Hirred – Land a Job with a Video Clip

It sounds strange, but yes, in this day and age of technology driven business, we find that networking has found a stronghold in cyberspace.  Up until now, this online networking, linking, sharing and job hunting has been based on static data that is two-dimensional.  Close your eyes and imagine being able to bring your job to life through a short 30-second video clip that speaks to the value of your task.  Imagine the interest you could incite in that short amount of time.  More than you could ever imagine with paragraphs or words or pictures.  Imagine now, being able to find such an opportunity, and respond in kind with an equally riveting “show” about yourself, that sparks interest to learn more. 

Employers and potential candidates cannot say all there is to say about a job or about their credentials in just 30 seconds.  However, both parties can make a huge impression in that same amount of time.  The right words, the right gestures, the right props – it all makes a difference.  It can set the right tone, and invite enough interest to make an employer want to learn more and possibly hire. It might make what otherwise would sound like a dull job into an exciting opportunity. 

Using video clips is monumentally ingenious in the space of employment.  Up until now all we have been able to look at is words.  After a while, words all look the same.  Every job you seek that may be in the same category end up looking the same.  The same applies to job candidates and resumes.  How many times have you looked at resumes for people looking for a particular field, only to find that the same descriptions and qualifications are listed for each and every one?  Video clips are the key to differentiation. 


That said, Hirred gives the online employment world something to think about.  On its own, this app may not necessarily provide much.  However, just the concept of selling through a short video has potential that can go farther than many would normally imagine.  Linked to a plethora of different apps, this app can become more than its original intention – and maybe that’s what is in store for it. 

Hirred itself has an easy to use interface and is very simple.  You can view jobs under Calls, and reply to them with offers under Pitches.  You can customize your Profile to any level you desire.  Social networking links to Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are supported, so you can branch out from your Hirred presence into other realms. 

Enhancements that allow more words, resume attachments or more may drive this app to more usability.  Hiring or finding a job on just 30 seconds of information may not always be the wisest thing, and having that supportive “traditional” at hand will make for a more robust environment.