone.

Towers Battle Solitaire – Up the Ante with Your Solitaire Game

Lovers of games like Tri-Peaks, Pyramid, Freecell, and of course, Solitaire can now take their game up a new notches by downloading and playing Towers Battle Solitaire. At first, it sounds like a tower battle game, but is far from that. This app takes the well known and well loved game of Solitaire and gives it a new twist.

The stakes are not too high; there is no real money involved. However, what you do get is a chance to win some fun prizes; and the more players that join a game, the better the prizes.

The app is free, and provides hours of entertainment on both your iPhone and iPad. I prefer playing on the iPad so I can see the cards and the playing table better.

When you first download the app you will see what looks like a card playing table, complete with the green felt and all. You will also see that there are other players involved, because there will be cards handed out on all sides of the screen, or rather, the playing table.

The main menu offers tips and pointers on how to play for newbies, so don’t worry if you are Solitaire expert, but are not sure about player against others. There are several opportunities for trying out smaller games, while working your way up to tournaments. Some tournaments last for an entire day, so if you really get good, you can dive deep and go all in.

One Change Tournaments involve up to 1,000 players, all simultaneously vying for the pot of gold with an equal chance for a win. Battle Tournaments involve qualification rounds, so you really need to be good before you partake in those.

Towers Battle Solitaire app

To play the game, users choose a card that is higher or lower in value than the card in the center pile from any of the collections on the playing table. Coins are involved, so be aware that you need to maintain enough to stay in the game. Ultimately, the goal is to clear your playing area, just as in Solitaire. A way to score big is to have a run. This happens when several matching cards are stacked in succession, called a “Run.”

Rounds can go on for a while, and if you are running out of coins to stay in the game, then you have an option to purchase more coins and keep playing.

I like that the game is free, but I do have to say that the amount of time allotted for “free” playtime can pass by quickly, forcing you to make an in app purchase.  So, its lure is a bit sneaky, and it would be nice if it wasn’t.

Nonetheless, Towers Battle Solitaire is still a crowd pleaser and it lets you engage with fellow players who love the same. Solitaire has never been this much fun, and once you start you will not be able stop. The excitement escalates as you sign up for more games and tournaments, so get set and go.

Towers Battle Solitaire website

Towers Battle Solitaire Play Store

Towers Battle Solitaire Amazon