Mahjong Blitz – Good Old Tile Matching Game With an Interesting Twist!

I typically like to try out various simple recreational mobile games, and the screenshots of this one seemed decent so I downloaded it as well.

First of all, this tile matching game is a bit different than most others because of it’s specific rules. The goal in the game is to eliminate all the tiles in the screen by identifying matching tiles. However, you may only identify tiles which are ‘free’. Free tiles are those tiles which have openings on either of their side. It means, either the left, right, top or bottom side of the tile is not attached to any other tile. Only then you can click on that tile and match with its pair. This rule only makes the game more challenging than a typical tile matching game, and keeps the user engaged. Also, it is very strategic as well since you do not want to run out of opportunities to find combination tiles to match.

On the other hand, this game is has a multiplayer option. That is rather uncommon to me because most basic games such a tile matching, Tetris, Snake etc., do not tend to offer multiplayer option. However, in this game, you can fight tournaments with random users, or any specific user if you have one in mind.

Mahjong Blitz game

By competing with other users, you have the chance to beat their top score and increase your skill and expertise in the game. After that, if you have scores high enough, you may qualify to play tournaments for cash prizes. Also, what I love the most about games that offer tournaments is that it is a great way to become a part of a virtual gaming community. And of course, any game is more fun when played with multiple people.

As for user friendliness, I found this game to be very easy to navigate. The functions are very simple and can be easily comprehended by any user. Also, as a beginner it was relatively easy for me to understand the rules of the games, even though it has certain intricate details initially, about which tiles you can match and which ones you cannot.

To me it is a great way to pass my leisure time. For instance when I am commuting to work on the bus, I often play this and try to maintain a high score, so that I can play for the cash prize tournaments. This is a very relaxing and easy way to make some extra bucks.  And if you spend a lot of time on your phone, this is a great way to turn that time wastage into an opportunity to make a little extra money.

However, do not be fooled with the idea that you can make a living out of this game. You can make very small amounts, but I think that’s as fair a bargain as anyone can get from playing a game. Also, Mahjong Blitz is free to download, therefore you are not having to make any initial investments at all! Overall, I think this game is great for passing the time!