Paralign – Real Connections in Real Time

In a time where experts say human beings are the most connected, it’s interesting to note how disconnected people really feel. Sure, you may have tons “friends” on Facebook, and more followers than you have friends, but are those connections real?

Do those people with whom you are digitally connected relate to who you really are? Do you know who you are? Those are all deep questions, and while we think we have folks around us that “get” us, sometimes it really isn’t the case.

Paralign lets you look inward to find out who you really are, what do you believe it, and help you identify what you believe in. It helps you figure out what makes you tick.

Paralign is an app that allows you to make connections that matter by letting you align with other members who share similar thoughts.

When you download, you can sign up using either email or a social media account. If you are not ready to commit, you have the option to use the app as a Guest. What was important to me, and I am sure to many others, is that Paralign will not post anything you enter on the social media site.


There are three areas in which to communicate with fellow members: My Mind, Similar Minds, and Wondering Minds.

The app has a mood journal under My Minds that lets you jot down what is happening and how you are feeling, in the moment. It helps you see what affects you and your moods so you can better predict if, going into a particular type of setting, you will be triggered to get happy, sad, upset, etc.

My Minds is also where you will set moods as you feel them or reflect on your day. This will add to your personal journal, so you can detect patterns and help go into situations with more insight. To enter these quick data points, you type in text about your thoughts and tag it with one of six emotions: happy, peaceful, nervous, neutral, sad, or mad. Then you can qualify your tag with an intensity rating of 1 for low and 5 for high.

You can keep you submissions private, or you can share. In sharing submissions, like-minded Paraligners will see your posts and can chime in with supporting replies.

One area the app could improve on is adding some fun by including emojis. Sometimes graphics can send the message you really want to send, and put an even bigger smile on someone’s face. I know I enjoy them while texting and it could be a big boon to this app.

Extremely easy to use and refreshingly well-timed, Paralign helps you keep your emotions in check, it helps you deal with difficult situations, and it helps you lift your mood, all with the help of a community that speaks your language and understand how you think.