MAYU for iMessaging –  Social Media Animation Made Easy

Looking for a new way to send messages? Tired of boring text that has no impact? If you want to brighten someone’s day with text that says it all, then MAYU Animate is the app for you. MAYU makes it easy to create fun text messages, and sharing them even easier.

When you first download MAYU, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to create messages, add enhancements and send them on their way. The app has just one screen – it’s all you need. It’s simple. It’s handy. It’s straightforward.

You can opt in or out of sharing your device’s camera, but I would highly recommend opting in, so you can send stuff you’ve done in the moment.

Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll see on the main screen:

Top of screen

  • Camera – take pictures and then use them as your background. You can even add a layover pattern in addition to the picture and text.
  • Plus Sign – select this to create a completely new message. Note that if you don’t choose this, you will be working on the same message you last sent or edited.
  • Upload – send your message through your choice of social media apps. Choices include Facebook, iMessage, Twitter and more.

MAYU app

Bottom of screen

  • Create and edit your text. When you create a new message, you will get to type it in first. After that, the options you’ll see here is the ability to change the font and coloring.
  • Add your choice of backdrops.
  • Add animation.
  • Choose colors in and around your message.

MAYU lets you play around with all of the options and then hit Play to see what you’ve created before you send it on its way. If you really want to test out your message, you can even iMessage it to yourself to make sure it’s just the way you want it.

I really liked the option of being able to take a new picture or use one from your photo album and then do some crazy stuff with it. I was impressed with the different font styles and patterned overlays, as well. The color choices are endless and you can even fine tune hues to use colors that are exactly what you have in mind to make your message pop.

If I could request a change, it would be to add the ability to edit an existing message that you just started. I created one and wanted to use the same background and animation, but just change out the text – and was unable to.

Outside of that small hiccup, MAYU is an app that is fun to use and makes the art of messaging more entertaining.

Omni Remover Keeps Your Mac Humming Smoothly

When your car’s engine collects buildup, it doesn’t pick up like it used to. When scissors get sticky, they don’t cut. When things get overloaded with junk, they don’t work like they are supposed to. The same goes with your Mac. Overload it with too much stuff, and it won’t deliver as it should.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Mac’s are amazing. But, you can only keep so much on a Mac before you start to see deterioration in performance. It can happen to even the top of the line model.

So, how do you keep your Mac clean? You download Omni Remover and let it do its magic.

It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s fast. It works hand in hand with your Mac to make sure you don’t keep apps and files that you don’t need. There is always lots of junk that gets downloaded when you visit sites, install apps or when you download files to view them. When you decide you don’t need those files or apps, there are other things that were downloaded besides those files that you should get rid of, but you just don’t know about them.

Omni Remover

Omni Remover makes it easy to get rid of stubborn apps. Most apps should get removed from your machine when you select “uninstall” or “delete.” The question is how many files are really being removed from your machine, or has only the icon been deleted?

Omni Remover makes sure everything related to the app is removed, so your machine is free and clear of all remnants, clearing it up for more important things.

If you just need to get a rogue app back to square one because it has started to misbehave, Omni Remover can do that, too. It will investigate what is wrong with the app, will remove the bad stuff, and will get you back up and running.

Omni Remover is also very helpful in keeping your Mac running smoothly by removing widgets and plugins you may not need anymore. These are items that sit in the background and use up valuable processing power. If there are widgets or dashboards that you just don’t look at or use, then Omni Remover can bring attention to them and let you decide whether or not to keep them.

What I really liked was the ability to run a cleaner app regularly. I was able to set how often I wanted it to run and at what time, so I knew that things were getting cleaned up, preventing any backup and buildups.

If there were one thing I would wish for from the app it would be to setup up some automatic reporting so I knew what was being marked for destruction before it was removed from my machine.

Omni Remover is still great nonetheless! It has made my Mac run a little smoother by removing things I don’t need and by helping me get rid of apps that I don’t use.

