Coach Guitar – Learn to Play the Strings on Your Own Schedule

Playing the guitar does not have to be a dream that never comes true. Even if you don’t have a real guitar, you can still learn how to play a guitar using an app on your iPhone. Yes, I know that sounds too hard to be true, but it is.

Introducing Coach Guitar. It turns your iPhone into a guitar of sorts by displaying a set of strings on your device. What is really cool is that you can set it up based on whether you are right- or left-handed. A refreshing upgrade to so many app that are blind to lefties.

But I digress…what I really liked about this guitar learning app is that it launches you straight into learning where to place your fingers to create the notes you need. Lessons are based on songs you already know – think “Happy Birthday,” “Hotel California,” and “Diamonds.” There is a wide variety of songs to choose from that come with the app. Once you have mastered those or just want to choose from their in-app purchase library, you can select from an even wider set of choices. Each song for just $3.99.

I am not super musically inclined, so the feature that I really liked was the high definition videos that you can watch of someone playing the tune. You can watch their fingers as they find their placement along the strings and as the pick strikes each string at the right moment. This is shown side by side with the graphical display of strings upon which you play. You even get a pick with the app to strike your strings.

The app has different levels of learning packages for purchase, so if you are not sure of how big an investment you’d initially like to make, then opt for the Beginner level priced at $3.99/month. If you are confident to see this thing through to a more advanced stage, I recommend going straight to the Premier level to take advantage of more videos and songs right away for $7.99/month. Both are much more economical than a music teacher.

I started with the Beginner Pass, because I was in it for some basic instruction. I chose the most simplest of songs to learn from first because I like to start off slow and work my way up at a gradual pace. The videos that go alongside each song made it very easy for me to see what the finger placement would look like and helped me get started. I have to say that the videos were the highlight for me.

Another neat feature in the app is that you can find instructional songs by searching for them in various ways: by title, by artist, by level of difficulty, and more. This way you can get to what you want to play quickly.

The only downside to the app would be accessibility to songs. If you buy the Premium level, you get unlimited access to songs with unlimited time to use them. The Beginner level is not so generous and that, quite frankly, is the level at which people need more time and access to a particular song.

I still like Coach Guitar for what I do get. I couldn’t get this much instruction at this price from a live instructor; and besides, I have no interest in music theory, just in playing the strings.

Coach Guitar App Trendifies Virtual Jamming

Music has always been a master entertainer for all ages and guitars have successfully lured the teenagers for long. With the introduction of the Coach Guitar App, this fantasy has nearly become an obsession. Now almost everyone can learn to play guitar in a short span of time with a mere tap of a finger.

Without any music theory or a tablature, a person can learn to play guitar quite fluently. When you open this app, the screen shows these options- My Lessons, Libraries, Help and Settings. Being an amateur, you are expected to go for the Help option initially. Here all the required information regarding the usage is provided. The black fret-board represents your virtual guitar. Then you will find an animated video consisting of a palm with colored fingertips. These colors indicate the chords you need to play on your guitar. There are corresponding colors provided on the strings too. This shows you where to tap the fingers while playing. This app ensures both hand playing techniques.

Coach Guitar library section

The My Lesson option enables you to synchronize through the pre-loaded songs and choose one amongst them to play, and thus enter the coaching procedures. The learning tips are easy and catchy as Coach Guitar facilitates step-wise learning opportunity for the users. Each song includes a certain number of visual recordings which helps the users to master each and every verse of that particular song. There are two beautiful songs available for free in this version- Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Wake me up when September ends by Green Day.

Coach Guitar lessons

The Library option might seem to be the most favorable and easily accessible option for most users; it almost looks like a playlist too but unfortunately, this library only manages being an option where you can store songs you want to play only after you buy them for a good price. But there are few popular tracks pre -loaded in this version for you to learn to play too. The Settings option is as usual, meant to configure the app as per the user’s wish.

Apart from the pay-and-learn concept of the Coach Guitar App, the developer Boris Douarre has committed another flaw- you can only learn to play the songs which are available in the Library to buy. No random selection of songs is allowed here. If we do not consider the above two limitations, Coach Guitar is a fair choice for any music lover around the world. Unlike most apps, it is available in more than two languages and helps you to strum the chords like a pro. The reviews have mostly been positive as the interesting graphics and tunes manage to keep the users engrossed in it.