Super school – Edutaining App for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If I was asked to describe this application with a word I will describe it as “edutaining” a word coined from education and entertainment if all you wanted was an application that is both educating and entertaining then think not too far for all you need is the Super School application. Here is an application developed for toddlers and preschoolers with the aim of introducing their young fertile minds to education in a casual atmosphere devoid of the strictness of the traditional school system. People especially adults tend to view mobile phones and tablets as a tool to receive, make calls and get entertained through multimedia applications and games, the reality of this age is that mobile phones and tablets are a great medium through which people can get educated as well as get entertained and this is what this amazing application has done.

I personally look forward to seeing the developers of this application make more application like this that can afford adults the opportunity to get educated and entertained, adults should also benefit from nice initiative like this but while waiting for the developers to do just that we would attempt to discuss some of the major salient feature of this application.

Graphics: Being an application for toddlers and preschoolers the graphics of the application was tailored to meet their psyche as an adult you might not find the graphics cool but if only kids were to rate it they would give a fairly good rating. The developers made use carefully selected colors and cartoon characters that is constantly reminding us that it’s a children app.

Super School

Voiced Ebooks: when we think of eBooks what we picture is a book in readable through electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers this application offers a unique kind of eBook the kind that is voiced meaning your device reads the content of the eBook for you, the reason for this is not farfetched the application was designed for toddlers and preschoolers that are just learning to read.

Games: one major outstanding feature of this app is that it is fortified with over fifty games and these are not ordinary shoot the villain game these are educative games that were carefully selected to teach your kids arithmetic, writing and the likes some these games will be discussed below:

Bubble Phonics Pop – This game assumes the role of a music teacher as playing it will enable your kids to learn different sound forms which differs from level to level.

Match the Fruits and Vegetables: This game allows kids to match different kinds of fruits and vegetables together thereby learning which fruit and vegetable are compatible.

Spell It Right – Knowing how to spell words correctly by anybody cannot be overemphasized, with this game your kids would learn to spell words correctly there are about 1000 commonly used words in English for your kids to practice with.

This application still has some other amazing games like Caterpillar Skip, Alphabet Trace, wizard math, old even Ninja etc, but due to space constraints we won’t be able to discuss them all.

Nursery rhymes and songs: There are numerous nursery school rhymes and songs your kids can learn with Super School, these are popular songs and rhymes that are very popular hence their addition to the app by the developers.