Melodious Music in an Easy to Use Learning App – Jazzy World Tour

Music feeds the soul – that’s what people say. It also helps stimulate so many areas of the brain, providing an opportunity to learn and expand the mind on so many levels and in so many areas. Folks say that learning the piano helps with mathematics.

If you are looking to entertain your kids with a music based app that has the added plus of helping them learn on a multitude of levels, then Jazzy World Tour has exactly what you are looking for.

This app is set up like an adventure game of sorts, with two cute kittens on an adventure around the world. Their mode of travel is a hot air balloon. As the balloon descends to different countries over a variety of continents, kids gets to experience the local culture, music, language and more. There are quizzes to take, as well, so you can really use this app as an educational tool, if you want.

In more detail, these are the type of thing kids will get to explore and experience in each country:

  • Musical instruments – tap on each one to see what it sounds like and you can even play around with them
  • Smart facts – about the musical instruments, local food, culture, and animals
  • Music – listen to instrumentals and vocals from different pieces that are typical of each region

As you enter each country, you will get to choose one of three options: Learn, Play and Create. Under Learn, you can select an animal, a musical instrument and food items that are displayed across the bottom of the screen. Tap on one and read the information provided. You can then either close the window or tap on the quiz to see how much you retained.

The Play option is really cute. Here you will see different animals native to this country playing different instruments that are also native to the country.

Under the Create option, kids get to create their own photos and videos, as if they had traveled along with the two kittens to that country. It really is a cool idea to have added this. You can then save the photos or delete them.

As photos and videos are saved, they are collected in a Travel Book that you can access from the main screen.

Jazzy World Tour currently supports visits to 10 countries: U.S., Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Egypt, Kenya, Russia, Japan and Australia.

What I would love to see, and I am sure it’s in the works, is more countries over the various continents. Definitely some in the Baltic region.

Teachers and parents alike will love what the app offers. It serves as a great learning device and entertainment vehicle.  I found it very entertaining and amusing myself. This app also has a free version.