Baby’s Brilliant – Building Brighter Babies in an Easy to Use App

Kids are accumulating skills and smarts at an alarming rate with the power of the internet and the endless assortment of apps that lay ready at their fingertips. For parents who want to ensure their kids are at the ready when they venture into their first classroom setting, whether it be preschool or kindergarten, Baby’s Brilliant can provide just what you need.

When you first download the app, you’ll have an opportunity to scroll through a series of screens that describes what the app has to offer, which is extremely helpful.

If you really like a book or song, you can mark it as a favorite for easy access later. You can also turn the sounds off and on as you please. What’s really nice is that in order to gain access to the settings menu, you have to type in a series of four digits which are spelled out. An example would be “four, two, eight, one.” This is so that your child does not have instantaneous access to the settings and make inadvertent purchases.

The Videos are categorized into 11 different types ranging from Soothing Videos to videos in different languages. Language options include: German, French, Chinese, and Spanish. All other videos are in English. There are educational videos like Weeman’s Science Videos, and entertaining ones, like Animated Children’s Songs. Most videos cost about $0.99, and a few are free.

Music choices range from classical to calming. There are also choices in Spanish and religious ones, as well. Depending on what your aim is, keeping your toddler busy or putting them down for a nap, you are sure to find a tune that does the job.

Baby's Brilliant app

My favorite category was the night time choices. Here, you will find an assortment of sounds that will lull your baby or toddler into a state of serenity, and what parent does not need that? You can even use it for yourself, once baby is down. It also comes equipped with a timer, so you can play just enough to help you nod off and snooze.

Books are offered in an assortment of categories, too. You can find ones that entertain, and others that teach mindful lessons that all can live by. If your child is ready to learn to read, then the interactive soundboards will provide the stimulation and encouragement to flip through pages and explore the words, learning to sound them out and read at the same time.

One small issue that needs to be fixed soon is the signup/login screen. After entering an email address, you are also prompted for a password. However, when you click on the password field, the keyboard slides into view, covering the field you need to fill in, which makes it slightly difficult. You are not sure if what you are typing is going where it needs to go. I hope to see a fix for this soon.

Other than that, Baby’s Brilliant is perfect for parents looking to keep kids busy when the time calls for it. There’s no need to make this a substitute for sitting and sharing a book with your child, but it certainly comes in handy when you need to keep your little one occupied.