Let Your Kids Race like the Tortoise & the Hare

Remember the familiar tale of the Tortoise & Hare told by Aesop that entertained while teaching important life lessons? While the art of storytelling has evolved over the years, thanks to technology, we can still share these valuable stories in a medium that attracts kids in today’s world.

Wanderlust has taken Aesop’s famous tale and turned it into an experience for kids of all ages. For those who don’t know how to read or are just learning to read, there is the narration option. This option allows kids to have the story read to them. They can also tap on words to hear them individually sounded out. This helps them learn to read.

For those kids who already know how to read, they can flip through the pages at their own pace.

In addition to the reading aspect, this app brings both Tortoise and Hare to life, along with all the things that surround them.

If you choose to be read to, the app starts off with a Alistair Cooke-like host, sitting in an armchair by a warm fire, with book open and eye wide. He introduces himself and gets ready to take you on your adventure.

If you choose the Play option, you can tap on trees, rocks and doors to see character come out, do dances, birds fly, and more.

What’s really neat about the app is that you can turn on other languages. Available options include UK English and French. If you are looking to teach your kids French, what better way than to immerse them in stories written and told in the language? If you make an in-app purchase, you can get the app in German, as well.

Additional Features include:

  • Each language offers over 500 interactive words
  • Word play spread across 12 completely interactive pages
  • Actionable items across every page
  • Hidden surprises powered by animation
  • Move through the book in two way, swipe to the next or previous page, or scroll
  • Tips for parents and teachers, helping them present the activities to kids in the most productive way
  • Classroom Activities and a free preview of the Tortoise and the Hare Classroom Activities guide

There were a few pages where only a few animated sequences were found. I would also like to see more interactive items even when the child is using the “Read to Me” option. Maybe those interactions can be enabled after the narration on the page completes.

For a small price, Tortoise and the Hare brings a world of value and entertainment all wrapped up into one. Your kids will be mesmerized and educated at the same time, without even knowing it. Any app that you can find that does that is well worth the price; and this app is just $4.99.

Wanderfuls has succeeded in marrying technology with tradition, bringing famous fables to kids, so we can share important lessons and help our kids grow up to be responsible members of society.