Ninflated – Float your Ninja with Finesse

If you like games that are simple, yet challenging, then App Street Games has a new challenge for you. They have just launched a new game that takes plenty of patience and mounds of finesse to master. Simple by nature in terms of what you required to do, it will have you struggling and perfecting moves to maneuver your player to success; but, be aware that once you have “mastered” some moves, you will be back on the uphill battle as the game becomes more challenging with new obstacles and almost a new set of rules.

Your player is a Ninja in a blown up bubble. Sounds weird, but hey, there have been crazier things thrown at players in games. Your Ninja basically floats around in this bubble and your mission is to guide your floating Ninja through mazes and around obstacles, preventing his bubble from bursting, literally. If it blows, you are done! Movement is managed by either tapping on one side of the screen or the other to direct the bubbles movement. You can also slide left and right, or up and down to direct your bubble Ninja.

When you first start playing, the playing field is fairly simple and easy to move around in. You may get popped now and then, but with some practice you get a better feel for how often or rapidly to tap or how much to slide to ensure your bubble does not touch anything around it. Be aware that as you start to do well and move on through the course, the game will, on its own, evolve and change things up a bit. By change things up, I mean that sliding up will move your Ninja downward, and vice versa. Things will not be as they seem, so adjustments to your tactics will be necessary for survival.


For most games, the bubble behaves just as you would expect it to, it floats. So, from the perspective of your screen, the bubble moves upward constantly. From each side, you will see bars and things jutting out that you must avoid. Successfully complete areas and levels and you will see occasional signs go up that warn of changes to the venue. Particularly, a sign that says “up in the new down”. Also be aware that you cannot always use taps or slides as you wish. Each obstacle that you must “pass” through is colored differently and shows different icons. If you must slide to move your Ninja through the pass, then you will see arrows. If you must tap to move the Ninja through, then you will see two circles in the area signaling so.

As you move on through the game, you will also see that taps and swipes move your Ninja in the opposite direction, playing games with your mind and prompting you to think in the opposite way. While simple to learn and play, it did take a few tries to get the swipes and taps just right. You have to swipe just the right amount otherwise the Ninja may not clear the horizontal obstacles and it the results will not be pretty.

For a free game, Ninflated is definitely worth downloading to experience a new type of game and to help fill your time. It may actually prove to be a great mind exercise game, as well, when you reach a point where you are tapping or swiping in a direction opposite to where you want to go.