Secret Calculator Vault – Calculating Way to Keep Files Hidden and Secure

On the surface, a calculator. Underneath it’s clever guise, a secret vault. Okay, maybe not an actual vault, but a virtual vault to house files you cherish and need to keep under wraps with no chance of discovery. You get all of this is a unique app called Secret Calculator Vault.

You might be asking yourself why you would need to keep files secret and to such a degree? Well, remember when you were collecting all those photos of friends and family in a cap and gown so that you could surprise your upcoming graduate with a cool album sporting everyone in a cap and gown? If you stored them all on your iPhone’s photo albums, those photos may be easily discovered. Boom! Your surprise goes down the drain.

Now, if you have Secret Calculator, you could take these photos secretly and keep them secretly. All under the disguise of an app that looks like a simple calculator.

Secret Calculator looks like and functions like a calculator. So, if anyone gets a hold of your device and notices it, they will have no idea what’s behind is protective curtain. What they will be able to do with it is get some mathematical answers, and that’s it.

Secret Calculator Vault

Now, when you go to use it, you will punch in exactly what you need to to open it up, push that protective curtain to the side, and gain access to your photos and videos. They could be for planning an event. They could be from a trip you took with friends that you want to keep from hidden – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Or, they could just be pictures of something that you just want to keep in the cloud with no chance of anyone knowing that you have it.

Whatever the case, know that when you download and use Secret Calculator, you will be signing up to use an cloud storage app that no one knows exists on your device. On top of that, you get to choose a locking mechanism that works best for you. This could be a calculator lock, a dot lock, a fully numeric passcode, an alphanumeric passcode, and more. Once you are in the app and you have created albums to organize your files, you can even add an additional level of security by putting a lock on the album itself.

Easy to use and navigate through, Secret Calculator is free to download and offers additional features with in-app purchases. Several of the additional levels of security may require such a purchase.

What might make Secret Calculator less conspicuous is making the name of the app less conspicuous. Using the word “Secret” may just give something away, so I would highly suggest a change.

Until then, I urge anyone who is looking for a robust and secure cloud storage option to consider Secret Calculator Vault. It makes keeping things safely hidden so easy.

Audials Radio – Listen to Over 100K Radio Stations

The telephone was essentially invented to make communication between people that are not in the same geographical location possible, in recent times the use of telephones have assumed greater dimension we now have what is commonly called “smartphones” as if the telephones of old were dummies. A smartphone is used to perform various tasks like reading, taking pictures, accessing the internet etc. It is not uncommon for people nowadays to plug in earphone to their smartphone fully engrossed with music or enjoying a nice program on one of the various internet radio stations that we have, it is multimedia experience generally that this rare application seeks to polish and brighten.

Audials Radio is surely an amazing New Year gift by the developers no wonder it has been downloaded about one million times from Play Store. However, maybe due to the many features the app possesses its interface is not above average there is really nothing mind-blowing about it, the features and options are not neatly arranged.  This does not in any way make reviewing the salient features of this app a futile endeavor and this shall be done below.

Features and characteristics of the app:

Radio recorder: While listening to online radio via your smartphone the radio station might play a song that you have been looking for or the song being played might appeal to your hearing all you need to do is to click on the radio recorder on the app and the song would be downloaded to your music player.

Audials Radio

Clock radio: What good way to start your day can be better than being woken up to the sound of your favorite radio station playing you music well, with this app you can set your preferred radio station as your alarm there is even an option for snooze.

Podcast: With about 100,000 podcasts delivering diverse message and information ranging from news, documentaries, sports etc. to choose from there is never a dull moment with this app.

Internet radio: Navigate the internet radio space easily with this app which allows you to surf about 80, 000 radio stations with ease. Access to top-notch radio stations like the BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 1, Heart, Capital FM, BBC Radio 5 live, Classic FM, KISS, hasn’t been this easy.

