Music Cube – Configure Your Own Music

There are only a few apps around that can provide you with high quality sound and music but I think I have found an app that is absolutely amazing and can make any song sound brand new. This app is called Music Cube. It has so many features and a high quality user interface. It is a very professional app that just keeps getting better with time. It makes you wonder why you aren’t paying for it! (Admittedly there is a Pro version you can pay for to help support the developers as they make the app even better.)The design concept is in the name giving the app a stylish theme, cubes.

I personally love to be able to configure my own music to sound the way I want and with the customizable equalizer I can do just that. This app is very simple to use with an easy equalizer that even comes with some preset options if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of changing the song by yourself. There is an excellent bass booster in this app that can make the music seem almost 3D in your ears which is really cool when you are walking down the street. Also if you like a loud bass you can make it to where you can feel the bass in your body.

Music Cube app

There are many different types of music files supported by this app including MP3, WMA, AAC, 3GP, OGG, and FLAC. You can tag each of these files with whatever you want so that you can organize the music in a variety of ways, which comes in handy when making your ultimate playlists which is easily done in app. Through the app you can even share music files and playlists with your family and friends, so everybody can join in on the fun. This music player will download all the cover art and information about the band as well so you can learn more about your favorite songs and have the official cover art to go with it.

If you are really into the app there are even more features to customize your phone such as widgets. The one thing about the app is that you cannot download any music from it. There are many easy ways to download music from other places though so this is not much of a problem unless you aren’t very tech savvy. However because the app doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone there shouldn’t be a problem downloading a second app to download music to your phone or possibly downloading the music off of the internet. Either way I think that getting Music Cube is still very worth it.

I use this Music Cube to make music videos and although I don’t post them anywhere the quality turns out really well. If you need a music app to create better sound than this is the music app for you. Just keep in mind that even with all the great features you may need one more app to make it perfect until the developers can figure out a way to let us download music directly from their app.