Simplanum – Simplified Powerful Planning in One App

Do you hate moving around from app to app looking for information about a project or task that requires several steps and different days and times to meet the end date? You find yourself adding reminders in Calendars, adding tasks with due dates in planning apps, and adding detailed notes in another app. It is a time waster at best.

Ditch the multi-app work management and download Simplanum. Simplanum rolls all of the apps you could possibly need to plan, manage, and complete projects and events in one simple app. No more hopping between apps looking for the information you need. It’s all in one place, as it should be.

Simplanum features the following, which I was excited to take full advantage of:

  • Full Functionality – a Notepad, Calendar, and a Diary, so information is all in one place, interconnected and accessible.
  • Cloud Storage – keep things safe, easily retrievable and synchronized across multiple devices
  • File Attachments – not all of your data will be entered in by hand. Attach emails and files to your tasks so you have backup information.
  • Embedded Checklists – create lists of what needs to be done as part of a note or an event.
  • Weather Forecasting – know what the weather may be like for the upcoming year, so as a planned event nears, you can make necessary adjustments.
  • Web Client – access your app’s data from a desktop easily so you can plan from anywhere.
  • Screen Clips – take screen shots or clips from most browsers.
  • Localized – your apps information is on your device, so there’s no need for the Internet.
  • Text Recognition – detects times and dates in text to help with Calendar updates.
  • Geolocation – can easily be added to notes
  • Voice Recording – add information easily for meetings and plans
  • Locks – lock notes and applications by security code and Touch ID

Simplanum screenshot

If you choose the Cloud option, there is subscription fee based on the level of storage you want. I liked this feature because you may start out small and then want to upgrade as your application use grows.

The app is well designed and easy to navigate, allowing you to spend more time managing projects and less time learning the app. The interface between the calendar, notes, and reminders is seamless; as if the creators knew just how the mind works and made the app in a way that was a natural fit.

The only thing I would say is missing is connectivity to navigation, so that when you are going to a meeting or event, you can do so without copy pasting the location in another app. This may come soon, I hope.

If you are looking to bring organization into your life easily, download the free Simplanum today and experience the ease of effortless planning.