PersonalityMatch – Make and Maintain Connections that Work For You

So often we find ourselves wondering if we are in the right line of work. What is it that really makes us happy? For each individual, it’s a different thing. The hard part is figuring out what makes you tick, so you make the right career decisions.

PersonalityMatch is an app that can help with that. While it sounds like a dating app, it can be used for so many more areas of your life that just that.

This app opens your eyes to who you are and how you operate. Once you get that, almost anything is possible, because you know what makes you happy and what makes you angry. Now you have tools to try and place yourself in situations that promote success.

PersonalityMatch app is free to download, and has a few in-app purchases that give you deeper insight into your personality traits and how to use them:

  • Improve relationships using advice based on your findings
  • Get career advice from experts – how to deal with situations at work and whether or not you are in a career line that is right for you

PersonalityMatch app

After downloading the app, it will ask for some basic information. You will register with the app, which is necessary. You can register using your Facebook account, an email address, or WhatsApp. Once you complete registration, PersonalityMatch will ask you a series of questions. Most are a simple choice between two items. Some have several options to choose from. The key here is to choose quickly to get real results.

Once you complete the questionnaire, the app will churn away and spit out a report that identifies your personality type. Now, this is not just any old report. The app uses the knowhow of Briggs-Meyers and Carl Jung to pose questions that reveal your true nature. Your answers to these questions reveal your personality type.

Now, take your personality findings and delve deeper to see what careers work best for you. Oftentimes, we think we are good at something, but it takes all of our effort to achieve that success. In those cases, we are probably in the wrong job. Take your personality into consideration and you will find that you may have been missing out on work that you look forward to doing.

Invite a friend to have their personality assessed so you can compare each other’s. This is where the app becomes really useful, because you can use it to find out why you get along so well with someone, while you don’t with others. The app also goes so far as to help you in areas showing disconnect.

I found PersonalityMatch to be an amazing experience. I learned more about myself and understood better why I behave the way I do. I could not recommend any improvements to this app except to maybe making the comparison page a bit easier to read. I currently found it a bit crowded, with too much color.

Barring that, this app is the bomb! I can’t wait to invite all of my friends and a few coworkers to see how they match up to me. I look forward to forging better relationships using the power of PersonalityMatch.