File Expert with Clouds Manages Files on Android

Sometimes, file managers do not really live up to their name. Instead of simplifying things, they actually make the whole process ever more painful. With File Expert with Clouds, GeekSoft has come up with a way to manage files easily (and painlessly) on mobile phones, PC, tablets, and cloud storage servers. File Expert is an app that allows managing files on mobile phones, PC, and other devices, as well as cloud storage servers. It locates files quickly and organizes them expertly, depending on the appropriate category. It also facilitates quick and easy file transfer between and among devices, and works across different connection types.

File Expert also utilizes the free cloud service called GCloud. Its Cloud Storage supports access to various cloud services, such as Google Drive, Sky Drive and DropBox, to name a few. Other features include a fully functional multi-tab File Manager, a file downloader, file sharing via network and FTP, an App Manager, an Image Viewer and a Text Editor. To say that the File Expert is power-packed would be an understatement. This small app seems to be able to do everything, from locating files, organizing them, downloading files and sharing them. No wonder it is called a file “expert”!

The fact that the cloud service is free is a definite plus in its favor. It supports a lot of cloud services, so users will have no trouble accessing their files, no matter where they are located. Aside from the powerful file manager, the file downloader function is also a great addition. It is very fast, and allows downloads to resume in case they have been interrupted. Users can also easily share files through FTP, or send them using Wi-Fi. It is also possible to browse and download content from another person’s phone using the Quick Connect feature.

File Expert

The user interface is also worth mentioning. It is clean and fuss-free, and it takes no time at all before one can get the hang of it. It is very easy to navigate that even first-time users will have no trouble at all. The interface makes use of tabs, which are definitely easier to understand and work through. Since it resembles the workings of a basic web browser, it does not even require a lot of instructions to get anyone to understand it.

File Expert is a free app. As expected, there are bound to be ads. However, this seems to be a small price to pay for a free app that does a lot of things.  Also, it is not completely free, since there are features that you would have to shell some money for them to be available to you. Also, in order for files to be sent via Wi-Fi, it is also necessary that the receiving device has File Expert installed on it. Otherwise, the transfer will fail. The search for the ultimate file manager on Android is now over! File Expert by GeekSoft is, hands down, the best file manager available today, and everyone can enjoy its many useful features for free!