Wireless Music Syncing: The app allows you to connect with your computer at home and enjoy your computer playlist wherever you go.

Access to SD card: This app allows you access to your sd card in order for you to play the songs on it

Access to cloud storage: Your songs are stored on cloud storage you need not worry this app allows easy access to your crowd storage as easily as you can access the songs on your sd card.

Find the Best Radio station for your Music: No matter the genre of music you like whether rnb, country music, Hip-hop or what have you and no matter unpopular you feel your favorite musician is there is an option in Audials Radio that allows you to search for the radio station playing your favorite music genre and artist.

Equalizer: This option allows you to amplify your music to your own taste you can edit the bass, 3D effect of the song etc. This option is best enjoyed with a blasting earphone.

Spree Pop – A Single Pop to Keep You Hooked

If you are an ardent mobile gamer who values quality pass times, Spree Pop is built with you in mind. Personally, I liked all the games aspects, except for one minor drawback. Aside from the minor gripe, the game offers clean, eye-catching visuals and excellent sound effects that exemplify its addictive gameplay.

 The simple arcade shooter themed game is pleasingly easy to play and difficult to put down. Its nice concept is complemented by the neat design that offers a sure way to keep you hooked for hours. If you are yet to download the game, read our review for all the details about this iPhone app.

Spree Pop’s game concept is borrowed from the Space Invaders games. It’s a simple game where you navigate a self-flying spaceship, destroying monsters to collect maximum points. Of course, like Space Invader you don’t have to fixate too much on shooting, you must also stay buoyant and avoid crashing to death to claim the top prize.

The game is seemingly too simplistic, and the challenge might not be pleasing to some players, but personally, I like the games idea. The aim is to stay on the right flight path and destroy all enemies starting with the weakest. The enemies are red-eyed monsters called sprees. The sprees keep poping hence the name Spree pop. They come in steady waves, and the onus is to destroy them all to keep your path clear.

Spree Pop

The sprees or monsters are labeled with different numbers. The numbers designate the health they have and also indicate the amount of time you require to destroy them. Some of the monsters carry tanks, and when you destroy them, you grab these tanks to upgrade your intensity. The upgrade may mean improving the speed or power of firing. The highlight of this game is destroying the sprees and enjoying the scene as they explode like fireworks in the darkest night.

Spree Pop provides an intuitive one-touch control which makes it easy to play the game. The spaceship is self-flying and controlling it is as easy as sliding your finger along the screen. The shooting is done for you, and your task is to select the flight path and direct the ammunition to the monsters. However, it takes some skills to shoot the lower numbered monsters to keep flying without crashing to death.

What I love most about spree Pop is its simplistic nature and easy to follow rules. The game is truly exciting with excellent soundtracks that ensure you are not bored. Also, I found the clean and colorful visuals more enticing as they filled the gameplay with fun and made it addictive. It also easy to navigate the self-flying ship which means it’s easy to play the game right away.

Although Spree Pop offers plenty of positives, there is one drawback. The game is ads supported and the distractingly large banners displayed at the bottom of the screen can be annoying. However, this is well taken care of, and with just $1.99 you can remove the ads to keep the party going without disruptions.

If you are a budget conscious mobile gamer, you can try Spree Pop. The game is offered for free and is available for download on App Store. Barring its ads support, the game has all the qualities of a reliable app.

Fortune City – Get Educated and Entertained

There is nothing compared to getting educated and entertained all together and at a glance, this gamified finance application seeks to teach you the intricacies of finance and building a prosperous city with sound economic growth without boring you with economic and financial jargons that is taught by the traditional schooling system. What you get is an application that makes finance easy, fun, and entertaining which makes it ideal for anybody that is interested in finance no matter the age or educational qualification what really matters is the interest in finance.

