Find and Use Jamie’s Gold Club Deals On the Go

Dining out in style does not have to be difficult or expensive. If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver, you know all too the delectable delights that await you when you step through the doors of any of his restaurants.

Gold Club membership use to be cumbersome. Now, it’s all wrapped up neatly in an app that you carry with you, so there is no digging for a card, or remembering how many points you’ve earned.

Download Jamie’s Italian Gold Club and become a Gold Club member and start receiving special deals and discounts throughout the year.

Setup is simple. Enter information about your location, which of the Jamie Oliver Italian restaurants you like and frequent the most, and then being your dining adventure.

The app offers easy searches for restaurants when you are not close to the one you love. Let’s say you are out and about and are craving your favorite Chicken Piccata. No problem. Open the app and do a search. The app will pull up any restaurants that are nearby, including the exact address and distance from where you are. Note, you will have to turn on Location Services in order for this to be accurate.

jamies italian gold club

Once you locate the restaurant you want to go to, you can select that location from within the app and see what the wait times are. If they seem short enough and you want to reserve a table, you can do so through the app. That’s it. You are done. Now all that is left is making your way to your desired destination for that meal that you are craving.

The benefits don’t stop there. You can get the inside track on seasonal specials and menus, occasional specials and treats, and taster sessions where you get to try out what Chef Jamie has concocted.

When your meal has been completed, and you can eat no more, checkout is quick and easy with your app. Yup, you can pay the bill through your app, which means earning more rewards and specials is effortless.

Imagine a gathering of friends and family is on the horizon. You have nothing to fear, because you have Jamie’s Gold Club app. All you have to do is pick your date and use the app to see if there is availability for your party. Book it and then forget it.

The only downside to the app is that you can’t pick your table. You can say how big of a table you’d like, but you cannot choose the location of the table from within the restaurant; but, that is a minor inconvenience. It can easily be fixed with a quick phone call.

I have no qualms about this app and cannot wait for it to be available for his non-Italian restaurants. I am so ready to try all of his locations, but I want the app to take me there.

Download Jamie’s Italian Gold Club today and start enjoying Jamie’s Italian creations with easy benefits.