TaoMix 2 Customizes the Calm that Surrounds You

Are you stressed? Do you need an escape? We all could use some time away from the fuss and frantic; but, let’s face it, it’s not always practical or feasible to just get away.

Imagine, if you will, being able to pop in your earbuds and be transported to a different place. You could be sitting in front of your computer at work or at home, but feeling like your perched in a treehouse in the middle of a cool green forest. You could be sitting by a babbling brook. Or you could be meandering along an open mesa as the winds blow by over the open plain below you.

I already feel calm just thinking about it. Download TaoMix 2 and experience it. TaoMix 2 is the younger sibling of TaoMix, and it’s got some great features:

  • Three types of sounds: Wind, Water and Birds
  • Automatic Mixing – the app allows you to customize the mixing of sounds, I’ll explain more later
  • Timer: you can play your unique mix, and set a timer so that it shuts off automatically after a specified amount of time
  • Sharing: you can create and save different mixes, and then share them using a variety of sharing media

Download the app and instantly immerse yourself in an aura of your choice. Do you like listening to crackling creeks, the app has that. Do you like listening to flowing winds? It’s there, too. Here’s how to work the app.

You’ll see three colored circles on the main screen along with a white ring. The white ring acts sort of like a conductor. The blue circle produces sounds of water, the pink circle is for chirping birds, and the green circle is for wind.

TaoMix 2 screenshot

Now, move the white ring around. Notice how the sounds of water increase and grow louder than the other two sounds. Move towards the pink circle, and the sounds of birds chirping become more prevalent. The same holds true as you move towards the green.

Using the Automatic Mixing setting at the bottom of the screen allows you to automatically move the ring around the screen at varying speeds. This brings the mix factor into the sounds.

If you really like what you have created, then you can save your mix and recall it whenever. You can create mixes for waking up, for going to bed, for your yoga sessions, and more. Whatever kind of moment you can think of, this app allows you to customize the sound and save it. Even better, you can share it!

TaoMix 2 is an amazing addition to the other apps that I use to help calm me down and relax. I use one for meditation sessions, I have one to do yoga with, and of course, I have a very special one to put me to sleep. I don’t know what I’d do without it.