This application teaches basic finance terms like budgeting and book keeping with gamification, this affords you the opportunity to watch your city grow and develop as you take basic and major financial decisions, you also can see by yourself if you make any wrong decision as your city might remain stagnant due to a wrong decision. In case of the city becoming stagnant no need to worry about that you can join Cashy the Cat, Fortune City’s Chief Financial Officer, and together expand your city into a flourishing metropolis. All these are done like playing games.

With this great finance app you do not only learn the intricacies and complexities of accounting with ease as the game simple interface affords you the opportunity to easily keep track of your account with a chart which shows your total income, total expenditure, and total balance, on the chart are items such as entertainment, food, drink, shopping, transport, miscellaneous and amounts spent on these items, you can also recruit citizens as your city grows from just being a city to becoming a metropolis.

Fortune City app

However it is observed that the game focuses more on spending rather than creating substantive wealth. It also encourages the culture of spending, rather than discourage it so it is safe to say it is not designed to help build up savings or positive cash flow or to get out of debt.

Beautiful interface: The interface is simply designed and yet attention is paid to details which are represented with diagrams like pie charts and bar charts. The application is colourful and yet splendid to the eyes it is designed in such a way that it can be enjoyed both by adults and young children.

It allows for customization: This gamified finance app with city simulation allows you the freedom to engage your artistic creativity and genius as it allows you to decide how the city would look like you have over one hundred building styles to choose from you can also determine the transportation system, the sewage disposal system etc. you also have the task to make your citizens happy the happier they are the more prosperous the city would be. This gamified finance app turns you to a city planner, administrator and an accountant all at once.

Compete with friends: Fortune City allows you to compete with your friends as they develop their own cities too, your cities are ranked based on their prosperity, the more prosperous and happy the citizens are the better it would be ranked. There are also special rewards for daily users of the application.

Automatic synchronization: progresses in the game are automatically synchronized meaning that you do not have to worry about manually saving your progress.

Who’s The Boss – New Job? Know What You’re Getting Into

Changing jobs these days is considered the norm, but consider the old saying that “the grass is always greener” elsewhere. We sometimes find ourselves changing jobs because we are unhappy. What lies outside our current employment could be better, it could be worse. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you are getting into when you go for those job interviews, or even consider a role at a certain company.

Now you can. Who’s The Boss is an app that is powered by the people who want to share their experiences at various companies, to make sure that people know the character of workers that they may be working with. Now, keep in mind this app is only as powerful as the input it receives, so if you are looking at a company whose employees have not engaged with the app, there may be little data to go off of.

To start, the app is a free download. Secondly, it mimics that all too famous sites that college student have been using for I don’t know how long to “grade” their professors. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am too old to have experienced such a valuable tool. My kids have, and have used it profusely when choosing which session to register for, just avoid a really bad professor or even to go after one that’s really good.

Back to Who’s The Boss, this app “grades” people at a company. They may be managers, they may be individual contributors. Either way, it’s valuable information. If you know of the manager you’ll be interviewing with or working for, you can try and look up their team members to see if the team is a good fit for you based on the temperaments of each member.

Who's The Boss screenshot

If you have great things to say about people you work with, share it. There is no better way to give back to the app and to others.

Moving around the app is super easy. You can search by People or by Companies. Once you get to the People page, you can search for a particular person and then read the comments left by others. The People page also gives a synopsis of the total number of reviews left and the breakdown of good versus bad.

Companies lists employees who have been added and you can browse around in there. You also get the company address, as well.

I think it would be nice to provide links into LinkedIn for folks who wanted to provide information about themselves.

I found the app to be extremely easy to use and very informative. Sometimes you just don’t know what you may be getting yourself into, and asking people who already work there may put them in an awkward position. Who’s The Boss lets you learn more anonymously, without offending.

Lemon Tree – Storybooks Personalized for Your Little Reader

Learning to read can be fun if what you are reading means something special. For kids, this means drawing them into the story. As adults, we can put ourselves into any situation and fill gaps using our imagination. Kids need more. That’s where Lemon Tree comes to the rescue.

