Singapore Maths – Gaming Adventure to Strengthen Math Skills for Young Scholars

Many kids simply don’t like math. Maybe they don’t have a good background. Maybe they have a hard time understanding the teacher and how the concepts are presented. Whatever may be the case, math is in our day to day lives as adults and having a strong grasp of mathematical concepts puts you head of the game. Singapore Maths from Kids Academy Co delivers just that.

If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 6 and 8 who is struggling with math or just want to further strengthen the skills your child currently possesses, there is an easy to way accomplish that does not involve trips to a math tutor or education center.

Singapore Maths uses a proven three-step process that has been specially formulated for kids, so they stay interested and grasp concepts quickly. The app’s design was developed in Singapore as a tool to help kids learn math easily. In its adoption into this app, the design was enhanced to comply with Common Core standards that are currently in place across the nation.

For parents, there is the most important assurance that the app is free from pop-ups and ads, something kids do not need to see.

So, what does Singapore Math have that makes it so special? It’s presents math through games, videos, interactive worksheets, activities, and adventures. When kids open the app, they will see an adventure map that outlines their starting point, intermediate goals to achieve along the way, and their final destination. 

No more packets with repetitive problems. Math becomes a challenge of explorations and dare, urging kids to take on the mission and forge forward.

Be aware that the app’s content is accessible only through a paid subscription. You can download the app for free, but you must choose a membership in order to play. Fees are $7.99/mo or $49.99/year with a 30-day free trial.

The app aims to teach kids the following math concepts:

  • Count and trace numbers – younger kids learn their numbers and how to write them
  • Foundational numeracy skills – know what the numbers mean
  • Math operations – add, subtract, multiply, and divide
  • Geometric shapes – basic figures and features
  • Patterns and sequencing – understand the relationship between multiple items and identify patterns

You can purchase one subscription and let multiple children in your household use the app. What is really neat about the app, and this is really important for those parents who don’t want their kids on devices all the time, is the ability to print, for free, worksheets that kids can complete, anytime and anywhere.

I don’t think there is anything about this app that I did not like. I would be nice, however, to try out one or two games and print a worksheet as a sample to see if the app would work for the child.

Barring that, Singapore Math is a must download if you have been struggling with your child, trying to help them master math at whatever age they are. Elementary math forms the basis for so much in a child’s later years of education and adult life; it’s important to make sure that the foundation is solid, and Singapore Math can do just that. Get printable worksheets for kindergarten here.