Grand Gin Rummy – Class Card Game – Reinvented

If you are like me and you remember endless days of summer playing all sorts of card games to pass the time, then you most certainly remember playing Gin Rummy. Now, most kids of today may raise an eyebrow or two when hearing the name of the game, seeing that electronics have come to overtake our time. But imagine the fun to be had if you digitized the game and made it fun for all?

Grand Gin Rummy does just that. Now, maybe your kids may not take a shine to it, but if they don’t, no matter. You can have it all to yourself.

Download the app, which is free, but be forewarned that the app creators do ask for payment information up front. I assume it’s to keep it handy for future in-app purchases. I found it to be a bit of an unnerving practice, if I do say so myself, but it should be fairly harmless.

Grand Gin Rummy screenshot

Back to the app…it basically takes you back in time to a 1920’s era hotel. Here you enter to play amongst guests who are ready for a good time.

Upon opening the app, I was reeled in with the art deco layout and look. I really love the 1920’s art deco look and this just added to the attraction of the app.

There are three types of gin rummy games you can play:

  • Practice
  • Original
  • Quick
  • Oklahoma

Now, since I am not a gin rummy expert anymore, what I loved about this app was the Practice games. They let me start up a game and play at my pace, so I could remember the rules and what to do next.

Once you feel comfortable with game play, you can move onto the Original or Quick play. These can be played with a small group of players, or you can open up to a globally diverse group by playing against a myriad of online players.

It’s your choice, you can play offline or online.

Another neat feature is the ability to connect via Facebook, so you can invite folks you know to play, customizing your game to be with people you know.

After accumulating some gin rummy know-how and an abundance of points, you can partake in gin rummy seasonal leaderboards, where you will vie for top spot. Do well enough and gift your points to others, if you wish.

The only downside I could see to this app was that it seemed a little busy in terms of  what was displayed on the screen. But once you get past that and immerse yourself in the game, you forget about it and focus on what matters most.

If you like a good card game and are looking for one that does not involve gambling, then Grand Gin Rummy is the app for you. It has everything you need to have a great time, without the stress and hassle that so many other gaming apps are saddled with. Download today and make it your goto app to bring the memories of a great game alive.