AtHome Camera – A Trusted Home Security

One of the world’s best and most trusted home security and video surveillance App, AtHome Camera transforms about 10 million devices to work as a video monitoring system. It may be customized to work as baby monitor, nanny cameras, pet camera, elderly care among other functions. The App supports all platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, Android Tablets and Smart TV. Integrated and configured with AtHome Video Streamer, it enables you to keep track of your home when you are out by receiving realtime alerts whenever incidents occur.

The App is built to support several professional functions; these include alarm recording, schedule recording, remote capture, email & push notification, two-way talk, video capture, video preview, split-screen viewing, cloud storage of alarm video among many others. The app allows for secure video streaming enabled by powerful encryption and P2P transfer technology. Built with a sophisticated and advanced technology, AtHome proofs to be the best choice to install as your home video surveillance.

You start by preparing two devices that is a computer and a smartphone. Then download the AtHome Video Streamer App from Google play or Apple App Store and install it on your device. After successful installation, your device is assigned to a unique Connection ID (CID) to mark the first time launch of the AtHome Video Streamer. Proceed with downloading and installing the AtHome Camera app onto the other device you intend to use as the viewer, then open the app , create an account and log in. Finally, add a camera by selecting either “Add by CID” or “By QR Code”, your live streaming set up is complete and ready for realtime footage.

The apps setup start by installing the PC side software that coordinates all phones, cameras and other smart devices. Then install the app on your phone and configure it to the pc side. Then add other camera devices to communicate to the pc side through a wireless connection where your pc sends notifications to your phone wherever you are.

The App affords realtime remote monitoring where the user can watch a live streaming via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network whenever or wherever they are. It also features a motion detection capability that sends emails or push notifications instantly whenever motion is triggered. It comes with a secure and private, two-way talk communication, where you may directly communicate to pets and people. You may also remotely adjust your IP camera to capture the entire room or schedule an automatic video recording that starts in background mode. The App is portable on most Windows and Apple platforms and enables you to add multiple streamers on a split-screen viewing without losing any recordings since cloud storage acts as a backup storage.

The app requires a fast and stable internet connection which is expensive to install and maintain. It also requires smart camera devices that are also expensive to buy and install. A user requires some technical knowledge to successfully set up AtHome Camera surveillance.  The user must have a strong device with a high resolution camera for the app to work effectively.

This is an advanced way to keep your home secure or keep track of all activities taking place in your absence. AtHome Camera also provides an effective way to communicate to people and pets in your home whenever and wherever you are. With this app you are fully in control of your house!

AtHome Camera – Monitor and Maintain for Safety and Security

Tech lovers thrive on all things innovative and new, whether they need it or not. Now, there’s an improvement to what many may be using to keep an eye on things, and can now rely on even more now that’s it’s been enhanced with hard to resist features and more robust delivery.

AtHome Camera, sister app to AtHome Video Streamer, allows folks to take their iPhone or iPad, running iOS 7.0 or later, and turn them into a dynamic duo that powers remote communication just like you want it.

You can use it as a security device to see what’s happening in your home while you are out. You can use it to see what your kids are up to while they are playing in the basement. You can monitor your child’s sleeping habits, so even if they say they are shutting off the lights and calling it a day, you will know the real deal by using AtHome Camera.

You could discriminatingly set your “camera” up in the room, and then set a timer on it to record for the time span of your choice. That way you know exactly when they put that book down and really turned out the lights.

If you yourself doze off into sleepy slumberland while you are intently monitoring the video feed, you could watch the recording later. The app is that powerful and useful.

AtHome Camera app

Some other neat features include:

  1. Monitoring while on the go. All you need is 3G/4G or WiFi
  2. Motion detection. Get notified via text or email if something moves
  3. Two-Way Talk: set up the camera in another room and you can hold conversations with whomever is there
  4. Security and Privacy. All video and audio feed is encrypted and protected.
  5. Stream in background mode, so no one knows that the camera is streaming.
  6. Device flexibility. You can stream and view from an assortment of devices, ranging from iPhone to iPad to IP Cameras.
  7. Video Storage. The app stores everything in the Cloud, so you never lose a thing.

What I could really use is the ability to stream video from different rooms, so that I can keep an eye on every entry to my house for major movements and maybe even setup a few inside to make sure I detect anything that goes on inside, as well. I am sure the creators of this amazing app already have their heads down and are working on this multiple streamer capability with several window views from the AtHome View app, and I anxiously await its arrival!

Until then, I will enjoy using this app to the best of it’s a capacity. As it stands right now, it has so much to offer. I don’t know what I would do without it. I am not a super techie person, but I know a great app when I see one; and, AtHome Camera not only scores high on the techie scale, it serves a mighty important role in helping people feel safe and secure.