Lemon Tree is an online library of books that your child can download and read. You get a total of eight books when you purchase the app for just $1.99. A small price to pay for a personalized publication!

So, not only do you get a nice set of books, you also get to personalize each one of them so you child’s name appears in each. There are reading books and coloring books, so it offers variety that is sure to keep you little reader entertained.

After downloading, when you open a book it will prompt you to enter a child’s name. You provide this and, when needed, names of friends. The book then fills in the names into the story making your child and the named friends characters in the storybook. What is neat is that the app highlights the personalised information in color, so your child’s eyes detect their names easily.

Lemon Tree featured

Stories include characters like elves in Santa’s village, a grumpy old teddy bear, fun loving dinosaurs, and fairytale fairies. While the stories are written in traditional format, it’s important to remember that if your child is not fully reading on her own, she will need assistance.

A feature that I really liked, that you don’t find in many children’s books are the Fun Facts that appear at the end of each story. Each story is entertaining and educational at the same time. Parents can go over Fun Facts with kids or let the kids ask about them on their own.

Each page of every book is bright with color, the text is crisp and easy to read. Moving between pages involves simple swipes that anyone can handle.

A small but powerful feature would be to add a “read to me” option. If the book was like an audio book, it would be a great enhancement and would allow for non-readers to join in on the fun. I always thought hearing the story was a great way to learn how to read. You can follow along with the word as they are spoken. I would also like to see a QWERTY keyboard for entering names and places.

Other than that, Lemon Tree is a definite download for anyone that’s looking for books that your child will love and ones that you can pop open wherever you are!

Evermusic – Clever Cloud Music App

For those of you who have your treasured music collection stored in the cloud and want a better way to manage it and use it, you have to try out Evermusic. It’s an app that affords you easy access to your music from a myriad of devices. There is a free version of the app and there is a professional version that you can purchase for just $0.99.

Typical locations for music storage include Google Drive, Box, DropBox, MEGA, SMB and OneDrive. Evermusic works with all of those cloud servers, and more. The app connects into your cloud selections and streams from there, so you can listen to your music, anytime, anywhere.

What better way to take your music with you without worrying if you downloaded it to your iPhone or iPad. The files stay in the cloud and “follow” you wherever you go.

Major features include:

  • PLAY – you can play several types of audio formats, including MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF and M4R. There are options to REPEAT and SHUFFLE, so you can replay a song you absolutely need to listen to again, or just let the player take control and serve up songs with a random whim. Audio books are also supported by Evermusic. You can also control playback speed – something for those music lovers who love to create other things with their music. If you use it as an audiobook player, you can set several bookmarks and title them, so several users of the same cloud can share in reading a book. What I really liked was the Sleep Timer. I love to play soothing sleepy music at night and set a time for when it will turn off, which is hopefully after I’ve fallen asleep.
  • DOWNLOAD – connect into your cloud provider and then download onto whatever device will handle the files. This allows you to listen to your music without needing an Internet connection, which is sometimes a very essential feature.
  • MANAGE – You can copy, move, rename and transfer files between different cloud storage carriers. Many times you may want to share songs with others in your family. Evermusic makes is ever so easy. You can create playlists and organize the songs in the playlist. Editing ID3 tags allows you to identify your music quickly.
  • SYNC – Evermusic automatically synchronizes your music across all the devices that are connected into your cloud. You don’t ever have to do anything manually.
  • SEARCH – a cleverly designed engine provides quick and easy searches so you can find what you are looking for without frustration. I found this feature extremely easy to use and very valuable.

I was very impressed with the black background, which gave the app and very professional and easy to navigate look. Some apps have way too much going on. This app had everything perfectly placed.

There’s not much I could recommend in terms of improvements. I thought Evermusic was extremely easy to use and provided smooth streaming of my music with top quality. I would like to see less items displayed on the lists, as at times things looked crowded.

Other than that, this app is a treat to have if you are looking to make the most of your cloud collection of music.