nRadio – Personalized Radio That Plays Sounds from Around the World

Listening to the radio is not what it used to be, thanks to super speedy devices and the power of the internet. Everything has gone digital, including radio. There are lots of apps out there that offer a wide variety of music to choose from, but nRadio offers the best in unique options and features that make listening a whole lot easier.

Boasting over 20,000 stations that source from over 49 countries, it is easy to see why you could never get bored with this app. Even if you are steadfast in listening to a certain genre, nRadio can open up your auditory acumen by introducing you to something different.

To start, download the app and start searching for stations. There is a Search window near the top of the Settings screen, and as you type, it lists options that match. Straight from this list, you can select a station and start playing by tapping the play icon, located to the right of the title. If you want, you can take lists and build tables based on different category types, such as by country.

Once you have figured out your top selections, you can add them to your Favorites, which looks like a dial on the main screen. To add a station to Favorites, simply swipe from right to left. Users should be careful not to load too many stations to their Favorites, as this will flood it and make it extremely difficult to find the stations you really want.

What is really cool is that you can select your top four selections and add them your 3-D Shortcuts, which appears as a dial on the main screen. This mean instant access!

Many folks like to search for stations by country and then add this entire list to their Favorites, which can easily deteriorate their listening experience.

Other features that I thought were really cool and set this app apart from other radio streaming apps include:

  • Alarm Clock – set up a soothing station and let the app know when you want to be awaken
  • Snooze – set it to any number of minutes you want, from 1 to 99
  • Optional decreasing snooze
  • Ad free

The variety of the stations is mind boggling and I just could not get enough of the variety. What I do wish is that it was easier to organize searches and find specifically what you were to looking for, if you have something in particular.

For me, that is a small price to pay for the enormous volume of variety you get from nRadio. I was able to discover so many different genres of music that I never would have come across from my local selection.