Sage’s Sky – Innovative Mind-blowing Mechanics in a Flight of Fancy

Looking for a new adventure that’s high on fun and excitement, providing entertainment that’s easy to learn? Sage’s Sky is just the app for you. Available for both Android and iOS users, this game trumps with a new take on the launching game, bringing innovation and mind-blowing mechanics to flight.

You help Sage take flight by launching him from his nest in a tree and then guiding him along the skies and clouds, as far as he can go. The first few flights will be easy, with minimal disturbances and obstacles to pollute your path. However, as you progress, you will see an increasing number of nuisances trying to nail you as you try to gain speed and distance.

The app features the following:

  • Flight that’s smooth and refined
  • Easy to play
  • Scenes and obstacles powered by quality graphics
  • Many upgrade options allowing you to maximize launch distance
  • Five birds to choose from, each with their own strengths
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

When you first download it, you will immediately be able to play with a single tap. The app also allows for you to see your stats, purchase upgrades and rate the game from the initial screen. Once you tap the screen, you are taken to the gaming screen. Here, you will see elevation information in the top right corner, so you know how high you are flying. There is also a pause button in the lower left, so you can take a break when necessary.

Sage's Sky

As you play, if you fail to stay in flight, Sage falls to the ground and you will see a stats screen so you know how much life you have left in the game, how many coins you may have used.  You can redo that session and start over. To launch Sage, you swipe to the right, the only direction the game works in. As Sage flies, you tap to flap his wings, allowing him to keep flying or to fly above things he needs to avoid, like say trees, bad bugs, mountains and more. If you fail to tap enough times, Sage will lose momentum and fall in a flurry of feathers.

Ok, so thing to look for are coins and power ups. You definitely want to hit those, because that gets you points which ultimately strengthens Sage and makes him soar farther. He even starts to look bigger and better. Things to avoid include bad bugs, El Nino types of storm weather, bombs and spiky types of objects.  There’s no saying what you will run into, but be ready to tap carefully to avoid them. You can either fly above or sail below them.

As you collect points, you will have more options available to you to help make your launches and soars more powerful, which in turn means more point collection. The only downside to the game was the lack of information on how to play. A sample trial run would have been nice just so you know how to swipe and how rapidly to tap. Just saying.

Other than that, it was lots of fun once I got the hang of it. This is a definite download for anyone looking for something different.