Wiink – Record and Share It with the World

Looking for a way to instantly record yourself and share it with the world? Many love the instant gratification that comes with instant message, tweeting and posting all sorts of interesting tidbits of facts and frivolity with the world, or just their friends. Now you can record some interesting stuff and post it for the world to see, or just share it with a circle of friends. Wiink, from Wiink inc. is an app that harnesses the power of the Cloud, the ease of social networking tools and secures safekeeping to give you the ability to share with assurance.

The core feature of Wiink is the 30-second snapshot clip of what you want to say, or type. Chats can be via video or text. You simply record, identify and send. You can stream a clip to the general public, to an individual or to a communication loop, which is a defined set of friends. Friends must sign up to Wiink in order to receive your message and send responses back. You can find friends through social media links, or just invites through your contact list.


Wiink works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So, no matter what device you are using, you can connect and communicate. You can follow contributors if you like what they post. You can join Boards and view clip related to particular subject matters. You can even post or characterize your clips to be viewable from specified Boards, so viewership increases and you get more feedback or reWiinks. You can also Like and share those clips you found worthy of promoting.

You can customize features in this app, as well. When you record a video, you have the option of tagging it, giving it a name, and then selecting Wiink Bomb. Wiink Bomb is the option for self-destruct. This can happen after a certain amount of time or on a particular date. Wiink Bombs can also be made the norm. That is, you can choose, under your profile, to select self-destruct as the default for every recording. This assures you that any clip you post will be destroyed, and not kept in the Cloud.


There were a few things that were a bit confusing in terms of usage. The first was trying to Like, or Flag a video that was under self-destruct. You cannot “rate” a clip until you’ve viewed it. However, if it has self-destruct, it gets destroyed after viewing, so there is no way to say you Liked it or that you can share it. Maybe you should not be able to? Not sure about how to proceed on that one. The other feature I found a bit annoying is the Main Menu. I like that is minimizes to the bottom of the screen, leaving a blue domelike icon. When you want to see the menu, you swipe up on the blue dome. However, if you touch too far down, you end up getting the iPhone’s screen of options, instead of Wiink’s. Precise finger placement is crucial here.

Yet, I liked Wiink overall for everything else. All you need is your friends to sign up and you are good to go! You can capture clips and send away, holding mini conversations with friends, or just sharing how you feel that very moment.